The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 25 Matthew Meets Shawn


Matthew made his way back to his parents house. He seemed happier than before. Leaving Maurelle in the woods was difficult, but he knew where she was now. “She won’t follow me down this dark path. I have to do something.” He thought. Though he was happy to have found her, he knew he needed to make her dark. He cursed himself because he didn’t have a plan for that yet. “If I get her to remember, will she help me? Would she stand by me without her own darkness?” He contemplated what he needed to do. He knew Maurelle would try to talk him out of it. He also knew she loved him.

He walked up to his parents house and sighed. The place that used to fill him with such warmth, now only filled him with dread. He let himself in again and paced in the living room. The house was cold now. So many missed moments. Shawn missed so much by not having Maurelle and himself there.

Just then he heard the door. It was Shawn. His heart raced but not for fear of Shawn not accepting him. Matthew needed his everything to go according to his plan. He needed Shawn and Maurelle at his side.

“Shawn?” he asked as he turned around.

The boy at the door stood looking at him. Shawn was his real name, but he never heard anyone call him that. Even Celeste and Alexander, his grandparents, called him Justin. “Who was this man?” He thought. His grandparents didn’t tell him what was going on. They told him to meet at their house today instead of the diner.

Ever since Maeve, Shawn’s great grandmother, told him that Matthew was returning Shawn imagined what it would be like to meet him.

Matthew smiled, “Hello Shawn.” He could tell Shawn was confused of nervous. He looked so much like he did at that age but still so much of Maurelle in him.

Justin didn’t know what to say.

“I know this may come as a shock to you but I am your dad.” He wasn’t sure how else to tell him but he could see the confusion on Shawn’s face.

“You’re my dad?” He said questioning it. “Maeve said you were coming back but not how.”

“That’s a long story.” He felt awkward. He thought his son would have run to him. Hug him of something. “Could it be my darkness” He thought. Could Shawn be feeling the darkness? I have to show him I love him. “Shawn, please.” He begged

Shawn remembered what Maeve had told him. He remembered the stories of Matthew fighting to get back to him. “Is it true? Did you fight the Shadow King?” He asked eagerly.

Matthew felt a sense of pride. “Yes. I did. I see you’ve met Maeve.”

Shawn didn’t even answer him. He ran over and hugged him. “That’s amazing.” He said as he hugged him. He actually fought for me. Shawn didn’t feel alone. He had feared before that his parents just left him, but now he knows the truth.

In that moment, Matthew felt the darkness dissipate. It almost seemed to leave. “I missed you.” He said. Matthew held him close. His eyes become moist as he would have cried if he were the old Matthew.

Celeste and Alexander stood in the back watching. They were both overcome with joy but they worried about Shawn’s mother. What happened to her? Why couldn’t they remember her?

“Come on.” Matthew said. “I have so much to tell you.” He sat on the couch and invited Shawn to join him.

Shawn joined him as he wanted to know everything.

“I don’t know how much you know, but.”

Shawn interrupted him, “I know that my great grandfather tried to kill us.” Shawn knew about Gwen and Tommy but since his father came to town, he liked everyone else forgot about them.

Matthew smiled, “Yes, well I guess I didn’t die. I assume I was just taken to the Shawn realm. Your grandfather is a very dangerous man. Yu need to be careful of him.”

He nodded as his father spoke but his mind was on other things. He wanted to know how he go out of the Shadow Realm. “And Maeve said she helped you.” He added.

Matthew knew it wouldn’t be easy to explain this to him. “Yes she did. Let me try to explain it all to you.”

“Your tasks?” and then he thought about his mother. ” But what about mom?” He had so many questions. “She’s alive. Maeve said my mom protected me. She has to be alive.” He was hopeful that since Matthew was alive, she was too.

“Yes, I have seen her since I’ve been back, but she’s sick.” Matthew didn’t know how to tell him. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with her or what he did to her.” He was afraid to tell him who she was. Everyone forgot her. “I don’t know why everyone forgot her but I found her.” He looked at Shawn’s hands. “I’m sorry Shawn. It seems like her memories were also taken.”

Shawn was excited before but now that enthusiasm was crashing. “Oh, how can she forget me?”

“Shawn it’s not like that. She’s lost. She has no one. I believe her father took her memories of all of us. But I will get her to remember. Don’t worry. We will get our family back. I promise you that.”

As they sat talking, Matthew started his story.

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