The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 23 Her Rescuers


Maurelle heard this, she panicked. What did they mean the real Maurelle? She looked up and was about to run. She stood just as the older man grabbed her.

“Oh nothing dear, it’s a lovely name is all.” He looked at him son motioning him to keep quiet.

She still shook with fear but, she saw her house on fire and wanted to run back to find her family. The younger man grabbed her. “Now stop that.” He said. He had seen the two men walking around the house before. He never got a good look at their faces but Maurelle had. “Don’t let them see you.” From their hiding spot they watched them. “Get down.” He said.

Maurelle cried. She knew her father had sent those men, and she knew she was the only one who survived.

They didn’t know what to do with her. “We can’t infer.” The old man thought. They walked over so she couldn’t hear them. “She grew up next door to us. We can take her there.” The older man suggested.

Matthew was overcome with emotions. “How are we here? This is Maurelle! That’s why wife!” He was pacing. “She told me about this. She told me how two men saved her. How are we those men?”

“Matty, don’t get too excited. We will figure it all out!”

“Dad, this is when she lost them all. This is when he killed them all. That is my wife over there crying because her enter family was just murdered.”

“I know and now we have to help her. Give her hope and show her love but don’t let on what you know about her future. That could mess up your own future.”

Matthew nodded. He walked over to Maurelle, “I’m sorry for your loss, but we need to leave.”

Maurelle stood up and wiped her tears. She seemed to grow up in that moment. She looked at Matthew not knowing his name or that he is her future husband. “I know. I can’t stay here. He will be after me.” She knew she was the one her father wanted. She was the most powerful of all of them. He would do anything to have her on his side.

“Come with me. My father, knows of a family that will keep you safe.”

She nodded. “What’s your name?” She asked as she wondered why they were helping her.

“Oh my name is Robert, and this is my father.” He took her hand and as he held it he felt such warmth. It was a strange feeling knowing this was his true love and yet she was just a child.

Alexander had gone on ahead to plan. He knew his neighbors would take care of her. He knew they had always wanted a child and now he can give them one and keep her safe.

As he was talking to them, he would nochantley wave his hand in front of their face to make them forget certain things. They would only remember that they adopted a beautiful little girl. They would never remember who gave Maurelle to them or what she was. Maurelle would have to hid her wings and magic from them. As he went to the door he stopped and turned to them, “You will love her as your own and you will never ask where she came from. You forget that I was the one who came to you.” With that he left and went to get Maurelle.

As Maurelle and Matthew walked up to the house, the old man greeted them. “Now Maurelle you know I can’t tell them what you are. You have to hide that. You know he will never stop looking for you.”

She looked at him with bright large green eyes. She knew far too well what would happen if her father ever found her. “Yes, I know and they will never know I am a fairy.”

Matthew nodded and then pointed to one of the house, “The cream house with the green trim is yours but do you see the blue one over there. There is a little boy in that house who needs a friend.”

So much had happened in the past day that Maurelle couldn’t think. She just looked on.

The old man, Alexander, continued. “When you go into your house, it will be like you have always been there. You will have memories of things that didn’t happen. You won’t forget your real family but it is imperative that you keep this secret. New memories will come to you as you enter the house. This family, they will think they adopted you when you were a baby. They will love you as their own. Do you understand Maurelle?”

She understood. And as she walked into her house, the memories came rushing to her as Alexander said they would. “Hi mom.” She said as she came in.



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