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The Purple Pen

The Purple Pen (4)

So I was playing around with the idea of making a group to help writers. You see I am a struggling writer, who also needs help and I thought there are others out there like me. Who need advice on many things. So why not create a group to help all of us struggling writers.

I am calling it the Purple Pen, because I use a purple marker to write and I love the alliteration of Purple Pen.

Ok so this group is sort of in Beta. I wanted a group that would help writers. Whether it be by promoting their writing, getting and giving advice or finding people who can help edit.

We shall see where this leads.
Fell free to share, the more people to help the better.

My experience: Self-publishing with CreateSpace, Blurb, Kindle, LULU, Smashwords and Peecho

Tragic Books

I am an indie author/publisher who writes on her free time and benefits of using FREE self-publishing services. If it wasn’t for these platforms, I probably would not be publishing books right now, since I wouldn’t be able to afford paid services and my work  would most likely not interest bigger presses.

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A Ton of Bricks

I am learning a lesson which I never wanted to learn before

I am learning a lesson which I never wanted to learn before. It’s been hitting me like a sack of bricks. Breaking my heart as it pounds.

When people hurt you, and they hurt others, they won’t change. I always wanted to believe people can change for the good. I wanted to believe there was good in all people. I wanted to believe the apologizes. I wanted to believe the vows of friendship.

All lies. I had something they wanted, so for that time I was their friend, or at least that is what they wanted me to believe.

When I have nothing to offer but me, they are gone. And I am left broken hearted and cursing myself for trusting them.

Missed Chances


Two puzzle pieces lost in the shuffle.

A King without his Queen, the knight without his shield.


Two  worlds, never to become one.

A tale never to be told.


Different times, different places, different lives.

So much alike, yet so far apart.


Missed chances, missed lives.

Moving in different ways, never the same.




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