The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) COMPLETED Chapter 33 Dark and in Love


Maurelle smiles as Matthew came through the door. She walked over to him thinking about her conversation with Justin. She had to show him how much she loved him. Just like she told Just to do, but how did she love him so much already.

“I wasn’t sure when you were coming back.” She said with a warm smile.

He looked at her but like he did before. The love in his eyes was still there, but it seemed to be missing something. It wasn’t as vibrant as it was before.

“Matthew?” She could see the changes in him but she also knew about Justin. She knew how the meeting went but Matthew couldn’t know she knew. She could see the pain in his eyes. She placed her hand on his arm.

He pushed her off of him. “This was a mistake. You could never love me now.”

Ok, he still thinks I’m his wife. “I thought”

But he cut her off and walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of gin. “Justin doesn’t love me. Why should you?” He said as he took a sip of the drink he made.

There were no words she could say to help him. She stood watching him feeling helpless.

“What? You’ve got nothing to say?”

She could feel his anger as his eyes were almost red. She wanted to look away but she could feel his eyes watching her. “I don’t know what to say.” She spoke after a long uncomfortable pause. “I want to help you.”

“Help me!” He screamed. “You don’t even believe me!” He pushed her against the wall and stared at her. “You don’t believe me.”

Her heart was racing as she pushed against him. “I want to believe it’s true I want to remember.” She knew she loved him but she didn’t know how. Something in him was different. He felt a connection to him but something was wrong. Could it be the darkness inside of him? “I love you, but I’m terrified. I terrified that you will find your wife and I will alone again. What if I’m not her?” Tears ran down her face. She wanted to show him love, just as she told Justin to do.

Matthew seemed to calm down as he saw her crying. His red eyes faded to that beautiful brilliant blue again.

Maurelle took his hand. “I love you. No matter what. And if turns out that I am not your wife, and I lose you; I will be crushed but more important I want you to be happy. And if I have to help you find her I will. I love you.”

Matthew rolled his eyes. He knew she was his wife. The longer he spent with her the more he remembered. “Well I have already found her.” He said with a smile.

Her hands touched the sides of his face. As their eyes meet, he pulled her close and kiss her. His hands wrapped around her as she pulled him even closer. “Matthew.” She moaned as he kissed her neck. Her heart races they embraced and her excitement grew.

Matthew picked her up and carried her upstairs to what was once their room.

He laid her on their bed. Maurelle grabbed him and pulled I’m down to her. She wrapped her legs around him his waist as she kissed him. Matthew moaned as Maurelle held him. It had been so long since he had felt her warm embrace.

Maurelle moaned with pleasure as she licked his ear. She called out his name as an almost feral side of her came out and she clawed at his back.

Matthew held her down with his weight as he removed her clothing. “You’re so beautiful. Just like the day I married you.”




The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) COMPLETED Chapter 32 Connecting to Mom


Maurelle didn’t understand either but Justin said the Shadow Realm. She knew about that horrendous place. “I’m sure I don’t have the answers you’re looking for but I know about the Shadow Realm. Justin if your father spent anytime there. Well let’s say it changes a person. It’s a dark and lonely place. If he fought his way out of there, he must be a strong person. You must have given him something to fight for. You gave him hope otherwise he would be a slave to the Shadow King.”

Justin wrapped his arms around her as he wiped his tears. “But how do I get him back to the man he was before? How am I supposed to help? I don’t even know what he was like before.” He said in between sniffles.

“I wish we know who he was before.” She said. “Maybe you need to show him love. Show him that no matter what has happened you still love him.”

“I don’t even know him.” He said rather cold. He was still reeling from all he learned this day.

“But he knows you. And he fought to get back to you. He fought through all sorts of hells and darkness. Things you can never imagine and I hope you never see. The darkness is overwhelming. It devastates you and controls you. It’s the complete absence of love.” She realized then love was what Matthew needed from her. It was what he needed from Justin. He may not realize it but to restore him, love is needed.

Justin looked at her as she said this but he knew she must know him. She was his mother. He was convinced of that now more than ever. “Do you know my dad?”

“I’m not sure. I meet a man named Matthew when I came here. It’s a common name though, Matthew. He made this house.

Justin jumped up. He looked around. “He made this?”

“I think so. I mean I think he is your dad.” She knew he was, but she didn’t want to scare him. She knew Matthew would be back and Justin would leave once he found out. “Would you like to see inside? Maybe it will help us be able to help him.”

“You met him. I knew it!” She was his mom. Matthew told him he met her. He hugged her which Maurelle was not expecting.

Although she didn’t expect this, she understood it. He too thought she was his mother just as Matthew though she was his wife. Oh how she wished it were true.

“Justin, I’m so sorry. I don’t know who I am. It seems your father thinks he knows me but everything in my mind is blank. As if someone reached in and pulled out my memories.”

“Don’t worry mom. You will remember.” He knew her father had taken his memories. It was all playing out just as his father said.

Maurelle felt guilty. If she was his mom, how could she forget her own child. But if she wasn’t his mother, how can she take someone else’s family. His real mother will come back, Maurelle would be a distant memory. I wouldn’t matter just like I don’t matter now. “Come inside. Maybe we can find something in the house that can help us both.”

Maurelle walked with him into the house. Even if she wasn’t his mother, he still needed help, and she was the only one who could help. Besides, she was a fairy after all and that’s what fairies are supposed to do. We are supposed to help people. She told herself with conviction but she was wrong.

As they walked in, Maurelle thought he could be hungry. The weather had turned bitter cold. “It’s cold out there.” she took her and made two cups of hot chocolate appear on the table. “Justin, is there anyone I should contact for you. Someone must be looking for you.”

“My parents I guess.” He said as he shrugged.

“Parents? But I thought Matthew was your father. He should return here soon.”

Justin jumped as she said this. “I can’t see him. Not now.” He felt bad for thinking of leaving. He wanted to say with her but he was not ready to face him.

Maurelle understood, “Maybe I can talk to him for you.”

“I hope it will help but I want to see you again. Not him.” He smiles, “I can just call you.”

Maurelle wasn’t following what Justin was suggesting. “Call you? Will you be that close enough so I can hear you?” If she had her memories, she would have remembered what cell phones were or just a phone.

“By phone.” He said. “You know what a phone is don’t you?”

She shook her head. “No, but I have this.” A beautiful mirror appears in her hand. It was an old fashioned hand held mirror. It was silver with flowers all around the side. “Take it. You can use that to talk to me.”

“Is it magical?” Justin asked. Everything about this new world excited him.

“Yes it will allow you to communicate with me. I have my own. Whenever you need you say my name in the mirror and I will be there.” She hands it to him “The magic works when you say my name into the mirror.”

Just then they both heard someone opening the front door.

“It must be Matthew. You better go.” She said with a warm smile.

Justin hugged her and ran out the back door with mirror just as Matthew was coming in the front.’



The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) COMPLETED Chapter 31 Maurelle and Shawn


Maurelle walked around the house admiring what Matthew created. The house was amazing, but yet it was family, How could it be familiar? She checked out the kitchen, touching the stove as she walked by. “So many meals could have been prepared in a kitchen like this one. She thought about her mother as she sat in the kitchen. The teapot that sat on the stove told a story of many days of hot chocolate and hot teas.

Maurelle’s mother always made hot tea for herself and hot chocolate for us when it was cold. Whenever it snowed, we made hot chocolate and sat in the window watching it come down. It was a happy memory. She wished she had more memories. “There have to be more. This house feels like it is filled with memories. I can feel it.”

As she looked around the house, she cried. She felt all the love surrounding this house but there was none in her life. She sat on the couch in the living room as the fireplace crackle. “I wonder what family lived here before?”

She got up and continues to explore the house. As she walked down the hall as her hands moved along the wall she stopped. “I’ve been here before.” She shook as the anticipation of as she went through each room. “Just like my vision.” she put her hands on the bedroom door. “The same one. How can it be here?” She wondered.

She was about to open the door when she hears someone on the porch. Thinking it was Matthew she ran to the porch. As she ran out she startled the boy sitting on the porch.

Justin jumped, “Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know anyone lived here.” he has never seen this house before. “It seemed to just have appeared.” He was hoping to escape from everything he learned about his dad. His face was pale as anxiety had taken over.

Maurelle knew something was wrong, but she didn’t know what to do. She took his hand and led him to the bench as she sat next to him. “You’re trembling and it seems you’ve been crying.” This was clear by his red puffy eyes.

It was then that Justin took notice of her. He had so much on his mind before that he never noticed she had wings. “Wings! You have wings.” His eyes grew wide as he looked at her but then he smiled. She was beautiful and a real fairy.

“Oh I’m sorry.” She apologized. She stood as her wings folded and then disappeared. “I forgot that people here aren’t accustomed to seeing fairies. I mean I didn’t mean to frighten you.” she sat as she sat back down on the bench. “You already seem so upset.”

Justin calmed himself. Something about her was so calming. It was peaceful. “I am angry. I met my father for the first time and he’s not what I thought he was.”

Maurelle nodded. “It’s often difficult. We create this ideal person in our head and there is no way anyone can live up to that.”

“Yes but tis more that than. He’s evil. He’s done horrible things. How can I accept that?” He didn’t know why he was so comfortable with her. “Do I know you?” He asked Maurelle.

Maurelle felt something to. She felt a connection. “I don’t think so but I might know you.” She knew this made little sense to him. “My name is Maurelle and for some reason I don’t remember well. Seems as if most of my lives memories have been taken from me.”

“Wow that’s amazing and sad all at the same time. My name is Justin, but I found out my real name was supposed to be Shawn.” He shrugged. “I guess there are some memories I would like to forget.”

She looked at him wondering why he was telling her all of this. “I’m sorry. You’re upset. Don’t worry about my memory issues. How can I help you?”

Justin didn’t know how she could help but he felt like talking. He needed to tell someone how he was feeling. He didn’t think Luke or Cari would understand but Maurelle would.. “My dad died. My mom too. But turns out they are not dead. My dad returned, but he said my mom lost her memory. I don’t know where she is.” He thought about this. It was odd he thought. This woman, Maurelle, she lost her memories just like my mother did. Maybe that’s why I am so comfortable with her. He thought about telling her his suspicions but was afraid he would scare her.

He continued his story keeping his suspicions to himself. “He fought his way out of the Shadow Realm to get back to me. I don’t know what he was like before but the things he did were awful.” Justin told Maurelle everything. He told her know his dad cut the heart out of his friend and how he gained power by doing us.

Justin was overcome with emotions. He tried to hold everything in but emotions came pouring out of him. Each time he spoke his voice cracked. Whenever he said “Elijah” he stopped speaking. He couldn’t find the words to describe it.

Maurelle held his hand. Sometimes saying nothing and just listening was the best thing to do, and that is what she did. She listened.

He told her about Matthew’s missions and how he felt hearing all of this from his father. “My dad said he was ashamed of what he did but I don’t believe him.” He looked at Maurelle almost asking her to explain it. “He seemed to enjoy it. He killed his friend, and he was happy about it. I could see it in his eyes. How can that be?”


The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) COMPLETED Chapter 30 Shawn’s Reaction


Shawn was shocked. He knew The Shadow Realm took its toll on his father, but he didn’t know what he was before. He felt sick to his stomach. I didn’t know what to say to him.

Matthew could tell Shawn was upset. He was proud of what he did but he couldn’t let on to that fact. “I’m not proud of what I did Shawn, but I had to get back to you and your mom.”

Shawn was in tears now as he heard this. His own mother forgot him. How could you kill that man? This was all too much for him. He was angry and sad. He got up and ran to the door.

Matthew called back to him, “Shawn wait?”

But Shawn had run from the house and into the woods across the street.

Matthew followed him until he reached the woods, realizing that he could not push Shawn. “In time Shawn you will join me and we will be the most powerful. Unleash your darkness Shawn and follow me.” He stood at the edge of the woods watching Shawn runoff. An idea came to him, “He won’t listen anymore. His heart if turned away from me. Perhaps I can put these thoughts into your dreams.” He smiles as the idea came to him. “He won’t know if they are true or not but he will question it An excellent plan. I will start tonight.”



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The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) COMPLETED Chapter 29 Matthew’s Darkness


“Carve his heart out! No I will not!” This was insanity. He said turn him over, he didn’t say I had to do anything.

“Oh, but you were ready to turn him over when you thought I would be the one doing the killing. Now you see you have it you’re having second thoughts. Well there are no second thoughts. We had a deal and if you don’t follow it, I will eat both of you.”

I looked down. What do I do now? I was such a fool for listening to him, but I needed my family. I put my hand out to take the dagger.

The Minotaur smiles as he handed it over. “Very good, the Shadow King has a good slave in you.”

With the dagger in my hand approached my friend. My heart was racing so such that it hurt as if my heart would come out of my chest. I put my left hand over my heart as my right tone held the dagger, I tried to silent my heart as it made no sense for it to beat. Wasn’t I supposed to be dead? This never occurred to me. This entire time, my heart had been beating. Was I dead or was this all part of some sick game? Maybe this was all a trick?

I looked back at The Minotaur hoping for another way.

However he laughed, “No, there is only one way now.” He answered as if he could hear my thoughts.

“You made your choice.” He said with a smile.

I turned away from him and looked at my friend as he stood there in chains. “I’m sorry my friend.”

He looked at me with pleading eyes. “Please friends. You don’t need to do this.”

“But I do and I’m sorry.” I replied.

“Then you are just like him, you are just like the Shadow King and I regret offering you any help. I pray for your family. Completing this act will change you. You will not be the same man that left them.”

I didn’t know what he was saying. How dare he question me? “I will do whatever I can to get back to my family.”

He closed his eyes, “Then do what you must. However you are damning yourself to hell.”

Agner took over me. I took the dagger and plunged it in his chest. He screams out in pain as his eyes opened. He tried to speak but blood came from his mouth. He started at me as if his eyes were daggers going into my soul. I cut. Striking at his chest with full of rage and hatred for this man. Just because he questioned me. I pulled out his heart and held it in my hands as it was still beating. His blood was now covering me. My hands were red, my face was even the walls.

I turned to The Minotaur and handed him the heart. He bowed to me which I was thrilled to see.

I felt a change inside of me. Was I now these creatures masters? I looked at The Minotaur. “What now? Are you to eat him?”

“Only if you command me to Master.”

I smirked, “Show me the way out first.” I thought of my task. All I needed to do was find the exit. The monsters were supposed to stop me but now they help me. “Then you can do what you want with him.”

I smiled as I could feel the power surging through me. It was an amazing feeling. I had to have more. I know now I would defeat the Shadow King and get back to my family.