Vaginal after C-section or a C-section

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I wrote this back in 2011. I had a c-section with my first child and I was

trying to decide what was the best alternative for the birth of my second child.

My husband and I are trying to decide what we should do.  He seems okay

with leaving the decision up to me but I am not sure what I want to do. Though

I would have like to decide together it seems more like he didn’t care.

I know that there are dangers with C-sections or a cesarean section

and with VACS (vaginal after C-section); I had a c-section with my

daughter in October 2009, and now I am due Jan. 24 2011.

I know that they are close and I am not sure if this affects the decision or not.

My doctor told me that if I want to have more kids, than I should do I VACS,

but she also said I could have 3 C-sections.  I know people how have had 3 or

even 4. I am just not sure if I can put my baby’s life in danger so I can have the

chance to have more kids. I am not even sure which is better. I want to know

what is healthier for my baby.  Any suggestions?

A c-section is scheduled.  This will help with husband’s job and with the

logistics of my cousin watching Zelda.  I won’t be in labor as I was with

Zelda and even then, I had to have a c-section. This time they cannot induce

me as they did with Zelda.  I will get more time off work and I have been told

that you heal faster with the second c-section than you did with the first.

There are risks with a c-section because it is still a surgery, but if scheduled

I could choose my doctor and everything will be ready, unlike an emergency

c-section.  If I have a C-section, I can only have C-sections after that.


My son Vance just turned 7 years old and we did have a c-section for him.

It was the right choice. At birth he was bigger than Zelda so he would have

been a c-section anyway and if we went ahead with trying to have a Vaginal


The most serious risk of a trial of labor is that a C-section scar could

come open during labor.  This is very rare. But when it does happen,

it can be very serious for both the mother and the baby. Yes they say it is rare,

however I have talked to a few people who it has happened to and knowing

the size Van was at birth I would not be surprised if it would have happened to us.

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