The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 22 The Fire


Maurelle could control his wings after the year of training. She studied everyday and read. She practiced with her family, learning the language of the faye, learning to write it and read it. She worked night day. After a year, Maurelle was ready. She could read the spell books and practice the spells.

It was a beautiful day, Maurelle was outside playing on the swings A bright smile came across her face as she played. She could go outside since she could hid her wings. She could be like everyone else. However, she didn’t want to stay out too long. She had more things to study.

As the sun went down, so did the temperatures. Maurelle ran inside and into the warmth of the kitchen as her mother was cooking dinner. “It smells great mom.” Maurelle said as she came into the house. Her relationship with her mom had improved over the past few years. Libby has helped Maurelle as she studied. Libby was much calmer than she had been. She knew Maurelle could control her powers now and hid her wings. No longer did she fear that Maurelle would flood the town when she cried or run away to look for her father. She knew better now. She could hide her wings now, so Maurelle’s smile was bright as she could now go outside.

Maurelle went into the diner room and set the table for diner. While setting the table she saw two men walking around outside. She went over to the window to watch them, but she couldn’t see what they were doing. “Mommy, who are they?” But by the time she called to her the house was already filling with smoke. Before long flames were crawling up the walls.

Maurelle was crawling on the floor. She knew smoke rose, so she was trying to keep as low as possible and crawl out. The smoke was too much for her as she coughed and collapse on the floor.

The front door burst open as a man can in and ran over to her. He picked her almost lifeless body up and carried her outside. Another man was standing over them. He knelt down next to them and took a water bottle out of his bag. He waved his hand over Maurelle and at the moment she awoke and coughed. “Here sweetheart drink some water.” The older man said to her as the younger man cradled the little girl in his arms.

“What’s your name?” The younger man asked.

She coughed as she said, “Maurelle.” Then she took the water bottle from the older man and drank some. “Thank you.” She said as she handed it back to him. She thought it was stupid to tell him her real name as these two might be the same men who started the fire. What if they were my father’s men sent to take me?

“Don’t worry. We won’t hurt you.” The younger man said as he could tell she was scared for Maurelle was shaking.

The younger man looked at the older one who was his father, he whispered, “Is this the real Maurelle?” Was this his wife? How was she so young? He was so confused? Did they go into the past? Matthew and his father had been walking in town when a hole opened and they fell through. When they came through on the other side, it seemed to be the past. The town looked strange, and it wasn’t until they saw Maurelle that they realized what had happened.


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