The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 21 Magical Teachings


Maurelle held the old torn up box in her and and opened it. The wand looked almost identical to the other wand. Nathan and Annabelle figured their mother did that to trick them. Maurelle picked it up and help it gently as she did before but this time it didn’t hurt. A warm green glow came from it and circled around Maurelle. The wand seemed to be claiming her. Maurelle smiled, “I promise I won’t go looking for father. I understand now.” In truth she didn’t understand all of it. Not the way the others under but she would keep her word.

“Now you can hide your wings.” She hands Maurelle an old spell book. It was torn and dirty just like the wand’s box was. The pages were yellow and some seems to have been burnt.

Maurelle was only four years old, after all, she could hardly read. She looked frustrated as she tried to read the book. “I can’t read any of this. None of the words make any sense.”

“Its written in the language of the Faye. We are the only one who can even see these words.” Annabelle was a little older. She had already learned to read this language. “I can help you.”

“But I can even read English, how am I supposed to read this.” She was frustrated.

A noise could be heard downstairs as someone had opened the door. Rosalie came in soaking wet. She has been playing in the rain. She loved the rain. Rose wasn’t much older than Maurelle. She was only a year of two old then Maurelle but in that time she had learn to read and write in Faye and hid her wings.

Libby knew it was Rose, “Please don’t track that mud all over the house.” She called from upstairs.

Rose looked at her feet, covered in mud as she ran around barefoot outside. She wore a long dress that was also covered in mud as she had already started to walk to the kitchen. She shrugged and took out her wand. She waved her wand over her feet, her dress and the follow. Then since she heard her mom upstairs and didn’t seen anyone down stairs she went up to meet everyone. “Sorry, I cleaned it all up.” She said as she walked in the room with a smile on her face. She was hoping she wouldn’t be in trouble but then she saw everyone sitting on Maurelle’s bed. “Whats going on?” She walked over and took the book from Maurelle. “What are you learning?” She said as she looked at the book.

“I can’t read it so nothing I guess.” Maurelle sounded pitiful.

“Oh I can teach you.” Rosalie smiled,. “I just learned myself.”

“Yes we can all help you.” Nathan and Annabelle both agreed with Rosalie. “You’ll be playing outside in no time.

Maurelle perked up as they all offered to help her.

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