The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 20 The Wand


“No it’s not but this is important and it’s time you had one. This should help you.”

Maurelle help the box in her hand for a moment looking at it. It was beautiful. A long narrow black case with a green ribbon around it. She removed the ribbon as excitement built up in her. As she opened the box she gasped.

“It was chosen for you a long time ago.” Her mother added but she was lying.

Maurelle picked up the stunning green wand. She held it gently as she had seen others hold theirs. A green midst seems to come off the wand and circle around her. At first it was pretty as it glowed but then as she held the wand it started to hurt. Maurelle tried to hide this fact from everyone because she thought she would be letting them down if she didn’t want to hold her wand.

“This wand will help control your magic. You are very powerful Maruelle. This will funnel your magic, so you can have better control.” Her mother added.

But tears could been seen in Maurelle’s eyes as the pain started to be unbearable. It not only affected her hand but it swelled to the rest of her body. She put the wand back in the box and as soon as she let go of it the pain stopped. “Does this mean I won’t be as powerful if I use the wand?”

Her brother and sisters her confused as their wands never made them cry.

“No darling, listen. Each fairy needs a wand.” She lied again. Maurelle was far too powerful and the wand was going to block some of her magic so it won’t be so chaotic. She knew Maurelle would be able to handle her magic one day but right now they needed to be careful. They needed to hid.

“Is this a trick?” She asks as she knew something was wrong. Why would her wand cause her pain. She was fairly smart for her age. It might have taken her a while to catch on to this fact but as she sat listening to her mother questions arose.

Annabelle and Nathan, knew what was going on and they didn’t like it. “Mother she can learn this isn’t right.” Nathan was not going to give up. “She can learn to control it. This isn’t fair.” He took the wand and broke it.

“Nathan!” Libby yelled back at him.

“You can’t control her like that.!” Annabelle added.

“What are we supposed to do then? Each time she cries the town floods.!” Libby wasn’t angry at Maurelle. She was scared. “He can find us then!”

“I’m sorry.” Maurelle wasn’t happy. She wanted her wand but not that one. “It hurt when I held it. I’m sorry I couldn’t hold it longer.”

Annabelle saw her mother was carrying a book. “What is that?” She asked.

Libby pulled the book away.

Nathan called out, “It’s a spell book! Can we use that? Where is her real wand?”

Their mother has just used it to create the wand. Libby sighed. She wasn’t a heartless person. She loved Maurelle. She was only trying to protect her and the rest of her family. She left the room and returned moments later with another box. This box was unlike the first. It wasn’t as pretty and it didn’t have a ribbon on it. In face it was rather plain.

Maurelle was afraid to touch it as the last one hurt so badly.

“Go ahead Mar, it won’t hurt you.”

Maurelle reached for it slowly. “Are you sure?” She asked.

“Yes dear. I’m sorry for earlier. I wanted to protect all of you.”

It was then that Maurelle started to realize just how scared everyone was. “I’m sorry mommy.” She hugged Libby. “I promise I will do my best to be better.” She still had a difficult time as seeing her father as evil. Maurelle couldn’t remember the evil side of him and the others didn’t understand why she didn’t remember it.


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