The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 18 Back in the Woods


“A baby.” She said when Matthew asked her. “I saw a baby.”

Matthew was confused as he did not see a baby. He thought they would have seen the same thing.

She was nervous. How do you tell someone you had a vison them with a family? That you were in bed with them. How do you tell someone that?

“A baby? I didn’t see a baby.” He replied

“Well it was nothing then.” She added trying to save face.

He smiles, “Well I saw you.” He looked at her with intense eyes as if he was claiming her.

“Me? You saw me?” She questioned him as now she was curious as she saw him in her vision.

He smiles seductively. “Yeah, I did.” He couldn’t take her eyes off of her. He wondered what she was not telling him. “You know you want me.” He reached for her as he put his hands on her waist.

Maurelle felt uneasy. She was drawn to him but he was married. “You’re married.”

“Oh yes but you didn’t answer me. I was in your vision wasn’t I? Was it a vision or a memory.” he asked her.

She tried to hide her affection for him but having him hold her made that impossible. Every bone in her body yearned for him.

Matthew could tell she wanted him as much as he wanted her. “I would say it was a memory but I don’t have a baby girl. Tell me more. We have a boy, not a girl.” For he had forgotten about Gwen and Tommy.

“We? What do you mean we?” She backed away from him as she was scaring her.

“I know this sounds scary but just listen. You can’t remember your past and I have forgotten my wife. You can’t deny the connection we have. I can see the pain in your eyes. You lost something but you don’t know what it was. That’s why you were crying. You’re sad.”

Her eyes turned red as she was about to cry for all of what he said was true.

“No please.” he took her hand and wiped her tears. “We don’t need it to rain again my little fairy.”

“It is true. I lost something or someone. I don’t know which.” She smiles thinking of her vision. “You were part of my vision.”

“Oh was I now.” he replies in a cocky tone. “And what was I doing in this vision?”

Maurelle looked uncomfortable. She smirked as she knew she was getting under his skin. “It’s not lady like to tell.”

He wanted to kiss her, but he knew that would scare her even more. “I promise I will help you get your memories back.”

“I would love that.” She replied. But she feared. She feared that she was falling for a married man and his wife would return and these visions won’t mean anything. He will remember how much he loves her and forget me.

He could see the pain in her eyes. He couldn’t stay much longer as he had to meet Shawn. He pulled her into a kiss. As he kissed her nature seemed to come alive as if it were trying to show their approval of the two of them. The winds picked up and swirled around them pulling them closer.

Maurelle was surprised at first but she felt so much love for him as he kissed her. She lost herself in the kiss as she let herself go. Maurelle wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back with as much passion as he displaced toward her. She didn’t want it to end. Maurelle knew she loved him but was it true? Could she be his wife?

“Matthew” She said softly as she pulled out of the embrace. “My hero.” she didn’t know why she said that of whatever it came from.

“I told you,” He smiles as all the memories of her came rushing back to him. He knew she was his wife. He had hopped she would remember. He remembered all of their time together however Gwen and Tommy were still a mystery. “Come with me to meet Shawn. He’s missed you.”

Maurelle was confused. “How can he have missed me? I’ve never meet him.”

It was then Matthew realized that her memories had not come back as his had. “It might help you remember who you are.”

The idea frightened her. “If I am your wife, and that’s if, then I am his mother and don’t you think it would hurt him if I don’t remember him. I don’t remember anything.” She smiles, “All I know is how I feel when I’m with you. Please don’t say anything to him.”

She didn’t tell him what she was honestly doing in town. She of course was searching for answers but she never expected to find him. She wanted to find and kill the man responsible for her family’s death. Only Maurelle and her father remained now. She knew this was part of why she was so upset. She wanted to make this man pay.

He knew that she was right. Maurelle was right. He couldn’t tell Shawn about his mom. He would tell him that he found her but he needed a plan to get her back. To make her remember. “Ok. I can respect that, but where can I find you again.” His eyes never looking away from her.

“I don’t know, I just got here. I don’t even have a place to stay yet.” She only got to town a few hours earlier. She hadn’t had time to even think of shelter.

“That’s not a problem. I can make something for us.” He was once again rather cocky as he was still trying to impress her. He could tell that she was still nervous. “Don’t worry. I will never leave you again. I know you can’t remember but you will.”

He walked over to an opening in the woods. “This is the perfect place for our home.”

“Our home?” She said. Everything was happening so quickly. She didn’t have time to wrap her mind around it. “Our home.” She said again to herself and that thought warmed her heart. Could she really have a family?

“Yes my little fairy. Our home.” He raised his hand as parts of the woods seemed to come together The trees and leaves moved quickly as they formed the most beautiful tree house Maruelle had ever seen.

The house looked amazing. “It outstanding.” She walks over and goes inside. “How did you?” The entire place looked so familiar. “It’s like a dream. I dreamed about this place.”

He smirked. “It’s not a dream. It’s your life. This was our house.”

She ignored that comment as she was trying to figure it all out for herself. “You must be so powerful. Running water and electricity in a tree house. This is too much.”

“Nonsense, nothing is too much for you.” He takes her hand. “It even has a tv.” She says trying to show off. “But now, I must leave. I’ll be back. Remember this is our home.” He pulls her into another kiss. “I love you Maurelle. I always have.”

As he left, Maurelle looked around the house in amazement.

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