The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 16 Matthew’s Vision


He was laying in bed holding Maurelle as she played with her hair. She was sleeping peacefully as she kissed her on the forehead. Slowly she opened her eyes as a smile grew on her face. “Good morning.” She slide her hand around him as he kissed her.

“I never tire of waking up next to you.” He says as she continues to kiss her.

Maruelle grabs the sheets and holds them tight him her fist as she kisses her. She then moves her hands around his waist and tickles him.

He laughs as she tried to tickle her back. She laid back down and laughed. Maurelle pulls him on top of her locking her legs around his so he couldn’t move.

“Oh, you got me.” He said as he struggles playfully to get away.

“Oh, trying to get away from me.” she laughed.

“You! Never!” Matthew laughed as he held her down with his weight.

Maurelle kissed his neck as he laid on her.

He moaned as he kissed him. “Oh, my little fairy.” He said. He always called her this.

Maurelle blushes as she did each time he said this “I love you my hero.”

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