The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 13 The Connection


And just as quickly as the flowers grew they stopped. He looked around wondering who could have done this. He began to search for the source of the magic.

Maurelle lay in the midst of her flowers crying. At first it was just a tear or two but then she began to sob as the feeling of lost overtook her.

The sky began to darkness as the clouds rolled in. Thunder could be heard in the distance as Maurelle sobbed. The rain soon followed. First it was just a drizzle just as her tears had been but then the sky opened up and unleashed a tidal wave of rain.

Soon it was raining so hard that Matthew could not see his hand in front of his face. Soon the rain was so heavy and so dense that it ran down his face going into his eyes and mouth. He wiped his eyes trying to see as he walked forward searching for shelter, then he waved his hand creating a clearing. He created a clear space around him where the water would not touch him. He wiped his face as the rain around him ended.

That is when he saw her. She was on her knees with her hands over her face. He walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

Maurelle was not aware that anyone was there as she jumped as he touched her. She wiped her eyes and as she did the rain stopped. In almost an instant the sky was bright and clear once again.

He was taken by her beauty. Her hair which was wet seemed to dry in an instant. As the sun shined on it the highlights of blond shined through her brown hair. She looked like an angel. He realized than that her tears had caused the rain.

Maurelle stood and stretched as her wings stretched out behind her as the light shined down on her drying them.

Matthew smiles as he watched her. Something about him was drawn to her. Every fiber in his body longed to her.

Maurelle blushed when she saw him. She was embarrassed because he has caught her crying. She fixed herself and fluffles her dress. She looked up at him as this was the first time she actually took notice of him. She gasped as she has never seen anyone more handsome before. His eyes were intense. They took her breath away. “Um I’m sorry.” She wipes her eyes as she walks over to him still holding her wand. “Let me help you. I can dry you.” Her heart was racing as she stood near him.

He smiled knowing he could impress her. “No need.” He took her hand gently and gilded it down.

As he touched her a chill ran down her spine. It was as if there was a connection. He was to let her hand go but he couldn’t. It felt so warm.

Maurelle looked at their hands, “Do I know you?” She asked. Maurelle knew she was missing something. She knew there was a loss but she couldn’t see it. She didn’t know what she lost.

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