The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 12 Rainfall



Something was calling her but she didn’t know just what. All the years of pain made her stronger or so she thought. She was lost in her own mind. So much lost. Her hard hurt but she didn’t know why. Loneliness and anger were all she had now.

The years she spent with her father just added to her pain. The pain that she didn’t understand. Where did it all come from? She hates Marius more than anyone. Hate was not an emotion she had before. She knew she never hated before but it was the only way to express her feelings towards him.

She had finally escaped his grasp but she didn’t understand how she ended up here. “Where was here?” She wondered.

She had her wand at her side if she ran into any trouble but she didn’t think she would need it. She walked in the woods and found some beautiful flowers. She sat by them as they gave her great pleasure. In her past life, the one shoe forgot, she received great joy from nature. She had been away from the beauties of nature for so long.

Her father kept her locked away. He knew if she was near nature of snthing like it she could overpower him. He knew she would escape one day, so he needed a plan. He always wanted his daughter in his side. Not because he cared about her but because of how powerful she was.

Maurelle never understand what she did to lose her father’s love. She remembered how loving and caring he was as a child but it was gone now.

Matthew needed to think over what his parents said. They agreed to bring Shawn to their house after school. They usually meet at the fine after school but Matthew thought this particular meeting should be one in private.

He decided to walk and think about what he was going to tell Shawn when he saw him. “What would he say about his mother? How can I tell him that I don’t remember her?” He sat down on a rather large rock in the woods as he thought about what to say. He even practiced. He wanted his concern to be genuine. His regret and his love to be believable.

Maurelle was nearby sitting in the flowers. She waved her wand making the flowers grow larger and soon they started to surround her. For the first time in what seemed like forever she was at peace.

Emotions that she had hidden away for so long can rushing to the surface. She felt her face as water started to come from her eyes. “Tears.” She said as she had not allowed herself to cry in years.

At first it was as if memories of the things and people she lost were escaping and running down her face. She started to sob. “Why can’t I remember?” She was so hurt and equally just as angry. She screamed out in pain.

“Shawn, all my life, all the time I spent away from you., I’m so sorry.” He smirked “No that won’t work.” Maybe I should hug him and cry. “I wonder if I can still cry.” Flowers started to grow around him. At first it was rather slow and then they started to grow at an alarming rate. Matthew had not notices until their fragrances became overpowering. He jumped up as the flowers grew around him. He knew someone very powerful was nearby and he didn’t like that. “Magic.” He sighed. “I am the most powerful so let’s go deal with whoever this is.”



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