The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 8 Finding Maurelle



Something was calling her but she didn’t know just what. All the years of pain made her stronger or so she thought. She was lost in her own mind. So much lost. Her hard hurt but she didn’t know why. Loneliness and anger were all she had now.

The years she spent with her father just added to her pain. The pain that she didn’t understand. Where did it all come from? She hates Marius more than anyone. Hate was not an emotion she had before. She knew she never hated before but it was the only way to express her feelings towards him.

She had finally escaped his grasp but she didn’t understand how she ended up here. “Where was here?” She wondered.

She had her wand at her side if she ran into any trouble but she didn’t think she would need it. She walked in the woods and found some beautiful flowers. She sat by them as they gave her great pleasure. In her past life, the one shoe forgot, she received great joy from nature. She had been away from the beauties of nature for so long.

Her father kept her locked away. He knew if she was near nature of snthing like it she could overpower him. He knew she would escape one day, so he needed a plan. He always wanted his daughter in his side. Not because he caared about her but because of how powerful she was.

Maurelle never understand what she did to lose her father’s love. She remembered how loving and caring he was as a child but it was gone now.

Matthew needed to think over what his parents said. They agreed to bring Shawn to their house after school. They usually meet at the fine after school but Matthew thought this particular meeting should be one in private.

He decided to walk and think about what he was going to tell Shawn when he saw him. “What would he say about his mother? How can I tell him that I don’t remember her?” He sat down on a rather large rock in the woods as he thought about what to say. He even practiced. He wanted his concern to be genuine. His regret and his love to be believable.

Maurelle was nearby sitting in the flowers. She waved her wand making the flowers grow larger and soon they started to surround her. For the first time in what seemed like forever she was at peace.

Emotions that she had hidden away for so long can rushing to the surface. She felt her face as water started to come from her eyes. “Tears.” She said as she had not allowed herself to cry in years.

At first it was as if memories of the things and people she lost were escaping and running down her face. She started to sob. “Why can’t I remember?” She was so hurt and equally just as angry. She screamed out in pain.

“Shawn, all my life, all the time I spent away from you., I’m so sorry.” He smirked “No that won’t work.” Maybe I should hug him and cry. “I wonder if I can still cry.” Flowers started to grow around him. At first it was rather slow and then they started to grow at an alarming rate. Matthew had not notices until their fragrances became overpowering. He jumped up as the flowers grew around him. He knew someone very powerful was nearby and he didn’t like that. “Magic.” He sighed. “I am the most powerful so let’s go deal with whoever this is.”

And just as quickly as the flowers grew they stopped. He looked around wondering who could have done this. He began to search for the source of the magic.

Maurelle lay in the midst of her flowers crying. At first it was just a tear or two but then she began to sob as the feeling of lost overtook her.

The sky began to darkness as the clouds rolled in. Thunder could be heard in the distance as Maurelle sobbed. The rain soon followed. First it was just a drizzle just as her tears had been but then the sky opened up and unleashed a tidal wave of rain.

Soon it was raining so hard that Matthew could not see his hand in front of his face. Soon the rain was so heavy and so dense that it ran down his face going into his eyes and mouth. He wiped his eyes trying to see as he walked forward searching for shelter, then he waved his hand creating a clearing. He created a clear space around him where the water would not touch him. He wiped his face as the rain around him ended.

That is when he saw her. She was on her knees with her hands over her face. He walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

Maurelle was not aware that anyone was there as she jumped as he touched her. She wiped her eyes and as she did the rain stopped. In almost an instant the sky was bright and clear once again.

He was taken by her beauty. Her hair which was wet seemed to dry in an instant. As the sun shined on it the highlights of blond shined through her brown hair. She looked like an angel. He realized than that her tears had caused the rain.

Maurelle stood and stretched as her wings stretched out behind her as the light shined down on her drying them.

Matthew smiles as he watched her. Something about him was drawn to her. Every fiber in his body longed to her.

Maurelle blushed when she saw him. She was embarrassed because he has caught her crying. She fixed herself and fluffles her dress. She looked up at him as this was the first time she actually took notice of him. She gasped as she has never seen anyone more handsome before. His eyes were intense. They took her breath away. “Um I’m sorry.” She wipes her eyes as she walks over to him still holding her wand. “Let me help you. I can dry you.” Her heart was racing as she stood near him.

He smiled knowing he could impress her. “No need.” He took her hand gently and glided it down.

As he touched her a chill ran down her spine. It was as if there was a connection. He was to let her hand go but he couldn’t. It felt so warm.

Maurelle looked at their hands, “Do I know you?” She asked. Maruelel knew she was missing something. She knew their was a loss but she couldn’t see it. She didn’t know what she lost.

After an awkward moment of staring and longing for each other they pulled away.

Matthew stilled wanted to show her how powerful he was. He wanted to impress this fairy.

He napped his fingers and he was dry, “See no need.” He said with a cocky smiles. For some reason he wanted to impress this fairy. He snapped his fingers and he was dry in that instant. “See no need.”

Maurelle was impress, just as Matthew had hoped she would be. Her eyes told him everything she was thinking.

“You liked that didn’t you.” He said again being rather cocky.

“Well maybe a little but as you can see I did just dry myself and i was the one who made it rain.” She lied though. She did like it. She was taunting him now as he spn in her green dress.

Matthew was enthralled by her. “What’s your name?” He asked as he leaned against the tree admiring her beauty.

Maurelle was self conscience as she noticed how he was looking at her. He’s eyes were like that of a hungry wolf ready to strike. She wasn’t sure if the longing she saw in his eyes was that of love of something quite sinister. “My name is Maurelle and yours?” She asked hoping if he spoke moe if would reveal his intentions She could feel some sense of connection to this man and some part of her was hoping he felt the same.

“Maurelle.” He said this out loud but he meant to say it to himself. The name seemed so familiar to him.

Maurelle nodded as he said her name.

“Matthew, my name is Matthew. I’m in town visiting family. My son goes to school here.”

As he said his name is it was as if something inside of her awaken. Yes, Matthew I know you. I love you. She didn’t know where all those feelings came from or why but they all crashed as soon as he said son. “Oh you have a son.” She tried not to sound upset but she felt get despair when he said son. The thoughts of what she lost came crashing back to her again.

“Yes, I do.” He wondered why she looked so upset. Since his time in the Shadow Realm he had closed off most of his pleasant feelings. It left him with nothing but anger and resentment. However being near Maurelle made him feel something that he has not been able to feel in a long time. He felt love.

“Are you alright? He asked her wondering why she looked so sad.

Maurelle didn’t know what was wrong. “Oh don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.” She lied however. She didn’t know what to tell him. Her life was full of pain and loss, but how could she tell him that she didnt and couldnt remember. She wanted to tell him everything but she was afraid.

He couldn’t help but worry about her. “I’m sorry I just can’t do that.”

The answer puzzled her. “You have a family to take care of and I’m just some girl you meet in the woods.:

He would not let this stand this for he knew she was much more than that. He took her hands, “You know you are much more than just some girl crying in the woods” It had to be her. Why would I feel this way if she wasn’t?

Maurelle blushed. She couldn’t deny their connection but he had an family and she did not. “I don’t remember much of anything. My entire life is one big mystery.”

This caught Matthew by surprise as he too had some memory issues. “I was married once, well I guess I still am.” He didn’t know how to explain this.

“I died. There was a car accident. I know know what happened. My wife and son were in the car with me at the time. He survived.”

“The son who is in town?”

“Yes, thats him. His name is Shawn but they call him Justin here.”

Maurelle had a strange feeling when he spoke of his wife. Her heart was racing.

“I don’t remember anything about her. I can’t even see her face I know I love her but she could be standing right in front of me and I wouldn’t know it.”

“How is that possible?” She asked.

“I don’t know. I fought my way out of the underworld to get back to them only to have her taken from my memories.”

“The Shadow Realm is a frightening place. It’s amazing that you made it out. You must be very powerful to beat the shadow king.”

He smiles as she was sensing that he was impressing her. “I guess I am.”

Maurelle was becoming for comfortable with him. “But why don’t you remember? That’s as odd as me not remembering.”

“Well you don’t remember either.” He smirked.

“Yes but I have forgotten everything. You forgot one person. My life it’s so confusing. I think I had a family but i don’t know what happened to them. I guess that’s why I’m so sad and angry,” She places her hands on her belly as a tear ran down her face. “My father took it all away from me. I know he did it but I don’t know how of why he did.”

Matthew wondered if she could be his wife. He felt such a connection to her. “What are you doing in town then?” He needed to question her to figure out who she really was. He knew he had to get going but he didn’t want to part from her.

“Honestly I don’t know. It feels like I am here to find something of someone but well that sounds insane doesn’t it.”

He smiles, “Strangely enough I am searching for something too. Perhaps we can help each other.

Maurelle smiled brightly at first. “That would be amazing.” She was happy to be able to spend more time with him though as she thought of it she wasn’t happy to help him find his wife” She had this overwhelming sadness that sometimes comes out as darkness.

“So you expect me to help you find your wife? Wonderful.” She says with a sarcastic tone.

He realized that he had hurt her feelings. “Oh I didn’t mean.” From the moment he saw her, he knew he was in love with her. He didn’t know how but in his heart he knew that she was his wife. He had to remember and get her to remember. The darkness she was now admitting turned him on even more. She had to be his wife and Shawn’s mother. He would make her believe. He smiled sinisterly. I will force her to believe.

“I don’t think I need your help I would love to help you. Help you remember and find your family.” He took her hand.

Maurelle wasn’t sure how to take him.. She wished he didn’t have a wife. She felt odd being attracted to him while he had a wife.

Matthew moved his other hand through her hair and as he did this a vision came to him.


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