Zelda’s Mini-Me



I was so excited when Sesame Street created “Julia” the first Muppet with Autism.  My daughter Zelda is 8 years old now and was diagnosed when she was about 2 years old.  Zelda is thrilled to have her very own Muppet. She says she’s a “mini-me”.

Apple Fools Day


When My daughter Zelda was little she thought it was Apple Fools Day. So each joke she told was about apples.

Finally I said “Zelda, why are all your jokes about apples?”

Zelda, “It’s Apple Fools Day!” Then she went on to laugh and laugh. Now shes 8 years old and we told apple jokes all day.

Happy Apple Fools Day

Ryan loves Captain Hook


A lot of people say, “Nancy you have to be raising a ‘Oncer’ if he loves Captain Hook so much.”  For those who don’t know a “Oncer” is someone who loves the show “Once Upon a Time.”  Here’s the thing,  it’s not that Hook he loves.  He loves that Old Codfish!   Ryan is one of a kind!


ryan and hook