The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 7 Matthew has a heart to heart talk with his parents


Chapter 7 Matthew has a heart to heart talk with his parents

Celeste still didn’t know what was going on. “Alexander please you’re scaring me.”

He walked briskly as she protested.

Her heart was racing as she knew it had something to do with the man in the diner. Anxiety was over talking her.

As they made it to the house, the door was open as Matthew had come in before them. Celeste thought this was rather strange. She walked in to see the man from the diner standing in the living room looking over the photos on the mantle.

He wondered why there were no pictures of Shawn as a child or of himself. And if wife why couldn’t he see her. Where were her photos?

Celeste was watching him look at the photos as the same feelings from the diner came back to her. “Matty.” She said, but she wasn’t expecting it to be him.

Matthew turned as he heard his mother’s voice. He smiles. He had to show her he was happy to see her even if he wasn’t. Emotions were hard for him but this was even more difficult. “Mom.”

Celeste gasped, “Is it you?” She ran to him but stopped just in front of him. Her hands touched his face but she was afraid. She had wished this for so long. “Oh, Matty.” She was overcome with joy as she pulled him into an embrace. She sobbed as she hugged him. So many questions raced through her mind but she didn’t care. She sobbed in his arms as she held her.

Matthew held her but his gaze went back to the photos. Where was she, he wondered? Why didn’t they save her? How can they act like this? Hypocrites. He forced a smile but his parents could tell something was different.

Celeste wiped her eyes. She didn’t care that he was different. Her son was back, and that’s all the mattered. “Let me get us some coffee of something to eat.” She was always trying to feed people and always making a cake or brewing a pot of coffee . “Please, we have so much to catch up on.” She said from the kitchen.

Alex and Matthew sat at the table waiting for her. They sat staring at each other wondering what to say. This would seem strange to some but to them it was normal however Alex could still see differences in Matthew. His body language was off.

Matthew was not as emotional as Celeste but he still showed some. The emotions he once showed, his caring smile, his loving laugh and his warm embrace were all gone. Celeste could tell as soon as he hugged her. It has been years since the last time she saw him and it looked as if no time had passed

She walked back into the dining room with a fresh pot of coffee and poured it into their cups. She placed the pot back on the burner and then joined them in the dining room.

“Matthew, I have so many questions. I can’t believe you are here with us. I watched you die. How is this possible?”

Matthew practiced what he would say. Over and over again he paced in the Shadow Realm practicing what he wanted to say to them.

He laughed to himself thinking of the look on Jonathan’s face when he took over the realm. Now Matthew was in control of the Shadow Realm. Magista will be his soon enough and then everything will be his.

Matthew sighed as he spoke to his mom, “It’s a rather long story and I would much rather find Shawn and my wife.” He was hoping they remembered her or her name.

“Your wife? Shawn’s mother?” Alexander asked.

Celeste was confused. “Why can’t I remember her?” They all looked rather confused. “What was her name?” She felt awful for forgetting. “How could I have forgotten her?”

Matthew looked down, “Something must have happened to her. I can’t even see her face. I don’t think it was something we did, rather what someone did to us.”

Celeste gasped as she realized who he was talking about.

Alexander got up from his chair and paced. “Are you sure he’s still out there? Justin is in danger now!”

“You mean Shawn.” Matthew gave Alexander a grave look. “His name is Shawn.” He was determined to make them remember that.

“Yes, Shawn. Most in town know him as Justin.” Alex could see how upset his son was. “We can call him Shawn.” Celeste however looked quite upset. “Whatever you want to call him is fine. I’m more concerned that Marcus is back. Do you think he has her? Is that why we can’t see her?”

Matthew was confused by their concern but he brushed it off to keep his cover. “I was in the Shadow Realm.” He grew solemn as he spoke. “I know you have many questions but I think Shawn should be here for that.” He looked at them. “I’m sure Meave has shared these stories with you.”

Alexander nodded, “Yes, she has shared some with us.”

Matthew stood with his coffee in his hand. He walked over to the window as he sipped his coffee. “I don’t remember our life together. I can’t remember our home. I can’t even see her face.” He paused as he took another sip. “I was hoping you would remember her of know where she is. This is not good. I know she is alive. She was not in the Shadow Realm. She would have been there if she died.”

Celeste never went to the accident scene. She had spent the entire night with Shawn. Matthew was not aware of this.

Alexander’s memories of that night came rushing back to him. “Matthew you and I should go speak in private.” She didn’t want his wife to hear the gruesome details of that night.

Matthew was annoyed by this. “Why?” He said and a hint of his attitude and temper was coming through.

Alex was surprised by this son’s reaction at first. “Your mother never went to the accident scene. She stayed with Jus… Shawn. I wouldn’t let her go. I never told her what it looked like of what happened.”

Matthew looked at Celeste as if she was seeing her in a new light, “You were there all night?”

Celeste was still sitting as the men spoke. The memories of that night brought tears to her eyes. All she could do was nod as she wiped away the tears.

Matthew seemed warm and almost caring in that moment. He has always thought both of them refused to search for her. He sat back down next to her and took her hand. “I didn’t know.”

“Oh Matty, how could you have known. Justin.” She stopped herself. “I’m sorry Shawn. I couldn’t just leave him there.”

Matthew smiles, “Thank you for keeping him safe.”

Celeste smiles, “It was my pleasure. It was difficult to watch him grow up and keep our distance. If he was connected to us in any way, then Julian might have found him. We need to protect him.”

Matthew was a little hurt by this. “Does he even know who I am?” Matthew said. He could feel the anger building up in him.

“He knows now.” Alexander said.

Matthew looked at his father and saying with little emotion possible, “Then he needs to meet me.”

“He’s in school now, we can have him come over after school.” Celeste suggested

Matthew nodded, “Fine then bring him here.” Then he turned and went outside. He sighed. “I need to walk to clear my mind or I will kill everyone in this town.” Matthew walked toward the woods. Something was calling him there.


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