The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 6 Matthew comes face to face with his parents

Chapter 6 Matthew comes face to face with his parents


Just as he had done many times before, Alexander walked to the diner. Celeste was already there. She left early to get some baking done.

Matthew, who was still watching Shawn, now turned his eyes to Alexander. “Well what do we have here?” He said with an eerie tone.

Alexander entered the diner, he looked up and smiles when he saw her. He smiled warmly. Many people noticed a difference in him as of late. He was much friendlier and more compassionate than before.

Celeste was standing behind the counter taking an order for a customer when she saw him.

“Good morning George,” He said as he came up to the counter. “What is my lovely bride cooking up for you this fine morning.”

Celeste blushed as she finished taking his order and placed his order up. She grabbed two cups of coffee and poured both men a cup. “Good morning dear.” She smiles as she jhanded Alex his cup.

“Thank you Celeste.” He said as he took his cup. “Alexander you seem rather chipper lately.

“Oh George, I’m old now.” He looks at Cleste as he talks. “Have to be happy with the blessings that I have.”

“So true. It’s not to see you do happy.”

As he said this a man walked into the diner. He wore a baseball cap over his eyes and his shirt collar was pulled up to hide his face. The air had gotten a bit cold lately as the fall began to set it, so no one thought this attire was out of the ordinary.

Celeste looked up as she did when anyone came into the diner. There was a small bell hanging on the door that rang each time someone entered. “Good morning.”

The man didn’t lookup as he was greeted. He walked to the far back booth and took a seat leaving his hat on and his collar up.

Celeste thought it he acted rather odd. It wasn’t that fact that he didn’t acknowledge her greeting but that she didn’t recognize him. She thought she knew everyone in town.

Alexander turned to see the man as he was just as confused as Celeste. He stood up and walked over to greet him.

Celeste was already on her way over to the man with a menu in her apron. She held a pot of coffee in her hand as most drank coffee in the morning. As she reached the both the man was sitting in her heart started racing. She felt overcome with emotions. Her hand was shaking as she poured his coffee. “Can I get something for you sir?” She asked.

“Coffee is fine miss, thank you.” He said without looking up.

She nodded and left him with his coffee She was almost in a daze as she went back to the counter. Something so calm and familiar about this man but she couldn’t figure out what it was.

“Celeste, dear is something wrong? What did he say to you?” Alexander asked.

“Nothing really, he just..” She put the pot back on the burner and took a deep breath and turned to Alexander. She spoke quietly so he could only hear her. “He reminded me of Matty.” She blushed as she thought she looked rather foolish. She tried to control herself however she couldn’t the tears started to run down her face.

As she said this Alex jumped up with his eyes on the man in the booth as he too had the same strange feeling that Celeste had. “Did he now?” He said as he started to walk over to the booth.

Everyone else in the diner thought this was odd behavior coming from Alex. He rarely spoke to anyone especially someone knew. They were not yet used to this new Alex. It was as if he were a completely new person. But after a careful glance they all went back to their meals.

Celeste watched him but she was too overcome with emotions and had to flee to the backroom.

Alex sat down across from the stranger. He was usually good at keeping his emotions held in unlike Celeste he was always rather stoic. “I would like to welcome you to our little town but something tells me that it is more of a welcome home rather than a normal welcome.”

Matthew did not look up. He wasn’t sure how this reunion would play out. He went over this day many times in his head but now it was happening and he didn’t know what to do. The old Matthew would have cried and ran to his mother with open arms but this Matt he was broken.

He reminded himself that he had to act just like the old Matt did or his plan would fail. He needed his parents to be on his side for as long as possible. He needed them to believe him, to fight back when others see his darkness. Without their naive love for him his plan would fail. In the end he will mostly likely have to kill them all. It was their fault, after all that she was not here. She must be alive somewhere or she would have been in the shadow realm with me.

Slowly Matthew looked up. He forced himself to show emotion. Tears welled up in his eyes.

As Matt looked up, Alex’s face turned red. “Matty!” He said softly as if questioning what he was seeing. “Is it really you?” Alex was now shaking as he grabbed Matthew’s hand and held it tight. He sat quietly waiting for him to acknowledge him.

Matthew took a deep breath and squeezed his father’s hand. He looked up as he forced tears to form as one came down his face. “Daddy.” Was all he could say.

Alexander gasped as he was not used to showing emotions especially not in public.

The other customers looked up as they heard Alexander gasping.

Celeste was having a rather difficult time herself. She stood in the back room with her hand over her mouth trying to muffle her cries. She was more emotional than her husband however this did not mean that she was comfortable showing her emotions to her customers. She always tried to hid it. Most people in town never heard of Matthew until recently. She was still nervous about others knowing about him. She was terrified for Justin’s safety. She knew Julian was still out there. She knew he would come for Justin now that everyone knew the truth.

In the dining room, Matthew and Alexander sat staring at each other. Alex could sense the differences in his son right away. They sat in silence for a few moments neither knowing what to say to the other. Finally Celeste emerged from the backroom. Her eyes were read and puffy showing evidence that she had been upset.

Everyone in the diner could tell that she was upset. She looked for Alex and was surprised that he was still sitting with the stranger.

“Please let’s go somewhere where we can talk. You’re mother would want to talk to you.”

Matthew still hadn’t said much, but he nodded in agreement.

The men stood. “We could go to my house. It’s not far from here.”

“I remember the way. I will meet you there.” And that was the most Matthew had spoken.

His words warmed Alex’s heart as he heard his son speak. “I’ll go get your mom.” He hands Matthew a key to the house. “Then we will meet you there.”

Matthew left and started to walk to the house. He kept his collar up. He didn’t want anyone else to recognize him at least not yet.

Alexander came up to Celeste. He wasn’t sure if she would believe him. He was still crying by the time he got to her. Celeste looked frightened no as many of the other customers did. No one besides his family had ever seen him cry before. “We need to go home.”

One of the waitresses overheard them speaking and saw how upset they both appeared. “Celeste,” Amy said, “Go home. We can take care of everything here.” She put her hands on Celeste’s. “Everything will be fine here We can handle it.”

“Thank you.” Celeste said as she squeezed her hand. She then took off her apron and grabbed her coat as she followed Alexander out of the diner.


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