The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 5 Matthew watches Justin


The day in River’s Peak started just like it always did. Shopkeepers opening their stories, kids running to school. Things seemed quite simple in this little town. Life in River’s Peak kept ongoing as if nothing happened.

Justin however was a different story. He walked to school, often in a daze. He wondered about all the things that had happened trying to make sense of it all. Everything he learned and everything he saw. How can others go back to their normal lives while Justin’s life was filled with questions? So many questions. Are there more people in the world like him? He couldn’t accept that his family were the only ones with magic. They couldn’t be the only ones. And when was his time? When would he learn it all? Justin couldn’t wait until his time after school when he would talk to his grandparents.

Justin could not pay attention in class anymore. He kept daydreaming and writing questions he wanted to ask them and ideas he had.

Matthew watched him from the shadows. He disguised himself since he was not ready to reveal himself to anyone He wondered though if anyone besides his parents would recognize him. Still, he stayed hidden watching Justin.

Matthew didn’t know how to talk to of approach Shawn. “Shawn” he said to himself. “I wonder if you even know your real name.”


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