As many of you know from reading this blog, I love to write. I usually write in a notebook and then type what I wrote into google docs or something like that. I have been putting chapters here and various others things that I have written.  On my Wattpad page, I have more of my stories written in one spot.

Trying to find an agent is difficult. I know many famous authors tell stories about all the rejections they received over the years.  It’s quite difficult to receive them because you question whether you are good at what you do.


I wrote this after I had a miscarriage and needed a place to express my feelings.  I hoped it would help others who were dealing with it.

All In God's Time 2

This is my first fantasy/Paranormal book. I have grand ideas for these. 🙂



This is the second book in that paranormal series, though I am thinking of changing the name of the series around. Seems like there is already a Shadow Chronicles. So I have to think on that one.


I am working on a third installment but this one would revolve around the kids.

betweencoffee &ramblings

This was a simple fan fiction I wrote for my role play group.





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