The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Matthew (Book 2) Chapter 3 Celebration of Hunter’s Life


The reception for Hunter’s memorial of rather the celebration of his life was help at Celeste’s diner. He had prepared a great feast. She used the counter as a banquet setting plates and silver were at the other end. Cari was in the back helping Celeste. The two ladies worked most of the day preparing. They made more food than they needed; they made lasagna, all sorts of pastas and salads.

Maeve was sitting by herself in the back corner booth of the diner. She was still not comfortable being around others and most people were not comfortable around a vampire. Her thoughts were not as joyful as all the other mourners were. They would say things like, “Hunter is in a better place now. He isn’t in pain any longer. He’s in peace.” These words did not soothe or comfort Maeve for she knew Hunter had not moved on as everyone else though he did. She knew Jonathan had him but, she would find him.

Alexander took a plate of food and sat with his mother. “There is something you are not telling me. I can see it in your expression. What is it?”

Maeve wanted no one to be concerned. She didn’t want them to have this pain. The pain of knowing Hunter was not resting in peace but being tortured in the Shadow Realm by Jonathan. “There are things better left unsaid. Some things are too dangerous.”

“Mom,” he rarely called her this, but he was trying to bring out emotions in her hoping she will reveal something to him. “Mom, please you don’t have to protect me.”

“I know I don’t, but it’s not you I’m protecting.”

“Then who?” He demanded an answer.

“Alexander please let this go. Let this be a happy time. Let’s remember Hutner and the good times we had with him. I know there weren’t many for you but there were still some.”

She tried to change the subject but Hunter knew she was hiding something. He knew it was important but how was he going to get her to tell him.

Maeve knew what he was doing, however she paid no attention to it.

“Come let me tell you the story of when Hunter and I got married. Let me tell you the story of our wedding.”

The others in the diner smiles but were still cautious around Maeve.

Justin however was not afraid of her. He took his plate and sat down next to Maeve. “I would love to her it grandma.”

She smiles as she told the tale.

It was a beautiful spring day. I work early as there was so much to do. I was so excited. I got my hair and makeup done. I was so happy. At the time she wished her mother was there but now Maeve knew it was better she was not present.

We had such beautiful flowers. It was as if I was in a dream. She felt a little sad as she spoke. She knew as soon as she married Hunter her wings would be gone.

“You see when a fairy married someone who is not a fairy, they lose their wings. Hunter didn’t have any fairy blood in him, So I had a huge decision to make. Should I give up my wings and my magic to marry hunter?”

“I was scared. What would life be like without my wings? My father told me I might still have my magic but there was no way to tell. I know I wouldn’t have my wings but I loved Hutner enough to put aside of all these fears. I don’t know how well I did that.”

As she spoke more of the funeral parishioners came over with their plates of food. The more Maeve spoke of her love for Hunter the less of a monster she seemed to them. They viewed her as a grieving widow now.

Maeve noticed the increased crowd, but she focused the story on Justin. This was for his and Alexander’s benefit, so they would know a happier Hunter.

She continued, “Hunter he looked so nervous, but yet he was so happy.”


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