Matthew’s Return Chapter 2 Hunter’s Funeral

Chapter 2 Hunter’s funeral


Matthew walked through the town as snow fell. He wondered how to reveal himself. How would they react?

“I have to be cautious? They need to trust me, They need to believe me.” He thoughts went back to her. He could not see her but he could still sense her. “I will find you.” He had to have hope he would know her when he saw her. “But now I must focus on Shawn. Shawn is all that matters now. I have to get back to him.”

The snow fell heavier than before. It didn’t bother him but he knew others thought it would be strange if he wasn’t affected by it. He waved his hand and his clothes transformed into winter clothes. He wore long corduroy pants and a long sweater but he knew these clothes were not enough. A long black coat appeared on him. He pulled the collar up and put his hands on his pockets as he walked. “This is better. I need to blend in.”

The town seemed dead he thought as he walked. “Where is everyone?” He walked past several stories but there was no one anywhere. As he came to the church, he read the sign. “Memorial service for Hunter Marks at 6 pm Tuesday night at the Cemetery.” Matthew laughed. “Let’s go see who comes to spit on your grave. You worthless piece of shit.” He has hated Hunter for years ever since he was a child. All these stories about how he left Maeve and then left Alex. Matthew was happy that he was gone but he was angry that he wasn’t the one to kill him.

The grave site was covered in flowers which surprised Matthew. When Maeve was younger before she was turned she loved flowers. Through the year Maeve and Hunter spent together the rest of the family learned all of these stories about their life. They learned that Hunter used to bring gardenias to Maeve when they dated. They were her favorites. He used to give flowers all the time. Roses, Violets but gardenias were her favorites. Gardenias bloom in

He stayed in the back hiding from the mourners. He couldn’t understand why there were so many mourners. “Why were they crying over this fool?”

The sun set as warm rays of sun come down over the mourners. As the sun set, they took out candles and lite them to light their way.

A mist came rushing through the trees. Matthew watches as the mist as it came to a stop at the tree line. He was curious what it was.

The mist then formed a figure of a woman.

Matthew was shocked. “Maeve! What the hell is she doing here?”

Maeve stood at the edge of the tree line as night fell.

Matthew watched her. “She’s upset, but how can that be she hates Hunter.” Matthew thought.

Maeve walked up to the grave. She looked at her son and took his hand. “This is beautiful. He would have loved it.”

Alexander pulls his mother into a hug. “I know he would have.”

She smiles, “It was a good year, not long enough but good.”

Celeste looks back and sees Jacob sitting with Cari and Luke and waved to them. She loved getting to know him. She couldn’t get enough of their time together.

Matthew watches the service but his attention was on Shawn. He could have sworn that they called him Jacob. He couldn’t take his eyes off of him. “My son… soon you and I will rule all the Realms and you will help me find your mother. The three of us.” He smiles thinking about it.

Maeve did not take part in the planning of the memorial as she could not enter the church. Alexander did most of the planning however he asked Maeve many things. As Alex was at a disadvantage for he knew little of Hunter. Growing up Alex didn’t have many fond memories of Hutner. His father was always sad and angry of drinking. Alex wished he knew the Hunter that Maeve knew. Only this past year did he see a glimpse of the old Hunter and now he was gone. Alex tried to remain composed but a small tear could be seen running down his face as his lip quivered.

Celeste might have been the only one who noticed this. She reached over and took her husband’s hand and squeezed it.

He sat looking forward as his father’s coffin was lowered into the ground.

The pastor set up to the pulpit that had been placed in the front. “It is said when one of his church members was dying, John Watson, the Scottish preacher of Edinburg would kneel down and whisper into the person’s ear, ‘In my father’s house are many rooms.’ Then with a contented sigh the person would slip away. If we could see only for a mome just how glorious Hunter’s homecoming was, no one would call him back to the limits of his aged body. Even Though Hutner will be missed, there is something very appropriate about his departure, even as the author of Ecclesiastes indicated. ‘There is a time to be born and a time to die. A time be plant and a time to uproot.’ An Earthy light has gone out but where Hunter is no Earthly light is needed. The glory of God shines brighter than the sun is his radiance and his face is now glistening in that glorious light. So we come to the end of a journey. It is a good day. A earthy Journey has ended and a heavenly one has begun.”

This comforted most of the parishioners but not Meave. For Maeve knew Hunter did not move on. Jonathan was holding him back. She repeated her wedding vows over to herself, “So long as we both shall live,” She looked up as she tried to keep her tears back. “Longer, Hunter, I will love longer.” She didn’t want others to know. She needed them to be confronted in thinking he was in a better place.

The pastor called them all up to lay a rose on the coffin before it was lowered into the grave. Alexander walked up and tossed his flower on the coffin. “I wish I had had time to know you better. The real you. I’m happy to have known the good side of you. I wish it had been longer.”

Jacob walked up with his flower in hand. He looked at the grave but said nothing. He had so many questions and now he could never ask him them. He didn’t know who to ask and was afraid to ask. He placed the flower on the grace and left with many questions left to be asked.

They all walked up to the grave giving their blessings. Most said nothing as they past and placed the flower on his grace.

Finally Maeve approached and looked back at the mourners. She knew many of them were afraid of her. She knew many hated Hunter. “I know many of you are frightened of me and have a great hatred for Hutner. I am here to tell you that you have nothing to fear from me. As for Hunter, he was truly a good man who made many mistakes as many of us have.” With that she walked over to Hunter’s grace as a tear ran down her face. She whispers, “I will ding you and I will set you free.”

Matthew watched with hatred. “They should fear you Maeve, but if not then they will surely fear me.”


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