Chapter 34 Death of a loved one


Meave was free from Marius now. She knew he would have his revenge one day but Jonathan told her not to worry. He must have a plan to deal with Marius if he returns. Jonathan would smirked and say, “My plan is working.”

There was a problem though. Meave didn’t feel the same. She hadn’t felt the same since Hunter came back into her life. He added so much light into her life that the shadow realm did not hold the same draw as it did before. She was torn between her life with Jonathan and the one with Hutner.

Jonathan hardly ever let Maeve out of his sight. He knew of her struggles. He did this to her. He needed her to have more light. But for now he has to live with this Maeve. The more time she spent with Hutner the more light she received. She hated the shadow realm but that wasn’t entirely true. She didn’t hate it. Her dark side loved it but her dark side was shrinking.

Jonathan knew what she was doing. She didn’t know Jonathan was allowing her to see Hunter. Mave though she was successfully sneaking out.

Maxwell didn’t understand. Jonathan didn’t want to reveal his plan but he would often reassure maxwell. “As I told you before this is all part of my plan. My Meave will return stronger and darker than ever. Be patient.

“Yes my Lord.” Maxwell was still loyal to Meave however he had great respect for Jonathan as well.

Maeve continues to sneak out of the shadowland to see Hunter. He was getting older. Maeve knew there wasn’t much time left for them. A year had past since she was freed. So many changes in so little time. Cari had her baby a little boy named Bruce.

Justin and Alexander started to spend more time together. Each day after school., Justin would come to Celeste’s dinner. They would meet there and talk about all sorts of things. Justin loved it. He listened to all these stories about his parents. He loved hearing about them as kids playing together. Matthew and Maurelle were best friends as kids. Justin missed them more as he learned more about them. He couldn’t get enough of these stories.

Celeste would bring over a coffee for Alex and soda for Justin and then she herself would join them.

Maeve for the first time was happy for them. She had difficulty with this feeling for many years.

Every chance she got she went to Hunter. Most nights they just sat on the couch and talked. They had so many stories to share. She listened intently to everything he said. He told her about Alexander as child and Matthew. Sometime he told her about how he felt when he first meet her. They spent every moment they could together for their time was limited.

As the year went Hunter’s health deteriorated. Six month prior he had a stroke. The right side of his body was now paralyzed. He had difficulty speaking. He knew what he wanted to say but the words that came out of his mouth were not correct order.

During the day, a nurse stayed with him. Hunter could not longer care for himself. The nurse had to help him with the most basic things. At night Meave would come. She sat with him each night. She feed and cared for him.

He was often confused. When he saw Maeve sometimes we thought she was the dark vampire and other times he thought she was his bride. Sometimes he thought they were dating and other times married. Maeve did her best to comfort him but it hurt her to see him this way. All the time they wasted hating each other and now their time was being stolen from them.

One night she came to him as she had done many nights before, but Hunter was not there. She walked through the house searching for him. Once she looked through the entire house she could tell his scent was faint there. She turned into the milky midst she normally turns into to and followed his scent to the hospital.

He looked so small and frail as he laid in that bed. Machines beeped as they monitored his vitals. Mareve didn’t understand any of these. She wanted to got to him but she was afraid she would hurt him. She touched his hand letting him now that she was there. His hand was bruised from the iv they put in. She cried, “I just got you back. It isn’t fair.”

She carefully laid down next to him and held him just as she did each night since they were reunited. She laid her hand on his chest so she could hear his heartbeat. It was slow and weak.

Hunter opened his eyes as he could sense Meave was there. He moved his hand as weak as he was. He held her as she laid next to him. “My Maeve.”

She fought back tears as she didn’t want to mess his blanket with her tears of blood. Maeve held his hand. “I love you.”

Hunter passed that night. Meave stayed with him the entire time. She couldn’t hold her tears in any longer. She held him tight as she screams. “It’s not fair. This curse.” She had to live without him once again. As night began to turn to day, Maeve was forced to flee back to the shadows.

The rest of the family gathered at the local church make arrangements for Hunter’s funeral. They knew Maeve had been there because when she cried she left a trail of blood on his sheets The ones she was trying to keep clean. “Oh momma. We should do this at night. He would want her to be there.”

“Can she come into a church?” Justin asked.

“Probably not but we can have services at the graveyard for her.” Alex suggested.

Celeste smiled. “That’s a wonderful idea. He would love it.”

As they planned and night fell once again, Maeve stood outside the church looking in. Snow had begun to fall that cold winter night.

Jonathan appeared next to her. “My dear he was weak and he is not your family.”

Maeve listened to him. She knew he wanted to be her only family but it just wasn’t true. Tears of blood fell from her face and stained the snow that had fallen by their feet. “You know where he is? You do don’t you. He’s in the shadows? Isn’t he?” She started to yell.

“There are things in play that you do not understand .”

Meave stood, “He is there! I’m tired of these plans of yours. You never let me in on them. Never tell me what my part is.”

Jonathan would not answer but he knew she would find him. It was all going according to him plan. He simply smiled.


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