Role Play

I love writing and have gotten many story ideas and inspiration from role play. I have several groups on Facebook and have made some amazing friends there. Check them out if you like.

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Welcome to ONCE UPON A SUPERHERO. We are a multi-fandom role-play group. DC Comics, Marvel Comics and One Upon a Time

Thanos learns that the only way for him to repair the flaw in the universe would be to destroy the universe and re-construct it. He is finally driven to mindless rage by the attempt of the cosmic powers to usurp his reign, and decides in one fateful, final moment to absorb the entirety of the universe back into himself, so that none might ever again threaten his reign. Thanos is thus able to use the Heart’s power to absorb the cosmic beings into himself—and, in doing so, he absorbs the entire multiverse.
The cosmic hero Adam Warlock, who was outside space-time continuum when Thanos absorbed the universe, appears to Thanos and explains to him what had transpired. Adam convinces Thanos to sacrifice himself to restore the universe. Lady Death herself, whom Thanos has long been in love with, also managed to escape. Lady Death caresses Thanos’s cheek, kisses him for deciding to sacrifice himself, and disappears into the now empty void of space, leaving Thanos awe-struck. Thanos’s whereabouts are unknown at this time.
By doing this Thanos unintentionally created a void which pulled all planes of existence into one. All are now part of the same universe.
Now the fun begins, where does it leave the rest of the worlds. How do we live/work/play/love and defend this new World this Elseworld.



Ever play Dungeons and Dragons? Well this isnt exactly that but its close. D&D is meant for table top Role Play but this is as close as we can get on Facebook. Play your favorite race/class, and join in the fight to save the Kindgom, or fight for your own glory. The choice is yours.
Although the framework is a lot like Dungeons and Dragons this is still a role play. We will not be using character sheets of dice. We will plot in chats and create stories and write in threads.
The Kingdom of Rèisean Aonaichte (which is Gaelic for United Races) is in turmoil. The king has died many years ago and the heirs to his throne are missing or presumed dead. The people live in fear as roving bands of orcs and bandits rule the countryside. Will you fight to save your village? Fight to take the throne? What do you want gold? Glory?


The Gifted - Marvel Mutant RP

July 17th 2017.
During a Mutant/Human piece rally Charles Xavier’s power flares out of control, killing hundreds and injuring a thousand or more.
Three months later Senator Kelly is killed when his plane explodes mid flight. He was on his way to Washington DC to discuss laws to protect humans from the “mutant menace” as he called it.
His assasination pushs throough what became Called the Kelly bill. Rendering all mutants to second class citizens and for them to be registered and segregated from baseline humans.
The year is now 2050. Mutants have segregated to the Island of New York, and are heavly policed.
Sentinel Services runs a program called the Hound program that uses mutants as Hunters and police against thier own kind as well as robotic killing machines dubbed Sentinels. All mutants are tattooed with a M over thier left eye once registered and moved to New York.
Any mutant found is immediately arrested and processed. There is a rumor of free mutants working outside of New York to better the lives and regain the freedom of the mutant people… Called the mutant underground…



Keeping Quiet



I’m the vocal one.

I’m the friend who tells you all.

when I am  sad, angry, and mad.

I’m the one who speaks out because I kept quiet for so long.


I’m the vocal one.

I’m the friend who calls you to give you exciting news.

I’m the friend who worries, frets and paces

The one who hates when people are upset, but worst of all I hate when the hate is directed at me.


I’m the vocal one.

It’s a curse.

I tell you how I feel no matter what.

I fear it’s only a matter of time, before you leave.


For in these friends, I always fear

When the time will come when I know the truth. Broken, tossed aside so many times waiting to be tossed again.


Standing on the edge of a cliff waiting for that final push. Losing any real friends as I fear the ones who are not and the ones I can’t see.

My Voice Never Made a Sound

This poem was written for all those who were made fun of and the bystanders stood by and watched. I am also guilty of this. I wish I could find him to say I am sorry for not acting.









I stood by and watched

And I didn’t say anything

And  sometimes I looked away

My lips never moving

My voice never making a sound

In protest to your plight

I never stood up and never spoke out

I sat in my desk and watched and listened

But never spoke out in your defense

My heart hurt of the things they did

My heart ached  for I saw how hurt you were

But too afraid to move

So many hurt and none of us could move

We let them decide who we were

And let them decide what we do

Vile, heart retching acts and still I did nothing

We just followed the crowd

And now all we have is regret.

Where are you now?

Will you forgive those who hurt you

And those who just stood by

Will you forgive me?