Chapter 33 The Staking of Maeve


They all meet at Hunter and Maeve’s house to discuss a plan. Maeve was sitting on the couch as the others were searching for answers. Maeve felt hopeless. All of this to save her. Was I worth it? Was she worth all of this?

Hunter took her hand, “I know what you are thinking.”

She was surprised, “You do?”

“You are worth it.” She squeezed her hand.

Libby observes them. She knew this would be difficult. “Ok so what is our goal here?” Libby started to read. “The vampire that turned you can free you.” She looked up at them to see if they were listening. “A host vampire or syre can release those sired to him either by releasing them from their bond or removing the curse all together. Just like you released Celeste and Luke but I don’t know if your vampire will do that.”

Maeve nodded in agreement.

“Ok then back to my research.”

Hunter sighs, “I want to know how we can break the connection.” He looks at Meave “I’m sorry. I want to be with you but more importantly I want you to be able to rest in peace.” He was frustrated. He stood and paces as he places his hand on his mouth as he thought. “Your soul. Is it damned now? I want you to rest in peace when your time comes.” He didn’t look at anyone when he said this. Rather he looked out the window. He couldn’t bring himself to look at them especially not Maeve.

Maeve came up behind him. “I’ve caused so much pain to you all. I will be the cause of no more.”

The stake that Jonathan gave Alexander was laying on the table where the others had been working. Maeve runs over and grabs it. “I will not let you do this. I will not allow your soul to be danned in order to free me.” She ran out of the house still holding the stake. She looked around wondering where to run to.

The others were in shock as she ran out.

Alexander ran to the door but by the time he got there she was gone. “She’s gone.” Hunter was not having this. “I will not let her do this by herself.” He raced after her calling to her as he ran.

The others came to the door. “Where did she go? Do you trust her? What if this was all part of her plan?” They would ask each other as they stood in the doorway.

Hunter stood looking out into the street. He heard them speaking from behind him but he couldn’t make out who was saying what. As if he was much further away from them then he truly was. “Where are you?” He wondered but he knew. She went back to the beginning. Back to their home, where this entire nightmare started.

As fast as he could, which wasn’t all that fast since he was an 80 year old man, he raced to his old house.

The house looked dark, but he knew she was there. He walked in and saw her. Maeve was sitting on the floor holding the stake in her hands.

“You don’t have to do this.” He said to her. “Maeve please let me help you.” He knew she was determined.

Meave was terrified. Her hands were shaking as she held the stake in her hands. “I don’t want you to have this guilt. But I would like you to stay with me. I don’t want to be alone.”

Hunter took her hand “Is there no way to talk you out of this.” He had to try one more time.

“No I have to do this.”

He sighs, “Okay then let me help.” He held her in his arms and kissed her forehead.

Maeve placed the stake on her heart. “If I could live again and be free but more important. I could keep everyone safe from me.” She couldn’t stop shaking.

Hunter places his hand on her. “Please, I don’t want you to leave. I just got you back.”

Hunter took the stake from her and put it at her side. He took her face in his and hands and kissed her thinking this will be the last time he could do that. “I love you. This won’t be the last time we see each other. I know it.” He picked up the stake and placed it parallel to her hear.

She wrapped her hands around the stake.

“Look at me.” He said. “Keep your eyes on me.”

She nodded and took a deep breath. “I’m ready.”

“I’ll be right here with you.” Hunter was crying now as he sat with her.

“Do you remember our wedding? It was so beautiful. I was so happy.” She said as she remembers.

Hunter smiles, “You looked so beautiful. Your hair in curls coming down around your face. You were an angel my dear. Each time the light hit your hair it glowed. I was the happiest man in the world.”

“We were going to be so happy. We had all these dreams about what our life would be like. I’m so sorry. It’s all wasted now.”

“No my dear it is not. You gave me so much love and I was a horrible husband to you. When Alex came he took up so much of your time. I was jealous. Jealous of a baby. It’s all my fault.”

“You made it up to me in more ways than one. I love you.”

Meave gritted her teeth. The more Hunter and her talked the harder it was to do what needed to be done. “Please Hunter. I need to do this.”

She didn’t wait for him to reply. She pushed the stake into her heart. She screamed as the pained filled her body. She remembered how it felt when she was first turned. The venom racing through her veins. She could still feel the venom now as it was tearing away from her.

A voice could be heard as if it was being spoken on the clouds. “What did you do to my Maeve.”

Hunter looked around but couldn’t see anything but he knew who it was. Marius had lost and Maeve was free. He held her body as the shadows came over it and pulled her into the shadow realm.

A broken man sat on the ground crying where his wife once laid. He knew she was free now but he wished she could have remained with him.


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