Chapter 31 How Maeve Turned


Maybe the stress of having a baby was getting to Hunter. He never had much attention from his own family, and when he meet Maeve, she gave him so much love and attention. He was filling the void he had inside of him. It was an amazing life until Alexander came along. Maybe he thought his life would be different. Maybe he thought having a baby wouldn’t change anything, but it did. Maeve was always taking care of Alex, feeding him, bathing him, changing him and burping him. And if that wasn’t bad enough when she wasn’t caring for him she was talking about him. Hunter couldn’t take much more of it.

He would lie to Maeve and tell her he had court or something like that. Sometimes he would say he was meeting colleagues, sometimes clients. It didn’t matter because he wasn’t meeting anyone.

He would go to a bar and just drink. He sat looking at the mirror across from him as he drank. “Is this all there is? I thought life would be better than this.”

That night Maeve was making dinner as normal waiting on Hunter. She sighed as she stirred the pot of soup. “Where could he be?” She always wondered where he was. She never believed his lies. “All these meetings.” She said to herself. Her heart sank as she thought of what he was doing. “Maybe he found another woman.” A tear ran down her face as she thought of this.

Alex was crying. She turned the stove off and went to care for him. However, before she could do this, she heard someone outside. It was as if the wind was carrying her name. She couldn’t turn away.

Maeve walked to the door. She put her hands on the door and listened as Alexander cried in the background.

The wind carried her name through the trees it seemed to getting closer and closer. Then it stopped. Maeve seemed to wake up at that point. She wondered why she was standing there. She shook her head feeling confused and bewildered.

Alexander kept crying and this time louder than before. Maeve realized he must have been crying for a while by then and wondered why she didn’t attend to him sooner. “Shh, mommy’s here.” She picked him up and rocked him for a moment before sitting on the couch and feeding him.

Alex cooed in her arms as she feed him. Maeve smiled as she held him and then yawned. Maeve was not sleeping. She felt like she was losing Hunter. He was slipping away from her.

“Oh Alex, what did I wrong?” She woke up every two hours to care for Alex. During the day she tried to clean and cook. She felt like she was walking around in a fog. Was this all there was to life, cleaning, cooking, and caring for Alex. Was this all she was now? Did Hunter even love her anymore? Maeve cried as she held Alex.

The voice came back again. “I must be crazy.” The voice was so soft and sweet. It beckoned to her to come.

“Maeve. Maeve. Come my love.” The voice would call.

Maeve picked up Alex and set him back in the bassinet. She then walked to the door but this time she opened it. The night air hit her face, but it didn’t wake her from her trance. The voice was closer now and continuing to become closer as if it traveled through the air. As the voice came closer, the surrounding air became colder and colder.

A milky mist formed along the tree line. Maeve watched as the mist became to form what looked like a man. He moved toward her. Had Maeve been thinking she would have run inside. She would have screamed for help and ran to protect Alex. But she wasn’t thinking. She had this strange urge to please this man. The closer he got to her the more she wanted to please him.

“Hello Maeve.” She said with a sinister smile.

After a while, Maeve could speak. “How do you know me?”

Marius took her hands in his, “My dear your name was written long ago. You will be powerful my dear.”

Maeve at first flinched as he held her hands for they were as cold as ice. She realized then just how cold it had gotten around her. She could see her breath but not his. He seemed to not be breathing at all.

He smiled and to Maeve his smile was captivating. She smiled back.

“Come Maeve. You are a very important woman.”

Meave didn’t feel important, so the words made her feel proud. She wondered how she could be important but it almost didn’t matter. She loved the attention and care he was giving her but it was more than that. Meave felt like she had no control. Alex began to cry and she needed to care for him. Her heart knew what she needed to do but her body wouldn’t move. Inside she was crying for her son but there she was standing there with this man. She was torn between her son and this man she didn’t know who seemed to have some strange hold over her.

Her hands trembled in his. “Please my son.”

Marius smiled, “You won’t care about him much longer.”

He moved her hair away from her neck. He kissed her neck.

Maeve moaned as he kissed her. She had not felt this sensation in a while. Hunter never touched her anymore. She wanted to pull this man close. She couldn’t understand the connection she felt to him.

He whispered, “Shh save your heart. There is another who longs for you.”

Maeve didn’t understand, but she almost woke from her trance. “Alex” She knew she needed to turn and run from this man.

As Maeve turned, Marius grabbed her arms and pulled her towards him causing bruising on her arm. This time he didn’t kiss her neck, instead he bit her. He sank his teeth into her neck and feasted on her blood.

Maeve screamed and tried to fight. As the initial pain of the bite wore off she was filled with warmth. She didn’t understand since he was so cold. She moaned as her blood is drained. He continued to drain her as she held onto him.

He laid her on the ground as all of her energy was drained along with her blood. He stood over her and admired his work as he wiped her blood from his lips.

Maeve laid on the ground motionless. Her eyes wide open as she stared off into the woods. Her skin was much paler than before almost white and striking compared to her bright red hair.

He knelt down next to her. “I will call upon you again to finish out business my dear.” With that he left her and walked into the woods.

Maeve could see and hear everything that was going on but she couldn’t move. She watched as Marius turned into mist and then the midst floated into the woods.

A few hours later a drunk Hunter stumbled along the road on his way home. As he came closer to his house, he could hear Alexander crying, but it was more of a scream. Hunter wondered where Maeve was and why she wasn’t caring for him. He ran up to the house along the long familiar path. As the path came to an end, he saw Maeve lying on the porch.

She laid there with her eyes still open staring off into the woods.

“Maeve!” He yelled as he grabbed her and tried to get her to look at him, “Maeve!” He yelled again. He picked her up and carried her into the house. He laid her on the couch and it was only then he saw the blood. It was all over her neck. Hunter touched it then went to retrieve a cloth from the kitchen. He wet it with water and then returned to clean her wounds. Two puncture holes because visible as he cleared. “What in the world?”

Hunter assumed that Maeve was just in shock. So he pulled a blanket over her and when to make some hot tea since she seemed so cold.

As the kettle was warming Hunter went to check on Alex. He changed him and feed him. “Shh it’s ok. Mommy will be fine.” He rocked him in his arms and then set him back down.

Then he walked outside and brought firewood in. He made a fire hoping to warm Meave up.

Soon Maeve stirred. She moaned in pain as her neck was still sore. She felt weak from the loss of blood. “Hunter.” She said as she tried to sit up.

He turned to see her struggling. Hunter had been having a rough time adjusting to life with a baby but that didn’t mean he didn’t love Alex of Meave. He loved them.

He ran over to her to help. “Don’t move.” He sat by her hoping she could shed light on what happened to her. He felt her head surprised that she was still so cold. “Please drink this.” He helps her up and gives her a cup of tea. He kissed her on her forehead which always seemed to comfort her before but this time Maeve felt nothing.

Hunter realized that he was losing her. He had been ignoring her ever since Alex was born. Now she was hurt. He sat next to her and held her hand. “Maeve I’m so sorry.”

She looked up wondering why he cared.

His hands wrapped around hers as she held her teacup. “Maeve I know I have been awful.” He moved his hands from hers to wipe his eyes. He was having a hard time admitting this. He had been jealous of Alex. “Alex, you love him so much and.” he sighed, “I’m afraid you loved him more than me. I was jealous of his attention. No, not his attention. Your attention. He took all of it and there was nothing left for me.”

As much as Maeve wanted to respond she couldn’t. She looked on as a single tear ran down her face. Maeve tried to fight this control Marius had over her, but she failed.

She wanted to show Hunter how much she still loved him. All the feelings she could muster was a single tear.

Watching her response, Hunter realize just how much he had hurt Maeve. “I’m so sorry my darling. I can’t understand it myself. I was jealous of the love and the connection you and he had. I can see how you look at him and hold him. All that love all that attention I used to have that from you and I miss it. I miss our connection. Please tell me it isn’t too late.

All Maeve could do was grab his hand. She looked at him but she couldn’t speak.

Hunter assumed it was from the shock of whatever happened to her. He hoped he would figure out just what attacked her. He helped her up and into the bathroom where he undressed her and helped her get into some warm pajamas. If there was a fire place in their room, he would have carried her there but instead he carried her to a chair in the living room. “I will get the bed ready and keep the fire going. You are so cold Meave.” He put a blanket over her to keep her warm as he prepared the bed. Hunter put more wood on the fire and grabbed blankets from the bedroom.

Hunter took the cushions off the couch and then pulled the mattress out from it. He laid a warm blanket on the mattress then he picked Meave up from the chair and moved her to the bed. He covered her with a few warm blankets hoping that will keep her warm.

Once he thought the room was warm enough he picked up Alex again and change him.

“Well Alex, you and I have a lot of work to do. Mommy is sick and we have to do a better job of caring for her.” The infant cooed as his father talked to him. It was the first time he has shown Hunter that much attention. Hunter realized this was all his fault and not Alex’s. Alex loved him and as he spoke he realized how much he loved Alex too. Alex listened to everything Hunter said and watched everything he did. Alex’s little hands moved towards Hunter’s mouth as he speaks. “I should have paid more attention to you.” He smiled and laughed as Alex cooed at him.

Meave moaned a little in her sleep. Hunter smiled now knowing what he must do to keep his little family together. “Come on Alex, it’s time for bed. Maybe one day mommy and me can give you a little brother or sister.” He said with a smile.

He laid Alex down and touched his cheek. “Good night little boy. Daddy loves you.”

Hunter went to the bedroom and changed into pajamas. Just then the voice returned.

Maeve opens her eyes and calls out, “Yes master.” She had been fighting the control but hearing his voice was too much for her. Maeve rose from the bed and walked to the door. She was paler than before.

“Open the door my dear and invite me in.” The voice called out.

Meave unlocked the door and opened it. Her eyes never blinking. “Yes Master, come in.”

Marius walked in, “My dear you look so pale. I know what you need.” He has waited a few hours so she would feel weak and then want his blood to survive. He wanted her to feel the need to drink. He wanted her to drink his blood. “Your poor husband has no clue. You are mine now.” He puts his arm out. “Drink my dear for it will help you.”

Maeve was trying to fight but the feeling, the need for blood was growing inside of her. She didn’t even notice the fangs that had come in those few hours. She tried to fight this hunger, “Please my family.” Was all she could muster to say.

“You fool.” He growled, “He cares nothing for you. He cares only for himself. However there is another who loves you and I will use you to control him. Now drink.”

Maeve was so thirsty by that time. She grabbed his arm and sank her fangs into his arm. Her brilliant green eyes faded as darkness filled her soul. As she sucked his blood, she could feel her energy coming back to her. She felt alive which is strange to say since Maeve was far from alive at this point.

She looked at Marius and would have smiled if she could. “Have no fear, I will teach you want all you need to know.”

Hunter came back in from the bedroom, “I took more blankets….” He stopped as he saw Marius. He dropped the blankets on the floor.

Marius hissed at him and then turned to mist and vanished before his eyes.

Hunter didn’t know what to do. He ran to Meave just as she screamed out in pain as the vampire’s venom, now completed, surged through her veins.

She fell to the ground as she screamed as each part of her body felt as if it was on fire. Her veins burned as the venom flowed through. She couldn’t hear anything all she could hear was the sound of her heart beat as it slowed. She looked at Hunter. “I think I’m dying. It’s so cold.”

Hunter picked her up and carried her to bed. He could see how much pain she was in. Her eyes were now black as her body became more rigid with each tremor. He covered her up and called a for an ambulance.

Meave tried to be still. The more she moved the more painful it was. The Emergency medical technicians raced to the house, but it was too late by the time they got there. Maeve was cold to the touch. She had no heartbeat as she stared off. She could see everything going on around her but she could not respond. They took Maeve to the hospital even though those efforts were in vain. Once there she was pronounced to dead and moved to the morgue.

Hunter wasn’t coherent at this point. He did not understand what had happened to her, but he kept thinking back to the figure he saw wondering what it was. He knew though, he knew whatever that thing was caused Maeve’s death.

I opened my eyes, but the was nothing. Where was I? I still felt but not like I did in the past? I was panicking, but I seemed to have more control over it. In my past life I was always anxious. It never made sense. I was scared about everything. Anxious if I was good enough or if someone was mad at me. My heart would race. I felt like I was having a heart attack. It seemed like I would worry about things that made little sense. There was no real reason to worry, but I did.

I punched and tore at what seemed to be a bag. I realized that they must have thought I was dead. “Am I dead?” I felt my skin and checked for a pulse but couldn’t find one. “I must be in the morgue.” I must have been in one of those bags. My old self would have had a fit of claustrophobia. I would have screamed and pounded on the bag. However now none of that was happening. I put my finger at the top of the bag where the zipper meet and pulled it down.

I climbed out of the bag and saw I was still in the pajamas that Hunter had put me in. If anyone worked that night I would have terrified them. I looked around not knowing what time it was or day it was. How long had it been since that night? It seemed so long ago. From what I know of the undead which is what I believe I am now, they weren’t supposed to have any feelings or memories of their former life but I did. I’m not sure why maybe it was because I was a fairy, maybe it was because of the magic that flowed through my veins. Maybe I thought I differed from other undead. Maybe I could still have my family. I went to the closet and saw a lab coat and a pair of sneakers. I grabbed them and put them on hoping to sneak out of the hospital.

I then raced out of the hospital I had grown to love. Many nights and days I spent caring for patients. I raced through the halls and out the door hiding my face from cameras and anyone who was there. Little did I know I was not giving off a reflection so there was no reason to hide from the cameras.

I raced home thinking about the last night I was there. Hunter was so compassionate that night. She was getting her family back, however the response she received from Hunter when she returned was anything but warm.


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