Chapter 30 Justin’s magic and coming home

Chapter 30 Justin’s magic and coming home



Justin raced home after leaving Celeste with Hunter. He couldn’t process everything he learned. “Mom?” He called to her as he ran inside.

Cari was pacing in the kitchen. She knew Maeve wouldn’t hurt Justin but she would feel better if he was home.

“Justin!” Cari was holding a cup of coffee in her hand. She had been trying to stay awake as long as she could. As soon as Justin entered the room, Cair dropped the cup and it shattered on the floor. “I was worried about you.” She said as she ran to him.

Justin wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. “It’s ok. She didn’t hurt me. She wouldn’t.”

“I know but I feel better having you here.”

“Mom, she said she couldn’t hurt you, Why is that?”

Cari wasn’t sure if this was true or not. “She thinks I’m pregnant but that’s impossible.”

He looks at her belly and then at Cari. “Are you sure? She has magic.” He stopped when he said magic. He wasn’t sure if Cari knew about it. “Um, well when I say magic…”

Cari smiles, “Justin dont worry I know everything. Well maybe not everything but enough.”

Justin seemed sad. Cari couldn’t understand. How could she? She didn’t have magic but maybe he didn’t either.

Cari took out cookies she made while she was waiting for Justin. She set them on the table and poured Justin a glass of milk. She made another cup of coffee and then sat down at the table with Justin. “I have known and loved you for a long time. So I should know when something is troubling you. Many things have happened and you have a lot to process but I can see there is more. What is it? What is troubling you?”

Justin sat looking at the cookies. “Why am I not special?”

“Special? You’re special. Why would you ever think you’re not?” She reached across the table and squeezed his hand. “Justin, why do you say these things?”

“Maeve she is so powerful. How am I related to her? I can’t do anything. Does everyone have magic but me?”

“Justin, I don’t have magic does that mean I’m not special.”

“I mean my real family.” As soon he realized he shouldn’t have. “I mean biological family. Mom, you know what I mean. I’m sorry. But these are my birth parents, my grandmother. Why am I not like them?”

Cari thought about Justin as a child. He must have done something in his life that could be extraordinary. Maybe he doesn’t know how to use it. “Justin I am not the right person to talk to about this with you. Justin I can’t do any of this stuff. I wouldn’t even know if you had magic. Maybe you do I think you need to talk to your grandparents.”

“Maeve said my dad was coming back but I wish I could talk to my mom. Maeve says I have a brother. Isn’t the amazing.”

“Whoa slow down. A brother?”

“And a sister! Why doesn’t anyone know anything about him?”

“Well, I found about your parents. No one said anything about a brother or sister but,” She squeezed his hand again. “We will find him. I promise I will do everything I can.”

Justin smiles, “I know you will try your best.”

“So you don’t think you have magic. I mean like your parents?”

“I don’t feel like I do. I feel the same as I always have no different. I mean I’m happy I found out more but now I have more questions than before.”

“You said it. I have tons of questions.” She smiled and drank more coffee. “Besides maybe you aren’t old enough.” She knew this would be an awkward topic but one she need to address. “Justin you are only 12 years old. Is it possible that your magic will develop over time? Maybe with puberty.”

Justin blushed, “Oh, I didn’t even think of that. Who would I ask?” He already had this discussion with Luke.

“I know you don’t want to talk about this but you should talk to someone. Luke, why isn’t her here with you?”

He looked ashamed, “I saw him. Maeve only let Celeste go. I’m sorry I tired.” Cari was in tears, “Justin I know you did your best and it’s okay.”

“She wants to help, but she’s not in charge. She has a master. I could tell she wanted to help but did what she could.”

“Then maybe Meave is the one who needs our help. And by helping her we can save Luke.” Cari had a great heart. She always saw the good in people and would always help others.

Justin smiled, “Will you let me help?”

“We need you. You might be the only person Meave will listen to.”

Justin never felt useful before. This was the first time he could help. “I would love to help. But where do we begin?”

“First, we need to learn everything we can about vampires. How can we stop one and then how can we save her?”

“We can start at the library but I don’t know if they would have what we need.”

Cari sighs, “I know but we have to try.” Cari runs her fingers through her raven hair as she thought.

The two put their coats on and head to the library.


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