Chapter 25 Maeve goes to Carillon.



Cari ran to the library, but she was too late. Luke had already gone. She runs into the library and saw Libby at the circulation desk. Cari was almost out of breath as she came up to the desk.

“Have you seen Justin?” Her face was red because she ran all the way to the library.

“Cari, are you all ok?”

She didn’t have time to catch her breath of exchange the normal pleasantries as most had become accustom to hearing from her. “Justin, is he here?”

Libby, was taken back by her brazen attitude. She was not used to it. It was not like Cari to speak in such a way. “Cari, I’m sorry. He left with Luke a while ago.”

Cari turned pale and ran out of the library hoping to see which way they went.

Libby called out after her and followed. “Cari?”

Cari didn’t hear Libby calling her as she ran out of the library, Cari thought she saw Luke so she ran down the street in that direction.

She yelled out to him but the man did not turn around. He headed down an alley.

Cari followed and ran to that alley but as she turned down the same alley Luke was gone. Her heart was racing as she felt cold. The air become freezing. Cari could see her breath. She turned around as she heard or thought she heard or rather felt someone behind her.

Maeve was standing right in front of Cari. “Good evening poppet.”

Cari was startled to see the woman and was confused by her greeting. “Um hello.”

Maeve was quite a sight. She stood before Cari dressed in black. Her face was pale almost white, but it looked even paler in contrast to her bright red hair.

Maeve grabbed Cari’s hand as her dark black eyes were staring into Cari’s fair blue eyes. “Come with me poppet. We have much to discuss.”

Cari was speechless as she tried to pull her arm away. “Who are you?” She would protested more and ask more questions but Maeve’s eyes. Cari couldn’t look away. She forgot everything. All her worried, all her fears were gone.

Maeve didn’t answer her. She held onto Cari as her eyes turned white. “We are going on a little trip.” And with that both Maeve and Cari turned into the same milky midst that took Maeve to town.

The midst drifted out of the alley and down the road. People were walking home from work and other places as the midst past around them. The people watched with confusion as the midst moved into the woods.

The white midst ran through the woods and stopped at an old run down cabin. The midst slides under the doorway and into the living room. A broken dining room table was still laying on the floor.

It formed two figures appeared in from of the broken table. Cari was now terrified. As Maeve let her hand go, she fell to the floor gasping for air.

“What are you?” Cari was shaking. She tried to calm herself and stop herself from shaking to no avail.

Maeve stood before her waiting for Cari to compose herself.

After sometime had past, Maeve spoke. “You and I have much to discuss.

Cari regained her composure stood up to face Maeve. “Who are you? How do we have anything in common?” Cari knew who she was, but not what she wanted. She didn’t know what Maeve’s intentions were however, she wanted to protect Justin? Cari had to be strong. She would not allow her to hurt Justin, no matter what.

“Why ask a question, when you already know the answer. You know well who I am and what I want.”

“Then what do you want this me?” Cari got her bearing and stood up. She needed to be strong for Justin. She relaxed herself. “Yes I know who you are. And you may strong and you might have magic but I will not let you hurt Justin!”

Cari swallowed hard as her heard her heart was pounded. “I have only heard of you. I know nothing of you.”

“Well then allow me to clear things up for you poppet.” She waves her hand over the house so that Cari can see.

The house seems to heal itself but this was only a vision. Cari tried to remain calm. She had seen Mr. Marks use magic, but it was still new to her.

She marveled at the house and how it changed before her eyes.

“This was my home a long time ago. My home with Hunter. You are an acquaintance of his are you not?” Maeve asked.

Cari nodded her head.

“Then you have seen magic before? Do you ever speak or are you as spineless as your husband.” Maeve looked at her wondering what she would do.

Cari looked up at her. She has just been taking it all in until now. “I’ve been listen to you trying to figure out what you want from me or rather us.”

“I want you to tell me that Justin is happy. That you love him and care for him. That if something shall happen to him, I need to know you will do everything you can to protect him.” “Oh course I would.” Cari felt better knowing Maeve was only interested in Justin’s well-being though Cari doesn’t agree with how she went about it.

She was determined to make sure that Carillon would protect Justin. “Now I must test you. I need to know what you would to. What you will do.”

“Um test. What kind of tests?” She felt more comfortable and therefore will stand up to Maeve “How can you say you care? Where were you all those years? You were not there in the beginning. When he was left. He was cold and alone. He was a blessing to us. We could never have kids of your own and here he was our little blessing. Now you want to check on him. Why? Why now? Where were you all that time and you question me and my family!” Cari was surprised by herself.

Maeve smiled “Good, I was hoping you had spunk in you.” Now you may leave. Maeve waves her hand and Cari was back in front of the library as if she never left.


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