Chapter 24 Luke comes to get Justin for Maeve


Luke comes to get Justin for Maeve

Justin was at the library. After learning all about Maeve he wanted to do more research on vampires. Now he knew his grandfather wasn’t responsible for these disappearances he wasn’t as afraid as he once was. He sat in the back of the library reading and taking notes.

He wondered if she ever saw his dad. He wondered many things as he read.

He knew Mr. Marks loved her but he wasn’t sure himself. Although she was family, he wondered if she loves him. Mr. Marks had said she protected him, so that must mean she loves him but could a vampire love? Maybe he was giving her more credit than she deserved.

He came to some current newspaper articles. “So many people missing. Did she take all of them?” He never realized how many were missing but he became to think about the people in the paper and realizing that he hadn’t seen them in days.

Why was she doing this? Just to get my attention? He sighed “Well you got it.”

There has to be more. Was he making an army and for what? To take over the town? To kill us all? Or was it to get my attention or Mr. Marks?

Maeve could sense that Justin was inside. She knew she needed to talk to him. Maeve didn’t think Justin would come. A man was standing in the shadows watching and waiting.

“You can come out now poppet.”

Luke emerged from the shadows. “Yes my mistress.”

“You will retrieve Justin for me.” Meave hands him his cell phone. “Call him and ask him to meet you. Compel him to come to you but do not hurt him. He is important.”

Luke nodded and took the phone to call Justin.

Justin heard the phone ringing. He saw the name come up. “Luke!” He grabbed the phone and answered as he fumbled the phone with his hands.

“Dad. Luke, I mean are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” He replied. Before this Luke would have been touched by hearing Justin calling him dad, but now he didn’t care. Luke listened but his face and his tone showed no emotion. Justin was worried for Luke. “I’m heading to the library. Are you there?” He knew he was at the library but he needed Justin to come outside. Luke wouldn’t be able to come into the library unless he was invited in.

Justin looked at the phone thinking about how strange Luke sounded. He wondered if Maeve got to him. “Um okay dad.” He said dad once more to hear how Luke would respond.

However, Luke again showed no emotion. “Okay, I will see you there, bye.”

A chill went through Justin as he listened to Luke. “Okay,” was all he could say to him. He sent Carillon a quick text alerting her to the events.

The text message read, “Luke called me. He doesn’t sound good. He said I am to meet him outside the library.”

Carillion was in the kitchen cleaning once again when she heard her phone vibrating. She grabbed it hoping it was someone with information on Luke. “Justin” She said as she grabbed her coat and ran out.

Justin walked out of the library to see Luke standing there waiting for him.

“Luke,” he said “Are you ok? He said as he ran over to hug him. As soon as Justin hugged him he pulled away. He felt the differences as soon as he touched him. He could feel the lack of emotion. The connection they once had was gone. He was pale and cold to the touch.

Maeve told Luke not to harm Justin, so he didn’t grab him like he did the others. He requested that he come with him. “Justin, follow me.”

Justin was concerned for his father. All this time he had been pushing him away, refusing to call him dad. Never realizing how much he loved him and now he’s gone. Justin knew this wasn’t Luke’s doing. He knew he was just following orders.

As Luke looked at Justin, Justin felt a sense of urgency to follow him as he gazed upon his eyes.

Luke’s eyes showed no love or compassion. They seemed to look almost black. Still Justin did whatever he said. He followed Luke as if he was in a trance.


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