Chapter 22 Carillon Makes dinner waiting for Luke

Carillon Makes dinner waiting for Luke to come home but he doesn’t come home.



Carillon came home from school and started dinner. She looked at her phone and saw a text from Justin saying he would be at the library working on his project. Carillon texted back and told him “Good luck, let me know if you need any help.”

“Okay be home at 6.” He texted back

Carillon was sitting on the couch. She had been there all night waiting for Luke to come home. Cari held her coffee cup in her hand gazing up at the clock on the wall. It wasn’t like him to not call. She put the cup down on the coffee table and checked her phone. “still nothing. “She yawned “Justin will be up soon.” She started talking to herself and then realized how silly that was. “Look at the crazy lady talking to herself.” She said.

Cari got up and took a shower trying to wake herself up, but it didn’t help. She needed to act like everything was okay for Justin’s sake.

So she dressed for work and made breakfast. The smell of bacon, coffee and pancakes wafted up to Justin as he woke up.

When Carillon was nervous and stressed, she often cleaned and cooked. Therefore the kitchen was spotless. Justin came down the stairs and was hit with the smell of lemon from Carillion’s cleaning. He was still a little sleepy as he came into the kitchen still in his pajamas. He looked at his mom. “Are you okay?” He looked around the kitchen. “Did you even sleep?”

She looks up, “Why would you think anything was wrong?”

“Mom.” After all these years he never called her that. “I know Luke didn’t come home last night.”

She looked up when he said mom. “Mom.” This was said so soft and quiet that Justin couldn’t hear her. She smiles hearing him say “mom”. “Well it’s the life of a police officer’s wife. It’s what I signed on for many years ago. Things happen at all hours of the night. It’s just something we have to live with.”

“Still, he’s worked overnights and late nights before and you have not acted like this. You haven’t slept. Mom, the kitchen is spotless.”

She didn’t know how to tell him or if she should.

“Please, I’m not a child anymore. You can tell me.” He pleaded.

“Here,” She handed him a plate of pancakes and set the syrup next to him. “Okay Justin. I don’t know where to begin and I don’t quite understand myself. But I can tell you what I know.” She looked at him, “Are you sure you want to know?”

“Yes, please. I want to help.”

Carillion was surprised he said help. “Help? Help with what? What do you mean?”

“Come on, I know this is more than Luke not coming home. He didn’t even call did he?”

She sat across the table from him as she sipped her coffee and thought about how to tell him.

“Okay first, I don’t know where Luke is. I assume he had an emergency at work, but I am worried. I tried to hid it but I’m not good at hiding how I feel.”

Justin laughed, “Yeah you stink.”

“Thanks.” She sipped her coffee and looked up at him. “Okay so I’ve been searching for your family. Justin, I need to make sure you want to know this. You know whatever we find out, Luke and I love you. We will always love you. We will always be a family.”

He smiled, “You and Luke raised me. Mom, I not going to leave. I love you. You don’t have to worry about that.”

Carillion wiped her eyes. “Thank you.” She reached over and held his hand. “Promise me you won’t share with information. I’m still searching and there are still a lot of blanks. Oh where to start. Okay, first your parents loved you very much. Honey, they didn’t give you away. I’m so sorry.” She hated having to tell him this, but she was the only one who could. “There was a car accident. From what I’ve been told, your parents were killed. Your father died at the hospital and from what I’ve been told, your mother died protecting you.”

Justin wept as he listened to his mom speak.

Cari got up and sat next to him. She held him tight as he cried. “I’m so sorry. I know you wanted to know them.”

Justin looked up and smiled, “I know. I did, but they loved me.”

She smiled, “Yes they did. Very much. And I am sure they are watching over you now.” She knew there was more to tell him but she needed to wait until he was calmer to tell him.

After some time, Justin gathered himself. Cari looked at him, “There is more to tell. Are you ready?”

He wiped his tears and nodded for her to continue.

“The car accident, it wasn’t an accident. This is where I am confused. It seems like your grandfather, your mother’s father caused the accident. That he killed your parents. The rest of your family was afraid that he might come after you.”

“The rest of my family?” He lite up. “I have more family?” He was very excited about this.

“Yes, your grandparents. Well your dad’s parents. They have been watching over you. It was hard for them. They wanted to take you home with them but they were afraid your other grandfather would find you. They were at the hospital that night. Your grandmother sat with you all night.”

“Celeste!” Justin smiled. He always felt some connected to her. There was a look of relief on his face.

“I guess now you know why Mr. Marks was watching you all the time. He is your grandfather, and he loves you.”

He wiped his eyes. “But I’m not allowed to tell anyone.”

“Mr. Marks, well your grandfather. He doesn’t know if your other grandfather is still around.”

“But I can talk to him?” He was excited.

“I would think so but I haven’t been able to tell Luke yet. I was hoping to tell him when he came home last night.”

“When was the last time you saw him?” He said as he ate again. He thought for a moment and with a full mouth of pancakes he said, “I haven’t seen Celeste in days. She hasn’t been to work in days. When was the last time you saw Luke?” He was curious.

Cari was also wondering if the two of them being missing could be related.

“What if it’s him? What if he found me? We have to go to the station and look for Luke.”

Carillion and Justin did not know about Maeve yet, so they didn’t know she was the one who took Celeste and Luke.

“You’re right we better go. I guess neither of us will go school today.” Carillion said as she grabbed her coat.

Going to the police station

Early that morning, Justin and Carillon headed to the police station to check on Luke. The more she thought about it the more worried she became.

As they entered the station she looked around. She headed right to his office when one of the officer’s came up to her.

“Morning Cari,” Officer Johnson greeted her.

“Morning Michael.” she replied.

She was about to ask him about Luke, when he said, “I hope Luke is feeling better. Tell him we all miss him down here.”

Justin heard all of this, “Sick? He’s not sick!”

“Well he hasn’t been here in days. We just assumed since we hadn’t heard from him.”

Cari turned pale as she heard this “Days!” She knew something was wrong now.

She looked at Justin. “We need to find your Grand… Mr. Marks.” She corrected herself as to not call him Justin’s grandfather.

They ran out to his office hoping to find him but he was not there. She called and left messages for him but he didn’t get back to them. Cair remembered talking to him at his office and thought of some of the things he has said. “Mr. Mark said his mother was in town. He seems to think she has something to do with all of is.”

She put her hands in her pocket as they left the courthouse. She pulled out a paper from her pocket. “What is this?” She opened it. “It’s a note from. Mr. Marks. “Cari there are many things going on here.” The note seemed to be writing itself as Cari held it. As she read more the beginning of it disappeared. “Things that I could not talk about. I hope this note finds you when it is needed to. My mother is possibly the one taking people. She is a vampire. These words could not be spoken in my office. Take care of Justin and keep him out of danger.” As Cari finished the letter the remaining words disappeared.

Justin looked at Cari. “Do you think that’s where Luke and Celeste are? Do you think she took them?” He didn’t want to think of it

“I don’t know but what I do know is that we need more information.”

“I’m going to read at the library. Maybe I can find something.”

She knew she he wanted to help but she didn’t want to let him out of her sight. “I’m coming with you.”

“No, I’ll you if I need anything. I promise.”


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