Chapter 21 Maeve Turns a Homeless Man




As the sun sets on a cold winter evening, Maeve wakes. She doubted whether Alexander would help her or not. She wandered through the town wondering about her son and grandson. Was Alexander going to support her? Would I be on my own again? Either way she needed to create her army. Maeve didn’t want people to know what she was up to. At least not yet. As she wandered the town, she came to the park where she saw people sitting in the park. She kept to the shadows as she watched them.

A man sat on a bench. He wore a large brown coat that smelled of urine and feces. He had a long grey beard that was knotted and dirty. It carried the same smells of his coat.

Maeve watched him. The smell didn’t bother her. She came closer to him and saw how thin he was. Being undead Maeve didn’t realize how cold it was. The snow crunches under her feet as she walked. In her previous life Maeve has loved snow. She loved watching it fall, she loved watching from the warmth of her house, she loved the sound it made as it crunched under her feel. Now it gives her no pleasure. She looked around and saw the snow on the ground and realized it must be cold. Maeve knelt down and touched it. She looked at it in her hands and remembered how much she loved it as a child. Then she she saw a man shivering in the cold. . She looked at his coat again it looked rather thin. The man himself looked emancipated. Maeve looked around and saw that there were so many others like him.

She looked at the man for a moment before she said anything. “They forgot him like they forgot me.” Maeve walked over to the man and sat next to him.

No one sits next to me “You might not want to sit so close miss. I’m not good company.”

Maeve smiles “Neither am I.”

He didn’t know what to say to that. Why was she interested in him?

Maeve smiled and placed her hand on his. He pulled away at first not being used to human contact.

“There is no need to fear. I want to help you.” She looks around. “There are so many of you. The town they won’t help you?”

He still wasn’t sure about her. There was something off about her. More than just wanting to sit with him. The cold didn’t bother her and she touched his hand. No one has held his hand in so long.

“My name is Maeve. I don’t want to frighten you.”

“I’m not scared.” He said as his voice trembled. “There is something wrong with you miss. Maybe you should see a doctor or something.”

“No dear, there is nothing wrong with me. I came here to help you.” Maeve waved her and a cup of warm coffee appeared in her hand. “You’re cold drink.”

He looked terrified as she created the coffee. The old man jumped up and fell back. He landed in the snow and scurried to get away from her. He turned grasping at the snow to help pull him up so he could run from her.

Maeve sighed and stood up. She fixed her cloak and then walked towards him. No matter how fast the man ran, Maeve was always right behind him. “Please don’t run. You can’t out run me.” She was getting bored.

She waved her hand, and the man was transported to her barn. “I told you not to run.” Maeve waved her hand again and made it look like a posh hotel. The warmth filled the man with joy.

“I told you I would help you.” Maeve said.

The man still didn’t understand. He was in shock “Why are you helping me? Where did this place come from?”

Maeve smiles “So many questions and all you need to say is thank you.” She walked over to him and looked at his feet. “What did they do to you?” She realized why he was scurrying on the ground instead of running.

He looked down at his feet. He sighed “I was injured in battle. A grenade fell near us and I tried to jump but my foot was stuck.” He looked down thinking of his troop. A strange sensation came over him. He hadn’t noticed what Maeve was doing. She waved her hand over his feet and they were healed.

“Now isn’t that better?” Maeve smiled. Her hand caressed his cheek. “Now tell me what your name is?” Maeve walks around him touching his back as she talks. She knew she had him then.

“Maxwell Lincoln.” He felt as if he could tell her every secret he ever had. He felt at peace for the first time in a long time.

“Maxwell, what a respectful name.” She smirks “Now what is a man with such a respectful name doing sleeping in the cold in the park.”

Max looked uncomfortable. Maeve could tell and she put her hands on either side of his face. She looked into his eyes and saw his pain. “You can tell me. Whatever it is.”

“I am a soldier miss or I was. I fought brilliantly for many years but now there is nothing.”

Maeve took his hand. He pulled away from her again but this time not because he didn’t want her to touch I’m but because she was so cold. It surprised him. “You’re so cold.”

“Yes, I know but with me you will never be cold again.”

He looked up into her eyes. They were beautiful green eyes. He was fixed on her eyes as if in a trance. He nodded as tears came to his eyes.

“They forgot me and turned on me as they turned on you.”

Max agreed, “I came back home and couldn’t focus on anything. When you’re on the street, no one honors you. People spit on you. They complain about the freedoms they have but they don’t understand what people did so they can have those freedoms. People sacrificed their lives so others can enjoy these freedoms. I was a general. In charge of many men. Their lives were my responsibility. So much fighting.” He smiles “I was a great soldier. I did everything I could to protect my men. We needed to protect the people living in this town. Get them out of harm’s way. While bombs were going off all around us., They were shooting at us, buildings were falling there was debris everywhere.”

“It was a successful mission. I received many awards and medals over the course of my years of service. When I came home, I was afraid of everything. I didn’t want to be around people. I thought they were all trying to kill me. Each time I heard a loud sound, I wanted to hide. My dreams were filled with explosions and people shooting at me. Each night I would wake up screaming. I would order people around as if I was still over there. My family didn’t know what to do with me. They left, and I had nothing.

Maeve looked at him with a wicked smile. “You will make a great general.” She could tell that he wanted to be back at war.

His eyes lite up. “I need it miss. They took everything away from me. My purpose. It’s all gone.”

Maeve took his hand. “Well then allow me to give you back your purpose.”

She smiled and held him close. Then with swift motion she sunk her teeth into his neck. She left him lifeless on the ground.

Maeve looked over his corpse and walks around him as she wipes her lips. “Now rise my general.” Maxwell opened his eyes and rose to come face to face with Maeve. “Now we will create an army.” She said “And we will take back what was taken from us. We will make them pay for what they did to us.”

Maxwell smiled “I will follow you to the ends of the Earth. My queen.”

Maeve smiles, “You were an amazing general and you will be once again. We will raise an army. Now a proper General needs a proper attire, don’t you think?” She smirked.

Maxwell nods in agreement as Maeve moves her hand over his body and his long white beard, his long grey smelly coat, his long unkempt hair was gone. Standing before Maeve was a man wearing a tailored black suit with a red tie. His hair combed, his face was clean shaven. “Now you are ready my general.”


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