Chapter 29 Celeste comes home


Celeste walked home as thoughts races through her mind. “How would Alex feel about all of this? Will he be angry and more important she saw her son? She had some of Maeve’s memories so she didn’t see him but she knew. Celeste knew he was coming back. He was coming home.

She opened the door and called out to Alex. Justin had been following Celeste. He was afraid to leave her alone. If she was weak or hurt from it all he wanted to be there to help. He stood behind her as she entered the house.

No one was home. “I can stay.” He didn’t want to leave his grandmother.

Celeste would have protested this, but she didn’t want to be left alone. “Thank you.”

Alexander came in right behind them. He had so much on his mind. How to save his mom and how to keep Celeste safe. He assume it was another illusion.

He sighed. “I promise, I will figure this out and save you.”

Celeste looks confused as she came into the house, “Aren’t you happy to see me?”

He reached for her face. “If only you were here.”

“But I am.” She took his hand as he reached for her cheek and places it on her face.

As he touched her face he gasped. “Cel!”

She smiles”Yes, I’m real.”

Alexander never cried. However if someone was standing in front of him as Celeste was they could see tears coming to his eyes. He didn’t notice Justin was standing there. He pulled Celeste close and kissed her. As he kissed her he whispered, “I’m so sorry.”

She put her hands on either side of his face, “You have nothing to be sorry for.”

“Oh but I do. After Matthew, I shut down. I shut down on everyone and I know I hurt you most of all.”

“We were both hurting. There is enough blame to go around. He’s coming back!” She said with excitement. “And now we have more things to take care of.” She hugged him. “I love you. Don’t worry or fret.”21462796_10155380692452489_8757555753448346683_n


Chapter 26 Alexander goes to Hunter to talk about Maeve.


The bedroom seemed dark as Alexander slept. He had not slept well since Celeste had gone. He tossed and turned each night, and tonight was no different.

As he opened his eyes he saw her. She looked like and angel sleeping next to him. He touched her skin and kissed her on the check. Alex seemed to have closed himself off after Matthew died. He knew now how awful he had been. He lost his son but so had Celeste. She had to watch Justin grow up without her as he had. Celeste not only lost her son, but she lost her husband. As he touched her face her body went from warm to cold. She felt just like how she had felt at Maeve’s house. Then she vanished.

He had tried to keep things as normal as possible but it was futile. Alex woke from his dream and looked over to where Celeste should be and sighed. He laid back down and looked up at the wall. He missed her warm touch and her smiles. The entire house was cold without her.

The coffee pot still sat in the sink from they day she left. Alex sat at the table looking off imagining she was there. Her warm smile greeting him. The kitchen was bright and alive with activity. She handed him a cup of coffee and his morning paper as she headed back to the kitchen to cook. The smell of her breakfast put a smile to his face. She places plates on the table of pancakes and bacon. She sat next to him and took his hand.

Alone, Alexander sat there with tears in his eyes as the house changed from the warm bright alive feeling to the grey dark depressing morning to which alexander awoke to, “I promise I will fix this.”

Alex got up from the table and walked over to the coat rack. He grabbed his coat and headed out. Several people passed him as he walked. He could feel their stares. They were all wondering where Celeste was and why she wasn’t at work. He knew what they were thinking. They thought she left him. Over the years he became cold and distant. He knew he should treat her better and now it was too late.

He looked down as he walked not making eye contact with any of them. As he walked, he found himself in front of his father’s house.

He stood there looking at the door knowing needed his help. He knocked on the door and breathed in the cool morning air as he stood there waiting.

Hunter opened the door and saw Alexander standing there and sighed, “Well what is it?”

Alexander looked up feeling like coming to him was a mistake. How and why would he ever help her? It pained him to come to him like this and humbled him in a way. “I need your help.”

He laughed, “Do you? I told you. I told you you would need my help.” He turned and walked back into his house as he continued to talk to Alex. “So what did she do this time? I told you she wasn’t the same. But did you listen? No you didn’t. Now what kind of mess are you in.”

Alexander walked in behind him and sat on the couch. He rubbed his face as he spoke. “There has to be a way to save her.”

Hunter turned to him. He looked angry. His nose flared up as the veins on his forehead could now visible. “Save her!” He yelled. “Save her!”

His face was now turning a strange scarlet color. Alexander had not seen his father this irritated in a long time.

Hunter was now pacing in the living room. Hunter imagined steam coming from his ears. “Look I know you miss her.” He said after some time. “Hell, you didn’t even get to have any time with her. But you don’t understand. You don’t know what she was like before. Maeve was amazing, and she is gone.”

Alexander grew angry, “She is my mother! I have to save her.”

“What are you not listening to! Meave is dead! She died!” He trailed off for a moment then he replied, “and then I died too.”

He has never heard his father speak like this before. He never had a good word to say about Maeve and now. Alex was confused.

Hunter sat in a wooden chair across from Alexander. He put his hands on his eyes and cried. He had pushed all this emotions aside for years and now there they were. It kind of surprised him that after all this time, how much he loved her. All of his fears came back. He feared what she turned into. He feared for her soul. Was she damned like the monster that is here now? Most of all his heart was breaking once again as he allowed the love had for her to show. The only one who ever understood him and made him smile was killed and replaced by a monster.

“I loved her. She was all I had. He took her from and killed her. There was no love in her eyes. Her brilliant green eyes are gone. Those black eyes have no soul. Where is my Meave?” He wiped his eyes as the teardrops had created a puddle on the floor.

He stood up and walked to the bathroom without saying a word to his son. As he entered the bathroom he looked in the mirror to see the old man he had become. He punched the mirror making his hand bleed. “It should have been us. We should have aged together.” He punched the mirror another time and then pulled it back and wrapped it with a towel.

He washed his face to trying calm himself. Hunter had showed no one those feelings before.

Alex sat and looked at the floor. Hunter came out trying to gain his composure. “She might look like her but she is not my wife.”

Alex looked up, “But what if she was in there somewhere. What if we could save her soul?”

Hunter’s face was now blotchy from crying. His eyes were red as he fought back more tears.

“I don’t think there is a way. If there was, I would have found it by now.”

The house rumbled and a mist like cloud a appeared before them. Alex never thought his father cared for him. However, the feelings he had hidden for so long coming to the forefront made him jump in front of his son.

Alexander was surprised by this show of emotions by his father.

The midst became more like a shadow and a man formed A man formed from the midst. Neither Alexander nor Hunter had ever seen this man before.

“Pardon me, sorry for the intrusion. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jonathan. I believe we can help each other. Come to some agreement.”

Hunter was angry that this man just appeared in his house. He only ever saw Maeve move in the shadows before. He assumed that the was the vampire that turned her “You, you did this to her. How dare you come here like this? Get out!”

The shadow king was angry. He waved his hand over Alexander and Hunter and transported them to the Shadow Realm.

They looked around for it was on odd place. It was Hunter’s house or so it seemed. Everything was dark. “Where the hell are we?”

“You are in my realm, the shadow realm.” Jonathan laughed.

The house appeared the same, but different. Every thing had a shadow about it. It looked as the world did when you first woke up and couldn’t see. Everything was blurry and grey. At first I couldn’t see anything but then my eyes adjusted. Even though he could see everything was still grey.

“You are in my realm now. So listen and do not speak.” Jonathan commanded.

Just as the men were about to protest, Jonathan moved his hand to his own mouth motioning them to be silent. “I told you not to speak.” He said in a rather calm tone. He knew he was in charge here. This was after all his realm. They had no control over him or anything else here.

Alexander and Hunter both put their hands to their throat in shock. Hunter’s fingers ran over his mouth as he wondered about this mysterious stranger. They both grew irritated.

Alexander had meet no one besides his mother whom could challenge him. Who was this man?

“Oh Alexander, not used to others having the power are we? Well you are in my realm now so get used to it.” He smirked and then moved his hand over both of them men, allowing them to speak.

“Fine, so why are we here?” He asked annoyed but this man. He moved his hands to his mouth realizing that he could now speak.

“To talk, make a deal.” He smiled thinking this would intrigue them. “I believe we have things in common don’t you?”

“How the hell do we have anything in common?” Hunter was growing angry now as they spoke. “What you have magic? Many do, why would it make you special?”

“We are special. Magic is everywhere but people are too stupid to see it. Alas that is not what we have in common.” He smirks, “It’s your mother.”

Alex looked up and became defensive, “What about her?”

Jonathan smiled “You want to save her, don’t you?”

Hunter was not comfortable with this conversation. “There is no saving her.”

Jonathan laughed, “How could you claim to have loved her if you couldn’t and wouldn’t fight for her? How can you claim to love something you won’t die for?”

Alexander saw the conversation was becoming rather heated. He looked at his father and gestured for him to calm down. Hunter was not a calm person unlike Alexander who could remain calm in any situation.

“How the hell do you know how I feel? What do you know of it?” Hunter shouted at him.

“Any man who refused to fights for what he claims to love is no man at all.”

Alexander had heard no one talk to his father that way, well expect for him. No one had ever dared speak to him like that.

Hunter walked up to Jonathan so he was nose to nose with him. He could see the white of his eyes and not only that but the veins within the white. “You seem awfully defensive over another man’s dead wife.”

Jonathan smirked “Dead hmm. Well I guess if she is dead then it won’t matter what I do to her.”

Alexander was fuming now. “He may not care but I sure as hell do. Don’t you dare touch my mother!”

Jonathan nodded to Alexander, “Fear not. I will not hurt her but rather help her. You say you want to save her?”

“I do but why do you? What do you get out of it? Any of this?” He demanded an answer.

“You might find this hard to believe but I love her.”

Both Hunter and Alexander were shocked, “You love her!” Hunter yelled, “How they hell can you say! You love her!”

“Because I do. Unlike you, I fight for what I want.”

Hunter yelled back as spit came from his mouth, “She’s dead!”

Jonathan smiled and was calm as he spoke. “No, she’s not. Imagine, just imagine that you are wrong. Imagine that she is there, listening and feeling. And she knows you wouldn’t fight for her. She knows you didn’t love her. Maybe never did. Imagine that you were wrong. Just imagine.”

Hunter was speechless. A fear grew in him. What if he was wrong? Could he have been hurting her all these years? He turned pale.

“Now about this agreement.” Jonathan walked past Hunter who just stood there almost a shell of a man whose world has just crumbled before him. “You seem to be the only one who cares.” He looks at Alexander.

“And how can you help?” He replied.

“You see magic can do many things. Over the years I have learned many things. One of these magical abilities I have gained is now to break curses.” He smiles “or how to free a soul.”

Alexander was intrigued, “And why would you want to free her? Aren’t you the one controlling her? The one who changed her?”

“Me?” He laughed, “No I am not vampire.”

Hunter looks up, “Well then who the hell are you?” He had thought he was the one who turned her. “Come on out with it. What did you do to her?” He yelled

Jonathan looked at Hunter with a smile on his face, “I am the man who loves her.”

Hunter was reeling. This cannot be. Did she cheat on him? No she wouldn’t have that’s absurd? He was now pacing back and forth as his hands were going through his hair.

Alexander didn’t care that hunter was upset. He was more interested in his mother’s well-being. Maybe if she was freed, then his parents could have a second chance.

“Tell me what we need to do!” Alexander didn’t care what the two men were fighting over, He wanted to save his mother.

Jonathan pulled a wooden stake from his cloak.

Hunter was appalled. “A stake! How the hell is that going to do anything?”

Alexander was also as appalled “You want me to kill her!”

Jonathan reassured them, “No! No you misunderstood me. Yes this is a stake however,” He pulls a vial from his pocket. The vial contained a clear blue liquid. “This is your answer. This substance I created to save her. You must pour it on the stake before you plunge it into her heart. This elixir will allow her soul to be free. It will break her away from his control. Allow her to rest in peace if you will.”

“But then why haven’t you used it already. If you love her so much why haven’t you tried to save her.” Alexander figured he caught Jonathan in a lie.

“Yes, if you claim to love her so much, why come to us.”

Jonathan looked at Hunter. “I did not come to you but your son. He is the only one who can do this. Meave would never agree to Justin doing this. She’s been protecting him for years.”

“Protecting! How is that? Where was she when Matthew and Maurelle died?”

“Please, you know well that Maurelle is not dead. Maeve is the reason Justin was spared. She could only save one. Her master didn’t want her to save any of them but she pleaded with him. Since Jonathan does not care for Maurelle’s father anyway he agreed. She wrapped Justin in some kind of magical womb. And that is why he was spared. The other two, we could not find. Now for the matter at hand. This elixir must be poured on the stake by a blood relative. Matthew is out of the question as is Justin. Which leaves you Alex. You must stake her through the heart.

It was a lot for the two men to process. The memory of the accident coming back to him as if it happened but yet still felt like a dream. A bad dream he couldn’t wake up from. He hoped it was just a dream. What did he mean by the other two? Who was he talking about? He would wake with a cold sweat maybe even scream and Celeste would be there to comfort him, but alas not now. This was not a dream.

After pacing for sometime Alexander looked at Jonathan. “How do you know this will work? And better yet, what is in it for you? Why do you want her to be free? If she is killed, how can that help you. If you love her so much why would you want her dead.”

“Yeah! You speak of love. Did you think I could stake her? As much as I hate this monster, it still looks like her!” Hunter was horrified.

“You fool! Hunter you mean nothing. No one needs you for anything.” Jonathan replied.

Hunter turned and walked away. He didn’t know how much power Alex he had in this realm but he figured this Jonathan had more so he wouldn’t push it. Hunter always had a bad temper. He controlled it over the years. That didn’t mean he was weak but rather wise. So he knew to walk away from this fight. But this fight wasn’t over. Hutner always had a plan.

“Then why are you killing her?” Alex demanded an answer.

“I am not killing her. I am setting her free. Her soul will be free. Isn’t that worth something?”

Alexander and Hunter were not convinced. “It seems like you are keeping something from us. What will happen to her?” They asked.

“Well magic can be tricky. I have not done this before so I am not sure if it will work. It might free her and allow her soul to move on. It might break her connection to her master. It might kill her but if it kills her it will also set her free. It might set her free and allow her to stay with us. I don’t know.”

Alexander wasn’t yet ready to gamble with his mother’s soul.

“There is no other way, unless you have another idea to which I would love to hear.” Jonathan knew the plan would work but not the way Hutner of Alexander expect.

He would have her. She would be free from Marius. Free to love him and free to be his goddess.

“You must give me some time to think about this.” Alexander requested. He could sense that Jonathan wasn’t being honest with him Something wasn’t right. “I believe you are hiding something. You’re not being honest with us. I don’t care about much else, but wanting her soul to be saved.”

Jonathan thought on this for quite some time. He wondered if he could save her and still keep her as his wife. Would she still love him? Love is a funny thing, he thought. If she loved him she had to have light in her heart. Jonathan knew this, and he needed to accept it. Having no light would not work. She wouldn’t love him or be loyal to him. He shook his head, “She still has light in her heart. If she didn’t have light, she wouldn’t have protected Justin. She wouldn’t have protected Celeste for you and she wouldn’t have helped Matthew.” He stopped realizing what he said.

He wanted Alexander to think he let that last part slip, but he didn’t. He wanted Alex to be on his side and what better way to ensure that to happen then to give him hope about his son. He wanted him to believe him.

“What about Matthew!” Alex had enough, “You leave my family alone. You know nothing!” His face was red now as he looked at Jonathan.

Jonathan looked away trying to show compassion which was not his strong suit. He wanted Alexander to believe he was in charge even though he was not. “I’m sorry, I know this is a difficult subject for you. Maeve has worked with Matthew as I believe she has told you.”

Alexander nodded, “She has.”

“Love is a powerful thing., Some will say its weakness but I disagree. I love your mother. She gives me the only light in my life. Without light in my life I could not live in the shadow realm. It might be dark but in order for anyone to survive here they need light.” He lied. The shadow king doesn’t need light. He enjoyed the light that Maeve gave him but he didn’t need it. He had great plans for her.

Alexander reached out and takes the stake and the vial from Jonathan. He looks at them as he holds him in his hands. “If this is the only way, then I will do it.”

“I think this is a mistake. Mark my words Shadow King if Maeve is in there somewhere it is me she loves not you.” Hunter looked at him with a great passion in his eyes.

“You silly fool, Do you think after all this time she would give you a second glance? Listen old man, you lost her the moment she turned. You wouldn’t even look at her. You told her you would always be there for her but as soon as things weren’t perfect any longer, you left.”
“Enough! I don’t care who she loves! I have had enough!” He looks at the stake and the vial in his hands. “Take me back to my world, so I can think.”

Jonathan smiled, he knew he had convinced Alexander. “Well Alexander.” He looked at Hunter and smirked, “May the best man win.” With that he waved his hand, and the two were brought back to their realm.

Chapter 25 Maeve goes to Carillon.



Cari ran to the library, but she was too late. Luke had already gone. She runs into the library and saw Libby at the circulation desk. Cari was almost out of breath as she came up to the desk.

“Have you seen Justin?” Her face was red because she ran all the way to the library.

“Cari, are you all ok?”

She didn’t have time to catch her breath of exchange the normal pleasantries as most had become accustom to hearing from her. “Justin, is he here?”

Libby, was taken back by her brazen attitude. She was not used to it. It was not like Cari to speak in such a way. “Cari, I’m sorry. He left with Luke a while ago.”

Cari turned pale and ran out of the library hoping to see which way they went.

Libby called out after her and followed. “Cari?”

Cari didn’t hear Libby calling her as she ran out of the library, Cari thought she saw Luke so she ran down the street in that direction.

She yelled out to him but the man did not turn around. He headed down an alley.

Cari followed and ran to that alley but as she turned down the same alley Luke was gone. Her heart was racing as she felt cold. The air become freezing. Cari could see her breath. She turned around as she heard or thought she heard or rather felt someone behind her.

Maeve was standing right in front of Cari. “Good evening poppet.”

Cari was startled to see the woman and was confused by her greeting. “Um hello.”

Maeve was quite a sight. She stood before Cari dressed in black. Her face was pale almost white, but it looked even paler in contrast to her bright red hair.

Maeve grabbed Cari’s hand as her dark black eyes were staring into Cari’s fair blue eyes. “Come with me poppet. We have much to discuss.”

Cari was speechless as she tried to pull her arm away. “Who are you?” She would protested more and ask more questions but Maeve’s eyes. Cari couldn’t look away. She forgot everything. All her worried, all her fears were gone.

Maeve didn’t answer her. She held onto Cari as her eyes turned white. “We are going on a little trip.” And with that both Maeve and Cari turned into the same milky midst that took Maeve to town.

The midst drifted out of the alley and down the road. People were walking home from work and other places as the midst past around them. The people watched with confusion as the midst moved into the woods.

The white midst ran through the woods and stopped at an old run down cabin. The midst slides under the doorway and into the living room. A broken dining room table was still laying on the floor.

It formed two figures appeared in from of the broken table. Cari was now terrified. As Maeve let her hand go, she fell to the floor gasping for air.

“What are you?” Cari was shaking. She tried to calm herself and stop herself from shaking to no avail.

Maeve stood before her waiting for Cari to compose herself.

After sometime had past, Maeve spoke. “You and I have much to discuss.

Cari regained her composure stood up to face Maeve. “Who are you? How do we have anything in common?” Cari knew who she was, but not what she wanted. She didn’t know what Maeve’s intentions were however, she wanted to protect Justin? Cari had to be strong. She would not allow her to hurt Justin, no matter what.

“Why ask a question, when you already know the answer. You know well who I am and what I want.”

“Then what do you want this me?” Cari got her bearing and stood up. She needed to be strong for Justin. She relaxed herself. “Yes I know who you are. And you may strong and you might have magic but I will not let you hurt Justin!”

Cari swallowed hard as her heard her heart was pounded. “I have only heard of you. I know nothing of you.”

“Well then allow me to clear things up for you poppet.” She waves her hand over the house so that Cari can see.

The house seems to heal itself but this was only a vision. Cari tried to remain calm. She had seen Mr. Marks use magic, but it was still new to her.

She marveled at the house and how it changed before her eyes.

“This was my home a long time ago. My home with Hunter. You are an acquaintance of his are you not?” Maeve asked.

Cari nodded her head.

“Then you have seen magic before? Do you ever speak or are you as spineless as your husband.” Maeve looked at her wondering what she would do.

Cari looked up at her. She has just been taking it all in until now. “I’ve been listen to you trying to figure out what you want from me or rather us.”

“I want you to tell me that Justin is happy. That you love him and care for him. That if something shall happen to him, I need to know you will do everything you can to protect him.” “Oh course I would.” Cari felt better knowing Maeve was only interested in Justin’s well-being though Cari doesn’t agree with how she went about it.

She was determined to make sure that Carillon would protect Justin. “Now I must test you. I need to know what you would to. What you will do.”

“Um test. What kind of tests?” She felt more comfortable and therefore will stand up to Maeve “How can you say you care? Where were you all those years? You were not there in the beginning. When he was left. He was cold and alone. He was a blessing to us. We could never have kids of your own and here he was our little blessing. Now you want to check on him. Why? Why now? Where were you all that time and you question me and my family!” Cari was surprised by herself.

Maeve smiled “Good, I was hoping you had spunk in you.” Now you may leave. Maeve waves her hand and Cari was back in front of the library as if she never left.

The Voice


The voice in the back of my head

It tells me that I’m not good enough

It tells me that I’m not smart enough

It’s the sweating of my palms

It’s the tightening of my heart

It’s the fear of failing

It’s the fear of trying

The voice in the back of my head

It tells me that I’m not pretty enough

It tells me that I’m not cool enough

It’s the fear of rejection

It’s the fear of defeat

The voice in the back of my head

I tell it to be quiet

I tell it that I am good enough

and smart  and pretty

I am good enough

A Boy or a Girl

Boy or a Girl


I longed to hold you.

To see your face, to kiss your feet.

To hear your laughter to hear your cries.


I wanted to be the one you came to when life was hard

And I wanted to be the one you came to when life was not.


To hold you and love you

To tell you when you were wrong and when you’re right

To be proud of you and watch you succeed


Taken from me so young

Before I knew who you were


I longed to be your mom

To hold you when you’re sad, and to laugh with you when you’re not

To catch you when you fall and lift up to the sky


Taken from me so young, your little heart beating

And now it beats no more


To hold you just to know

if you are a boy or a girl

Chapter 24 Luke comes to get Justin for Maeve


Luke comes to get Justin for Maeve

Justin was at the library. After learning all about Maeve he wanted to do more research on vampires. Now he knew his grandfather wasn’t responsible for these disappearances he wasn’t as afraid as he once was. He sat in the back of the library reading and taking notes.

He wondered if she ever saw his dad. He wondered many things as he read.

He knew Mr. Marks loved her but he wasn’t sure himself. Although she was family, he wondered if she loves him. Mr. Marks had said she protected him, so that must mean she loves him but could a vampire love? Maybe he was giving her more credit than she deserved.

He came to some current newspaper articles. “So many people missing. Did she take all of them?” He never realized how many were missing but he became to think about the people in the paper and realizing that he hadn’t seen them in days.

Why was she doing this? Just to get my attention? He sighed “Well you got it.”

There has to be more. Was he making an army and for what? To take over the town? To kill us all? Or was it to get my attention or Mr. Marks?

Maeve could sense that Justin was inside. She knew she needed to talk to him. Maeve didn’t think Justin would come. A man was standing in the shadows watching and waiting.

“You can come out now poppet.”

Luke emerged from the shadows. “Yes my mistress.”

“You will retrieve Justin for me.” Meave hands him his cell phone. “Call him and ask him to meet you. Compel him to come to you but do not hurt him. He is important.”

Luke nodded and took the phone to call Justin.

Justin heard the phone ringing. He saw the name come up. “Luke!” He grabbed the phone and answered as he fumbled the phone with his hands.

“Dad. Luke, I mean are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” He replied. Before this Luke would have been touched by hearing Justin calling him dad, but now he didn’t care. Luke listened but his face and his tone showed no emotion. Justin was worried for Luke. “I’m heading to the library. Are you there?” He knew he was at the library but he needed Justin to come outside. Luke wouldn’t be able to come into the library unless he was invited in.

Justin looked at the phone thinking about how strange Luke sounded. He wondered if Maeve got to him. “Um okay dad.” He said dad once more to hear how Luke would respond.

However, Luke again showed no emotion. “Okay, I will see you there, bye.”

A chill went through Justin as he listened to Luke. “Okay,” was all he could say to him. He sent Carillon a quick text alerting her to the events.

The text message read, “Luke called me. He doesn’t sound good. He said I am to meet him outside the library.”

Carillion was in the kitchen cleaning once again when she heard her phone vibrating. She grabbed it hoping it was someone with information on Luke. “Justin” She said as she grabbed her coat and ran out.

Justin walked out of the library to see Luke standing there waiting for him.

“Luke,” he said “Are you ok? He said as he ran over to hug him. As soon as Justin hugged him he pulled away. He felt the differences as soon as he touched him. He could feel the lack of emotion. The connection they once had was gone. He was pale and cold to the touch.

Maeve told Luke not to harm Justin, so he didn’t grab him like he did the others. He requested that he come with him. “Justin, follow me.”

Justin was concerned for his father. All this time he had been pushing him away, refusing to call him dad. Never realizing how much he loved him and now he’s gone. Justin knew this wasn’t Luke’s doing. He knew he was just following orders.

As Luke looked at Justin, Justin felt a sense of urgency to follow him as he gazed upon his eyes.

Luke’s eyes showed no love or compassion. They seemed to look almost black. Still Justin did whatever he said. He followed Luke as if he was in a trance.

The Face I Wear

The Face I Wear


The face I wear is never sad.face

It’s never angry and never mad.

The face I wear never cries.

It’s never bitter but it always lies.

The face I wear covers my pain.

The face I wear covers my fear.

The face I wear hides who am I

It hides my sorrows and hides my pain

The face I wear you like to see.

But the face I wear is always a lie.

The face I wear is what you see.

But that face

is not really me

Chapter 23 A Love Story

Maeve and Hunter meet



Alexander arrived at school. He has just moved into his dorm when he looked around campus. Alex had just transferred to the university after spending 2 years at a community college. Law school would be expensive, so he hoped he would save money by attending a community college.

Maeve had attended the university for the past 2 years. She was walking around campus reading her syllabus for her classes. She had just left the library where she printed all the syllabi for her classes.

Maeve wasn’t paying attention. She was reading all her assignments for class as she walked. Before she knew it Maeve was lying on the ground. Her feet came right out from under her as he head collided with Alexander’s. She laid on the ground feeling dizzy.

Alexander rubbed his head and then saw Maeve on the ground. He ran over to her and bent down to see if she was ok.

Maeve looked up at him but she was at a loss for words. She stared at him for a moment.

Maeve was beautiful. Hunter felt something weird, something strange that he never felt before. His heart was pounding so fast he felt it would pop out of his chest. Alex saw himself as a cartoon character. His eyes looking like hearts and the heart in his chest ready to rip out of his chest. He put his hand out towards her. “Please let me help you.”

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t… Looking.” She couldn’t take her eyes off him.

He couldn’t stop smiling. The campus didn’t seem so big or important any longer. “It’s my mistake. I should have been. Looking where I was going.” He didn’t know what else to say. He kept getting tongue tied. The weird feelings came back as he held her hand and helped her up. It was as if he had just found the one he had been waiting for his entire life. “You’re so beautiful.” Then his eyes become big as he realized that he had just said out loud. “I’m sorry.”

Maeve sat up rubbing her head. She didn’t even hear Alexander. “Are you okay?” She looks up realizing that he hit his head too. “I’m Maeve. What’s your name?”

“Alexander, and I’m okay Maeve.”

She smiles, “Good, you must have a hard head.” She says as she holds her head. “This may sound weird, but do we know each other? I feel like we’ve met before.” She felt such a strange connection to him. She thought it could have been magic. “It’s nice to meet you. Well, would have been nicer if my head didn’t hurt so bad.”

Alexander helped her up. “Let me take you to see the nurse or something.”

“I think just some ice would do us both some good.” She smiles as she still held his hand.

Alexander helped her walk over to the cafeteria. He helped her to a chair and go a bag of ice for us.

Alexander returned and sat across from her. He took the bag of ice and placed it on the lump on her head and held it there. “Well I guess I can say it was nice bumping into you.”

Maeve laughed but winced in pain.

“I’m sorry.” He said. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she was.

“It’s fine. I should have been looking.” She looked at the clock. “I’m sorry Alexander. I was supposed to meet with my adviser and I’m late.”

“Oh, yeah.” He rubbed his hands together and looked at the clock himself. “Well yeah I should go to. I haven’t moved in yet.”

Maeve smiled as she stood with the ice. “I’ll see you around Maybe we’ll have class together.”

Hunter looked up and blushed. “Yeah maybe.”

“Good luck, moving in. Let me know if you need help with anything.”

Alexander wanted to ask for a tour or anything that could get her to spend more time with him, but he didn’t. He was too nervous. “Thank you. I will.”

Maeve and Hunter at the tree

It was a crisp Autumn day. Maeve sat under a tree reading as the leaves fell around her. Hunter sat under a nearby tree pretending to read. He wanted to be close to her but not too close. Hunter didn’t want her to see him staring at her. He wished he had the courage to talk to her. Each time he was near her his words became tangled and his face turned red. He could only imagine what she must have thought of him. She was so beautiful he thought. Why would she ever talk to him? Each time she moved her hands through her hair he lost track of what he was doing. He walked behind her one day and almost tripped over his own feet because he was too preoccupied in watching her walk.

Maeve looked up from reading and saw Hunter staring at her. He looked away. Maeve, who was self conscious, herself felt odd. She turned red thinking there was something wrong with her. Was it her clothes? Did she have something in her teeth? She put her books in her bag and looked over at Hunter who was staring at her again.

Alexander once again looked away. Maeve sighs and walks over to to him and sits next to him. “Hi, aren’t you in my English class?”

Alexander was shocked that she came over to talk to him. “Um” He was as at a loss for words. He didn’t know what to say to her. He wanted to impress her.

Maeve looked down. She had been impressed by his insights in class. She felt perhaps he was too smart for her. Perhaps he didn’t find her remarks in class up to his standards. Her face turned red.

Hunter looked up as his heart was racing, “Yeah, I’m in that class.”

She smiles thinking he was talking to her. “I love your insight you make in class. You seem to see things I don’t.”

Alexander was delighted. She thinks I’m insightful. If he could have floated off the ground, he would have. “Thank you. No one has ever said before.

Maeve felt good thinking she made him feel good about himself. But she didn’t believe in him “Are you serious? You’re brilliant!”

“Well Maeve so are you.” He said with a smile.

She blushed, “Thank you.”

Maeve didn’t want to ask him why he has been staring at her, but she wanted to know. She didn’t know how to ask or if she should ask.

Alexander was nervous. He didn’t know what to say to her. He was fumbling over his words but unbeknownst to him Maeve found that to be cute.

Maeve blush as she got up to leave. “See you in class” She said as she walked away. Her heart was pounding thinking she has just made a fool of herself.

She glances back at Alexander who was still sitting under the tree. As they made eye contact, they both looked away rather quickly.

“He’s still looking at me.” She thought. She thought for a moment but only a moment. “What if he likes me” But she thought he couldn’t like her. Alexander was so smart and well spoken. She wished that her liked her. She would love to talk to him about classes, the books they read of anything. Maeve sighed. “And he’s so cute.” Get it our of your head Maeve. He never speaks to you. She looked down and sighed.

Maeve and Hunter in class

A both Maeve and Hunter sat in class, Maeve glanced over to him from time to time. In class, Maeve twirled her hair whenever he was around. She wanted to show him that should could be just as insightful as he. She worked hard for that class wanting to impress him.

Alexander was no longer paying attention I class. He kept watching Maeve. Each time she twirled her hair, he smiled. He thought about how her hair would smell and feel in his hands. Hunter thought of holding her and running his hands through her hair. As Maeve spoke, he got lost listening to her voice. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

The professor looked over at Alexander. “Mr. Marks are you going to join us today?”

Alexander jumped up, “Sir.”

The professor could tell that Hunter had been preoccupied by Maeve. “Mr. Marks maybe I need to move Miss Wintergreen to another room so you would pay attention in class.

Both Maeve and Hunter looked up. His faced turned red. Maeve looked back at him but she could feel her face turning red. It was almost as red as her hair.

“Now can we begin Mr. Marks and have you paying attention.” The professor said.

Hunter nodded. He kept his head down for the rest of the class. He felt awful for getting Maeve into trouble.

At the end of class, Maeve packed up her things and left rather class without making eye contact with anyone.

Alexander sat at his desk and watched her leave. He sighed.

His professor came up to him, “If I were you I would get her.” He smiles, “But you still have to pay attention in my class.”

Hunter stared back at him not knowing what to say.

“Get her then. Kids today, you make everything so complicated.” He said as he walked out the door.

A rose

Alexander didn’t go after her that day. He was too embarrassed. One of his friends came up to him while he was walking back to class. “Hey Alex, how’s Maeve?” Barry laughed.

“Hilarious, I suppose everyone has heard about it by now.” Alexander said feeling his heart sinking.

“Heard what that you two couldn’t stop looking at each other in class.”

Alexander stopped and turned, “No that was me who the professor called out not her. He made me feel like an idiot.”

Barry slapped him on the back. “For someone who is so smart you are awfully dense. You didn’t see Maeve, but I sure did.”

Alexander said nothing, he figured he was just trying to make him feel better.

“Come one bro are you that dumb. She likes you. Couldn’t you tell that? She kept looking over at you with the silly smile. Everyone sees that.”

Maeve felt so embarrassed. She felt like everyone was staring at her while in reality no one was. She had never been called out in class before. She didn’t know what to think of Alexander now. Could he have been looking at her?

She was walking back from class when she stopped at the college post office to check and see if she had any mail. She sighed as she walked in again thinking people were staring at her. H

When she opened her mailbox a single red rose laid on top of her mail. She pulled it out and looked around to see if anyone was there who could have left it for her. She brought the rose to her nose and breathed in the fragrance and smiled. Then she saw the note was under the rose.

From the corner Alexander was watching her. He smiles as she smelled the rose.

Maeve looked over and saw him. She blushed and walked over to him.

“Maeve, I am so sorry. I never wanted to get you into trouble.”

Maeve smiled as she read the note. She smiled as look at him and then the rose. “Thank you.”

He blushed, “Well, I felt bad.”

“Were you staring at me?” She realized she shouldn’t have have said this as soon as she did.

“Um well.” He didn’t know how to respond. He wanted to melt away.

Maeve took his hand. “I’m sorry, sometimes I say things without thinking.”

He pulls his hand away as he felt it becoming clammy. He rubbed his hands in his hair as he spoke. “You can do this.” He told himself.

“Maeve,” he smiled “Would you like to…” He took a deep breath.

Maeve saw how he was struggling. “Hey, why don’t we get coffee. There’s this neat little shop in town.”

Hunter smiled. He was relieved. “I would love to.”

He was feeling more confident now. “I would love to talk you about well anything. You have such wonderful insights in class.”

Maeve was beaming. She couldn’t wait to go. “When do you want to go?”

“Now!” He said without thinking which made Maeve giggle.

“I could go for some coffee.”

Alexander was shocked by her answer.

Maeve took his hand again. “Then let’s go. Oh unless you have something else to do.”

“No Maeve. I’m all yours.”


Maeve studied all night. She might have gotten a few hours of sleep. When she woke, she felt like she was in a daze. The cafeteria didn’t have the best coffee but Maeve was exhausted so she didn’t care. She was so tired she felt like she was still sleeping, maybe she was dreaming. She watched Alexander whom if possible looked more tired than she was.

Hunter smiled when he saw Maeve, he came over with his breakfast and sat next to her. He kissed her on the head and handed her an extra cup of coffee. “You look like you could use this.”

Maeve smiled sleepy and put her head in his shoulder. “You always know how to make me feel better.”

He kissed her on the forehead again “Because it’s my job.”

Friends Wedding

Maeve sat in a pew with Alexander watching as one of their friends exchanged vows. She thought about how happy her friends looked as she watched them. She seemed to beam as she looked at Alexander, thinking if they would ever get married.

Alexander held her hand and squeezed it. He was thinking about how beautiful she would be when she stood at the altar with him. He was thinking about winter break. It was the first time he would spend the holidays with Maeve and her dad. He had planned on asking Maeve’s dad for her hand in marriage. What if he said no.

He looked over at Maeve. She was so beautiful. He imagined growing old with her. He imagined them sitting on a large porch with a swing watching as their grandchildren played in the yard.

Dreams of sitting next to her as he reads to her. Her bright hair now faded and her smooth skin now covered with wrinkles and she still looked as beautiful as when he first saw her.

As he woke from his daydream, he has tears in his eyes. Maeve looked over and smiled wondering if he was crying. He kissed her on the cheek and whispered, “I love you.”


Alexander never dances but he had taken lessons. He wanted to dance with Maeve at their wedding. “Care to dance miss?” He looked at Maeve and smirked. “I promise I won’t step on your feet.”

Maeve laughed, “Well in that case.” She takes his hand. “I would love to.”

He leads her to the dance floor and wraps her hands around her waists and pulls her close. He kissed her neck as he held her close.

Maeve was surprised by him. “Alex not here.”

“Shh don’t worry.” He says as he twirls her.

“Where did you learn to dance like this.” She asks

“Oh a little here, little there.” he laughs as he glides her across the dance floor.

Maeve laughs, “I like it.” She kisses him.

“Hey, people will stare.” He laughs

“Come on, they’re not looking at us.”

They continued to dance as he twirled her around the dance floor.

Christmas Break

Maeve was excited to be spending the holidays with Alex. They did all the things her family did. It was as if he was already a part of the family. Still she worried. She knew she needed to tell him things, things she wasn’t ready to tell anyone.

They picked out their Christmas tree, decorated it, made Christmas cookies. He even helped them clean their house to prepare for family to come.

It happened as if it was planned. It snowed on the day of Christmas eve. Maeve loved snow. She made everyone hot chocolate and sat on the couch and watched the snowfall. “I love watching it fall. Everything slows down. As if God told us we needed to slow down. He drops a blanket of snow on us and makes us slow down.

Alexander sat with Maeve and placed a warm blanket around them. She put her head on his shoulder and held him close.

“You’re so warm.” She snuggled next to him and whisper in his ear. “I love you.”

Alexander kissed her as he wrapped his arms around her.

Later that day, Maeve’s dad wanted to talk with her. Maeve grabbed her coat, “Dad you know it’s cold out.”

“Yeah but you love the snow. Come on, a nice walk in the snow with your old man.”

She was nervous about why he wanted to talk. She had an inkling that Alex had already asked her dad about the wedding. “Dad?” She looked at him.

“I know it’s cold but you and I need to talk. Where no one can hear us.”

“You mean Alex?” She asked

“Maeve, if you go through with this you will give up so much and you need to know and understand this. Does he know?”

Maeve looked down. She knew Alex knew there was something special about her but she never showed him. “No. I haven’t said anything yet.”

“Maeve,” He says as he turns to her. “If you want to marry him, then he needs to know what you are giving up for him. Honey, your magic, your wand, your wings all of it. Well you might able to still perform magic, but without a wand it’s almost impossible. The point is are you ready to give it all up.”

Maeve was amazed by having magic without her wand. “I could still have magic? Without my wand?”

“Well that will take you some time to learn. Your mother did it as you know. I wish she was her now to help you.”

“I thought she was powerful. She never told me about her wings.” Maeve looked down. “I miss her. I wish Alex had met her.”

“She would have helped you more than I am. I’m sure she would have loved him.” He lied. He didn’t want her to know what her mother was really ike.

“Dad, you’re doing fine.” She wraps her arms around him.

“Thank you. She would have done a better job. Now it’s up to you. You need to decide What you want to do? Do you want to open his eyes? Do you think he will accept you? Are you willing to give up your wings and risk the possibility of never being able to control your magic again? Are you going gamble all of that for him? Please consider all of these things.” he pleaded with her.

“I guess I have a lot to think about.” She said.

“I want you to be aware. Think about it. Talk to Alex. You know he asked for your hand.”

Maeve blushed, “Did he? And what did you say?” She smirked.

He laughed, “He was nervous. I told him I would be okay with it.”

“Now I need to decide what to do.” She said, but she had already decided.

“I remember when you were little and you first learned magic.” He chuckled.

Maeve in her dad’s office

Maeve was nervous. Alex could ask her to marry him at any moment and what would she say. She paced in her father’s office. Should she risk everything? But could she risk losing him too?

“Honey, are you ok?” Alex walked in and seemed confused. He was worried that she was having second thoughts on marrying him. Alex moved his hand in his pants pocket where he kept the ring fumbling it in his hands. He has been thinking about when and where to ask her.It needed to be special. His heart was pounding as he walked in.


Maeve jumped up not knowing Alexander was in the room.

“I’m sorry, I mean to scare you.”

Maeve smiles, “I didn’t see you come in.” She sat on the couch but her hands were shaking. Alexander sat next to her and took her hand. “Dear you’re shaking. Tell me what’s wrong.” He took his hand to her cheek and moved his other hand along her face. “Maeve, look at me. Tell me what has you so worried. I know you know I asked your father to marry you. Is that it? Please, let me help you. I love you.”

Tears ran down Maeve’s face. “Alex I love you.” She smiles. “I love you.”

Hunter looked down fearing what she was about to say. “But you don’t want to marry me.”

“Oh Alexander that’s not it. I love you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life.” She thought about how she would tell him. “There are things about my life you need to know before you marry me. Well and then you may not want to marry me.”

He thought was ridiculous. What could it be? “Maeve, nothing will ever change the way I feel about you. Nothing will ever make me stop loving you. I have loved you since the day I saw you.”

“Promise me, promise me that if you see what I am about to show you you won’t tell anyone. Even if you decide that you no longer want to be with me. Promise me you will keep my secret.”

Alexander was hurt she thought he would leave her. “Maeve don’t you trust me. Why would I betray you?”

Maeve got on her knees in front of him as he sat on the couch. “I love you. I would do anything for you but Alex this is a lot to ask anyone. Please.”

He could tell that she was upset. He needed to help her, to comfort her, to show her see that he would always be there for her. “Maeve whatever it is. Anything, please let me in.”

Maeve nodded. She wiped her eyes. “Okay.” She stood up and moved back so she had room. “I’m a fairy Alex.”

He was not expecting that. He was shocked and couldn’t speak. Was she joking?

Maeve took a deep breath. “Ready?” She asked.

“Ready for what?”

Maeve stood and raised her arms as the most amazing thing Alexander has ever seen took place. A pair of red wings seemed to sprout out of Maeve ‘s back. Alexander jumped as he was not expecting it.

Maeve was uncomfortable by his reaction. She stood in front of him. She felt so vulnerable as if she was standing there naked. Maeve closed her eyes as she prayed gripping her wand as she prayed.

What did you expect? With her eyes closed she prayed so she could only hear, “Please still love me. Accept me for what I am.” Tears ran down her face as her eyes remained closed.

Alexander calmed himself as he walked around her. He examined her wings and her wand. At first he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. As he took it all in he was amazed by her. “My god how could you be more beautiful than you already were.” It was the first thing he said since her wings appeared.

He put his hands on her cheeks. “Open your eyes please.”

Maeve opened her eyes. They were red from crying. Her face had some blotchy red marks that always seemed to happen when she cried.

“Maeve.” He took his hand and wiped her tears away. “You are so beautiful dear. My little fairy.” He kissed her.

Maeve’s lip quivered as he kissed her. She gasped for air as if she had been holding her breath waiting for him to speak. As he kissed her almost a sigh of relief came over her as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close. “Oh Alex.” She said as she kissed him back.

“Honey, were you worried that I wouldn’t love you?”

“It’s a lot to take in. Magic, magical beings you know this entire world.”

“Maeve,” He takes her hands in his, “I have seen many things I could not explain. Many of those things I have seen you do.”

Maeve was worried, “But I tried to be careful. How did you know? Who else knows?”

“Maeve, I know there were things you did. I watched you once taking a dying tree and heal it. I thought you didn’t want anyone to know. The way you looked around. I guessed you made sure no one was around. So I hide so I could watch you. He said as he smiled while still holding her hands.

Chapter 22 Carillon Makes dinner waiting for Luke

Carillon Makes dinner waiting for Luke to come home but he doesn’t come home.



Carillon came home from school and started dinner. She looked at her phone and saw a text from Justin saying he would be at the library working on his project. Carillon texted back and told him “Good luck, let me know if you need any help.”

“Okay be home at 6.” He texted back

Carillon was sitting on the couch. She had been there all night waiting for Luke to come home. Cari held her coffee cup in her hand gazing up at the clock on the wall. It wasn’t like him to not call. She put the cup down on the coffee table and checked her phone. “still nothing. “She yawned “Justin will be up soon.” She started talking to herself and then realized how silly that was. “Look at the crazy lady talking to herself.” She said.

Cari got up and took a shower trying to wake herself up, but it didn’t help. She needed to act like everything was okay for Justin’s sake.

So she dressed for work and made breakfast. The smell of bacon, coffee and pancakes wafted up to Justin as he woke up.

When Carillon was nervous and stressed, she often cleaned and cooked. Therefore the kitchen was spotless. Justin came down the stairs and was hit with the smell of lemon from Carillion’s cleaning. He was still a little sleepy as he came into the kitchen still in his pajamas. He looked at his mom. “Are you okay?” He looked around the kitchen. “Did you even sleep?”

She looks up, “Why would you think anything was wrong?”

“Mom.” After all these years he never called her that. “I know Luke didn’t come home last night.”

She looked up when he said mom. “Mom.” This was said so soft and quiet that Justin couldn’t hear her. She smiles hearing him say “mom”. “Well it’s the life of a police officer’s wife. It’s what I signed on for many years ago. Things happen at all hours of the night. It’s just something we have to live with.”

“Still, he’s worked overnights and late nights before and you have not acted like this. You haven’t slept. Mom, the kitchen is spotless.”

She didn’t know how to tell him or if she should.

“Please, I’m not a child anymore. You can tell me.” He pleaded.

“Here,” She handed him a plate of pancakes and set the syrup next to him. “Okay Justin. I don’t know where to begin and I don’t quite understand myself. But I can tell you what I know.” She looked at him, “Are you sure you want to know?”

“Yes, please. I want to help.”

Carillion was surprised he said help. “Help? Help with what? What do you mean?”

“Come on, I know this is more than Luke not coming home. He didn’t even call did he?”

She sat across the table from him as she sipped her coffee and thought about how to tell him.

“Okay first, I don’t know where Luke is. I assume he had an emergency at work, but I am worried. I tried to hid it but I’m not good at hiding how I feel.”

Justin laughed, “Yeah you stink.”

“Thanks.” She sipped her coffee and looked up at him. “Okay so I’ve been searching for your family. Justin, I need to make sure you want to know this. You know whatever we find out, Luke and I love you. We will always love you. We will always be a family.”

He smiled, “You and Luke raised me. Mom, I not going to leave. I love you. You don’t have to worry about that.”

Carillion wiped her eyes. “Thank you.” She reached over and held his hand. “Promise me you won’t share with information. I’m still searching and there are still a lot of blanks. Oh where to start. Okay, first your parents loved you very much. Honey, they didn’t give you away. I’m so sorry.” She hated having to tell him this, but she was the only one who could. “There was a car accident. From what I’ve been told, your parents were killed. Your father died at the hospital and from what I’ve been told, your mother died protecting you.”

Justin wept as he listened to his mom speak.

Cari got up and sat next to him. She held him tight as he cried. “I’m so sorry. I know you wanted to know them.”

Justin looked up and smiled, “I know. I did, but they loved me.”

She smiled, “Yes they did. Very much. And I am sure they are watching over you now.” She knew there was more to tell him but she needed to wait until he was calmer to tell him.

After some time, Justin gathered himself. Cari looked at him, “There is more to tell. Are you ready?”

He wiped his tears and nodded for her to continue.

“The car accident, it wasn’t an accident. This is where I am confused. It seems like your grandfather, your mother’s father caused the accident. That he killed your parents. The rest of your family was afraid that he might come after you.”

“The rest of my family?” He lite up. “I have more family?” He was very excited about this.

“Yes, your grandparents. Well your dad’s parents. They have been watching over you. It was hard for them. They wanted to take you home with them but they were afraid your other grandfather would find you. They were at the hospital that night. Your grandmother sat with you all night.”

“Celeste!” Justin smiled. He always felt some connected to her. There was a look of relief on his face.

“I guess now you know why Mr. Marks was watching you all the time. He is your grandfather, and he loves you.”

He wiped his eyes. “But I’m not allowed to tell anyone.”

“Mr. Marks, well your grandfather. He doesn’t know if your other grandfather is still around.”

“But I can talk to him?” He was excited.

“I would think so but I haven’t been able to tell Luke yet. I was hoping to tell him when he came home last night.”

“When was the last time you saw him?” He said as he ate again. He thought for a moment and with a full mouth of pancakes he said, “I haven’t seen Celeste in days. She hasn’t been to work in days. When was the last time you saw Luke?” He was curious.

Cari was also wondering if the two of them being missing could be related.

“What if it’s him? What if he found me? We have to go to the station and look for Luke.”

Carillion and Justin did not know about Maeve yet, so they didn’t know she was the one who took Celeste and Luke.

“You’re right we better go. I guess neither of us will go school today.” Carillion said as she grabbed her coat.

Going to the police station

Early that morning, Justin and Carillon headed to the police station to check on Luke. The more she thought about it the more worried she became.

As they entered the station she looked around. She headed right to his office when one of the officer’s came up to her.

“Morning Cari,” Officer Johnson greeted her.

“Morning Michael.” she replied.

She was about to ask him about Luke, when he said, “I hope Luke is feeling better. Tell him we all miss him down here.”

Justin heard all of this, “Sick? He’s not sick!”

“Well he hasn’t been here in days. We just assumed since we hadn’t heard from him.”

Cari turned pale as she heard this “Days!” She knew something was wrong now.

She looked at Justin. “We need to find your Grand… Mr. Marks.” She corrected herself as to not call him Justin’s grandfather.

They ran out to his office hoping to find him but he was not there. She called and left messages for him but he didn’t get back to them. Cair remembered talking to him at his office and thought of some of the things he has said. “Mr. Mark said his mother was in town. He seems to think she has something to do with all of is.”

She put her hands in her pocket as they left the courthouse. She pulled out a paper from her pocket. “What is this?” She opened it. “It’s a note from. Mr. Marks. “Cari there are many things going on here.” The note seemed to be writing itself as Cari held it. As she read more the beginning of it disappeared. “Things that I could not talk about. I hope this note finds you when it is needed to. My mother is possibly the one taking people. She is a vampire. These words could not be spoken in my office. Take care of Justin and keep him out of danger.” As Cari finished the letter the remaining words disappeared.

Justin looked at Cari. “Do you think that’s where Luke and Celeste are? Do you think she took them?” He didn’t want to think of it

“I don’t know but what I do know is that we need more information.”

“I’m going to read at the library. Maybe I can find something.”

She knew she he wanted to help but she didn’t want to let him out of her sight. “I’m coming with you.”

“No, I’ll you if I need anything. I promise.”

Chapter 21 Maeve Turns a Homeless Man




As the sun sets on a cold winter evening, Maeve wakes. She doubted whether Alexander would help her or not. She wandered through the town wondering about her son and grandson. Was Alexander going to support her? Would I be on my own again? Either way she needed to create her army. Maeve didn’t want people to know what she was up to. At least not yet. As she wandered the town, she came to the park where she saw people sitting in the park. She kept to the shadows as she watched them.

A man sat on a bench. He wore a large brown coat that smelled of urine and feces. He had a long grey beard that was knotted and dirty. It carried the same smells of his coat.

Maeve watched him. The smell didn’t bother her. She came closer to him and saw how thin he was. Being undead Maeve didn’t realize how cold it was. The snow crunches under her feet as she walked. In her previous life Maeve has loved snow. She loved watching it fall, she loved watching from the warmth of her house, she loved the sound it made as it crunched under her feel. Now it gives her no pleasure. She looked around and saw the snow on the ground and realized it must be cold. Maeve knelt down and touched it. She looked at it in her hands and remembered how much she loved it as a child. Then she she saw a man shivering in the cold. . She looked at his coat again it looked rather thin. The man himself looked emancipated. Maeve looked around and saw that there were so many others like him.

She looked at the man for a moment before she said anything. “They forgot him like they forgot me.” Maeve walked over to the man and sat next to him.

No one sits next to me “You might not want to sit so close miss. I’m not good company.”

Maeve smiles “Neither am I.”

He didn’t know what to say to that. Why was she interested in him?

Maeve smiled and placed her hand on his. He pulled away at first not being used to human contact.

“There is no need to fear. I want to help you.” She looks around. “There are so many of you. The town they won’t help you?”

He still wasn’t sure about her. There was something off about her. More than just wanting to sit with him. The cold didn’t bother her and she touched his hand. No one has held his hand in so long.

“My name is Maeve. I don’t want to frighten you.”

“I’m not scared.” He said as his voice trembled. “There is something wrong with you miss. Maybe you should see a doctor or something.”

“No dear, there is nothing wrong with me. I came here to help you.” Maeve waved her and a cup of warm coffee appeared in her hand. “You’re cold drink.”

He looked terrified as she created the coffee. The old man jumped up and fell back. He landed in the snow and scurried to get away from her. He turned grasping at the snow to help pull him up so he could run from her.

Maeve sighed and stood up. She fixed her cloak and then walked towards him. No matter how fast the man ran, Maeve was always right behind him. “Please don’t run. You can’t out run me.” She was getting bored.

She waved her hand, and the man was transported to her barn. “I told you not to run.” Maeve waved her hand again and made it look like a posh hotel. The warmth filled the man with joy.

“I told you I would help you.” Maeve said.

The man still didn’t understand. He was in shock “Why are you helping me? Where did this place come from?”

Maeve smiles “So many questions and all you need to say is thank you.” She walked over to him and looked at his feet. “What did they do to you?” She realized why he was scurrying on the ground instead of running.

He looked down at his feet. He sighed “I was injured in battle. A grenade fell near us and I tried to jump but my foot was stuck.” He looked down thinking of his troop. A strange sensation came over him. He hadn’t noticed what Maeve was doing. She waved her hand over his feet and they were healed.

“Now isn’t that better?” Maeve smiled. Her hand caressed his cheek. “Now tell me what your name is?” Maeve walks around him touching his back as she talks. She knew she had him then.

“Maxwell Lincoln.” He felt as if he could tell her every secret he ever had. He felt at peace for the first time in a long time.

“Maxwell, what a respectful name.” She smirks “Now what is a man with such a respectful name doing sleeping in the cold in the park.”

Max looked uncomfortable. Maeve could tell and she put her hands on either side of his face. She looked into his eyes and saw his pain. “You can tell me. Whatever it is.”

“I am a soldier miss or I was. I fought brilliantly for many years but now there is nothing.”

Maeve took his hand. He pulled away from her again but this time not because he didn’t want her to touch I’m but because she was so cold. It surprised him. “You’re so cold.”

“Yes, I know but with me you will never be cold again.”

He looked up into her eyes. They were beautiful green eyes. He was fixed on her eyes as if in a trance. He nodded as tears came to his eyes.

“They forgot me and turned on me as they turned on you.”

Max agreed, “I came back home and couldn’t focus on anything. When you’re on the street, no one honors you. People spit on you. They complain about the freedoms they have but they don’t understand what people did so they can have those freedoms. People sacrificed their lives so others can enjoy these freedoms. I was a general. In charge of many men. Their lives were my responsibility. So much fighting.” He smiles “I was a great soldier. I did everything I could to protect my men. We needed to protect the people living in this town. Get them out of harm’s way. While bombs were going off all around us., They were shooting at us, buildings were falling there was debris everywhere.”

“It was a successful mission. I received many awards and medals over the course of my years of service. When I came home, I was afraid of everything. I didn’t want to be around people. I thought they were all trying to kill me. Each time I heard a loud sound, I wanted to hide. My dreams were filled with explosions and people shooting at me. Each night I would wake up screaming. I would order people around as if I was still over there. My family didn’t know what to do with me. They left, and I had nothing.

Maeve looked at him with a wicked smile. “You will make a great general.” She could tell that he wanted to be back at war.

His eyes lite up. “I need it miss. They took everything away from me. My purpose. It’s all gone.”

Maeve took his hand. “Well then allow me to give you back your purpose.”

She smiled and held him close. Then with swift motion she sunk her teeth into his neck. She left him lifeless on the ground.

Maeve looked over his corpse and walks around him as she wipes her lips. “Now rise my general.” Maxwell opened his eyes and rose to come face to face with Maeve. “Now we will create an army.” She said “And we will take back what was taken from us. We will make them pay for what they did to us.”

Maxwell smiled “I will follow you to the ends of the Earth. My queen.”

Maeve smiles, “You were an amazing general and you will be once again. We will raise an army. Now a proper General needs a proper attire, don’t you think?” She smirked.

Maxwell nods in agreement as Maeve moves her hand over his body and his long white beard, his long grey smelly coat, his long unkempt hair was gone. Standing before Maeve was a man wearing a tailored black suit with a red tie. His hair combed, his face was clean shaven. “Now you are ready my general.”