Chapter 18 Maeve tells Alexander of how she helped Matthew


She knew what Jonathan meant. It was time for her mission. Time for her to spend time with Matthew. “It is time.” She nodded her head and looked at him. He smiled “And vampire” he called as she was leaving “See you when you die.” In other words, see you at home but he couldn’t say that. He didn’t want Matthew to know how she was.

The Shadow King allowed Maeve to help Matthew with some of these tasks. She was grateful to spend time with him and she decided that she didn’t care what Jonathan’s plan was as long as she could spend time with Matthew.

Maeve was in her farm house planning. She smiled thinking Alexander’s on her side now. She looked around at her burn house. Alexander should see all of this. He would see what they did to our family, what Hunter let them do.

There was a knock on the door. She came and opened it. She smiled as best she could. “Welcome home Alexander.”

“So this is what they did. They destroyed your life.” He said.

“Yes and now I will destroy theirs but first Celeste.” The bedroom what Celeste was staying in had magically transformed when she arrived. It went from looking and smelling burnt to being a beautiful room. Celeste was resting on the bed. She looked peaceful.

Maeve motioned to her son to follow her. She led him to the side room and opened the door.

As the door opened, Alexander could see Celeste resting on the bed. He thought it was rather odd that this room seemed untouched by the fire. He ran to Celeste first. She was cold to the touch and pale. “What did you do to her?” he asked his mother. “Why is she so cold?” Then he say two small holes on her neck. He put his hand to her neck and caressed it. “You turned her?” He asked as his voice cracked.

“She will be fine. It was the only way to get her here.” Maeve said with little warmth in her voice.

“But she is so cold and pale.” Alexander questioned his mother.

“I can release her. She is safe here.”

Alexander pulled the blanket over her and covered Celeste. He then looked around the room and then looked at his mother. “How did you do all of this? How was this room not touched by the fire? Vampires don’t have magic?”

Maeve smirked “Well, I’m not your average vampire.” She wondered if anyone ever told him that she was a fairy. “Alexander I have always had magic. I was born a fairy. Didn’t your father tell you that?” She thought about this as she paced. “He must have forgotten or put it out of his memories”

“A fairy!” He was amazed. “Is that why I have magic?”

“Yes, you have fairy blood running through your veins.”

Maeve wanted to tell her son everything, but she remembered what The Shadow King had said. “Now you see she is safe, we need to talk about Matthew.”

Maeve looked at him. She knew he would not like that plan and she also knew she couldn’t tell him everything. “The Shadow King offered Mathew’s freedom if he accomplished certain tasks for him”

“Tasks! What kind of tasks?” His voice was becoming raised.

She could hear the agitation his voice. “I don’t know all of them or why this deal was made. All I know is that I could to help. My master….” She paused thinking about what she was saying. “Marius allowed me to help. I’m not sure why or what he gained from allowing it.” She was lying and hoping her son didn’t catch on. She couldn’t tell him the entire plan. He would hate it. Marius had no idea Maeve was helping Matthew.

“The Shadow King and Marius have worked together for years. I have accompanied my Master on many of these trips to The Shadow Realm. And that is when I saw Matthew. I recognized him. He looks so much like you did at that age.” She looked at her son as she said this.

“How you do you know what I looked like. You were never around.” He was angry.

“I used to watched you all the time. I wasn’t allowed to intervene, but I wanted to. And I will be forever sorry for that.”

Alexander looked at his mother a little annoyed. He knew she was hiding things from him but he wanted to get her to talk to him about his son. “Maeve, I know and I am sorry that these things happened to you. I don’t blame you for them but I was without you, without my mother for all these years. Please just tell me about my son.”

Maeve was sad that he didn’t call her mom but she knew it would take time. She agreed to tell Alexander what she could.

“Let me explain this to you. I helped him. There are things you must know.” She looked at her on worried.

Alexander worried about what Maeve was not telling him. “Tell me whatever it is! Whatever it is!”

Maeve paused for a moment. “These tasks they are designed by The Shadow King to make Matthew stronger. The Shadow King wants him to become a powerful slave. My job was to help him complete these tasks. My intention was to help him get back to his family. If he could succeed The Shadow King would let him leave.”

Maeve knew The Shadow King didn’t want Matthew to leave. “I knew the tasks would be difficult. Marius allowed me to help. I don’t know why he did. I wanted to spend time with my grandson. It was the first time I could spend time with anyone in my family. I did my best to help Matthew in any way I could. Even if it was just to give him a little hope. I know it sounds strange hope coming from a vampire but that’s what he needed.”

“And did you do that? Did you give my son hope?” He asked his mother

Maeve smiled “I did the best I could, but someone else already gave him hope.”

“Who and how?” Alexander was confused.

68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f706a63534a3234“Maurelle.” She said with a smile which was not normal for her.


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