Chapter 17 Maeve attacks new arrivals to the Shadow Realm


Maeve attacks new arrivals to the Shadow Realm

Jonathan walked the corridors of The Shadow Realm watching and waiting for new arrivals to come. Maeve was waiting at the docks waiting as well. She knew The Shadow King would be there for he loves to watch her work. “What would you like me to do with them my dear?”

Jonathan smirks “Whatever you’d like my dear.”

She smiles “That’s a very dangerous response.”

He smiles and winks “I know!”

Maeve walked up to the new arrivals and walked around them. She looked at The Shadow King and smiled “My name is Maeve.” She smiles and looks back at Jonathan. “I know many of you have heard of me. I was once a young woman who was attacked by a monster and then I became that monster. Now I am here with The Shadow King.”

She sees one of them sweating. She laughs, “Oh you’ve heard of me? See down here The Shadow King is in charge and we’ll if you don’t listen to him.” Whispers in one of their ears. “You will answer to me.”

Maeve takes the man she was whispering to and turns him around to face her. “Blood of the living is the purest kind. You’re the closest I can get down here dear. I will show all of you what happened since I turned. She grabs the man with great speed and sinks her teeth into his neck. The man turned pale and grey as she sucked his blood. He drops to the ground as Maeve takes out a handkerchief and wipes her mouth. “Now rise and go stand beside The Shadow King.” Maeve turns to The Shadow King “Looks like you have another guard. Anyone else like to join him?”

Maeve comes over to Jonathan and kisses him. “That was fun.” He smiles and puts his hands at her waist. “Come walk with me. I have something to show you.”


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