Filters off

So people can be cruel. We all know that. People also use all sorts of apps to make their selies look amazing. Lets face it, we are not all the same but yet we should embrace that. Recently in the world of rp, a friend was critized because of how much they weigh in real life. People hid behind character profiles because they are scared of what others will think of the real person behind the profile. So i am starting this campaign. God didnt make any mistakes in making you. So i am tagging people, not set amount of people neeeded, just tag your friends. Show that you are proud of who you are filters off.

Yes my smiles, well I’m in the middle of dental work. Notice my puffy checks. Yes, yes it does hurt. Does that mean you wont rp with me? I hope not. This is me first thing in the morning. Bryce Imholz calls me.princess Anna in the morning.

Morning, no make-up, no coffee yet!

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