The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve (Book 1) Chapter 15 The Accident


He opened the door for Celeste. She walked in and hung her coat on the hook. She smiled at Alexander as he looked at his phone. “They are coming right? I can’t wait to see them.” She walked into the kitchen talking about baking cookies for her grand kids. She continued to talk as she empties the dishwasher.

Alexander comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist. “It will be lovely to see them again.” He smiled as he nuzzles into her neck.

She smiles and places her hands on his arms as they wrap around her. “It would be nice the house is so quiet now.”

She turns to face him, her smile is warm and full of love. “I can’t wait to hold Justin in my arms. I wonder how big Tommy and Gwen are now.”

He hugs her. “He will be the most spoiled little fairy in all the realms. I wonder if Tommy would like to go see the trains when he’s here.”

The phone rang, “Who could call at this hour?” Alexander said

Celeste turned to load the dishwasher As she did she continued to talk to herself about what she would do when they all got here.

“We need to get a tree. Justin would love to pick one out when he’s older. We can take Gwen and Tommy with us this year. Maybe we can wait and get it when they get here. Do you remember picking a tree out with them when they were little? Oh I remember when Maurelle came with us that one time. They were so cute when they were little. I always knew they would end up together.”

Alexander held the phone in his hand and as if all the life left his body, the phone dropped on the floor. Celeste heard it drop and turned to see Alexander standing there. He looked as if he was in shock. His face was pale and his entire body was shaking.

He didn’t know what to do. Alex felt like his entire body was shutting down. He leaned on the table as he felt his legs giving out on him.

Celeste grabbed him as he was about to fall and she helps him into the chair. “Alex what is it?” He couldn’t speak. He tried to open his mouth, but the words didn’t come out.

Celeste looked over at the phone and picked it up off the floor. She felt her her pounding faster and faster.

She comes back over to him. Kneeling by his side she takes his hand. “Alex please tell me what’s wrong. I can help please.”

He looked up as tears ran down his face.

“Did something happen? Please tell me.”

He squeezes her hand. “Dear there was an accident.” He wiped his eyes as he cried. “I need to go.”

“Wait! Who’s hurt?” She was confused as Alexander could not speak.

He stood in the kitchen as if he was getting ready to go to work. He felt his pocket for his keys and wallet.

Alex turned to Celeste who stood next to him, not understanding what was happening but her thoughts were racing.

Alexander took her hands, “Please, there was an accident. Honey try to relax.”

Then Celeste knew, “Oh no not Matt, please.” She was losing the feeling in her legs as he did earlier.

Alex grabs her “Now we know nothing yet.”

“But it was Matty.” Her voice was trembling.

“Honey all I know is that they airlifted him to the hospital.”

“Maurelle and Justin were they with him?” She looks up wiping her tears.

All of a sudden their memories of Tommy and gwen were gone. It was as if they never existed.

“Justin is fine.” He laughed a little. “Not a scratch on him.”

She noticed that he said nothing about Maurelle.

“Don’t panic, we know nothing yet. Now let’s get to the hospital.”

Celeste couldn’t think now. All she could think about was getting to her son.

As they arrive at the hospital, they were meet by a doctor who explained what happened.

“Hello, my name is Dr. Peters. Mr. Marks, I’m sorry that we are meeting under these circumstances You are your son’s emergency contact.” He paused thinking of how to tell him all of this. “Doctors are working with him now trying to stabilize him.”

Alexander paced. “I’m sorry sir. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you and your family.  Have spoken with the detectives yet?”

Celeste interrupts, “No! What’s wrong. Why can’t I see my son? Where’s Maurelle and Justin? Why aren’t they here?”

The doctor looked over to the nurse at the desk for help. “Your grandson I presume is Justin right?”

Celeste nodded

“Come with me and I can take you to him. He’s in the nursery now.”

The nurse was helping Celeste and comforting her the doctor could now talk with Alexander. “I only know what the detectives relayed to us. Your grandson is being monitored in the nursery. We see no issues but a child of his age involved in such a traumatic accident, well we want to be sure. So we will keep him overnight to monitor him.”

This seemed to calm Alexander down, “Good and his mother?”

“Mr. Marks we only have your grandson and son here. Speak with the detectives about that.”

“Ok, but now can I see my son. Dr. Peters?”

“I will check on their progress with him but for right now see your grandson, he needs you.”

Alexander went down to the nursery and looked in as Celeste was sitting on the rocking chair rocking Justin. He didn’t stay. He needed to know what happened. So he headed to the scene of the crime.

Alexander knew something was wrong. He feared the worst, so he left the hospital and headed to the accident scene. Celeste didn’t know where he was going because he feared she would want to come and he didn’t want her to see it. He didn’t know what he would find there.

As he drove to the accident he saw police officers and crime scene investigators still working the scene. He pulled his car over to the side and went to look at the accident.

“Excuse me sir.” one officer said. “I’m sorry but you can’t be here. We need to investigate.”

Al looked over, “I apologize but my son was involved in this accident and I am seeking information on his wife. Her name is Maurelle. Do you have any information on her?”

The officer looked uncomfortable, and he turned to his supervisor and motioned him to come over. “Detective Banks this is” He turned “I’m sorry I didn’t get your name” As he turned looking for Alexander he was gone.

Alexander in that moment froze the area in time and looked over everything. He wasn’t going to let anyone tell him he couldn’t not even the police.

With the knowledge he now had he returned to Celeste.

Alexander comes into the nursery and goes over to Celeste and puts his hand on her shoulder. Celeste was sitting in the rocking chair wearing one of those disposable yellow gowns as she held Justin.

“Not a scratch on him.” She said as she looked up and saw Alexander.

He came in and sat down on a stool next to them. “You know who did this don’t you.”

Celeste looked up at him with a horrified look on her face, “No, it can’t be. They were safe.” She shook her head in protest as she held Justin.

Alexander fought back tears as he spoke to her. “Honey, I went to the crash site.”

“No, no please stop.” Tears ran down her face.

“Celeste please, we have to accept this. I know it’s hard but you have to listen.”

She nodded her head as she held Justin and cried. She picked up his bottle and feed him. Rocking him seemed to therapeutic for her.

“I know this will be hard to hear but the crash, oh honey it was awful. The car well it’s a miracle, Justin is a miracle. Not a scratch on him. They had to be protecting him.”

“They” She said as she looked at him.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” He kept repeating himself not knowing what else to do or say. Alex got up and took Justin from Celeste and he laid him down in the bassinet as he did he kissed his forehead. He then turned to Celeste. “Maruelle and Matthew they must have been protecting him.”

Before he could say anything more, Celeste questioned him. She knew what he meant. They used magic, but they both knew they couldn’t say anything about that here. “Maurelle, where is she? Why isn’t she here?” Her thoughts were racing.

“Honey, I’m sorry. They found a lot of blood in the car on the passenger side They found Matthew on the driver’s side. Honey the passenger side door was open. It looks like she was dragged away.”

At that point Celeste has had enough. She cried so hard that she was having a hard time breathing. Celeste was pale as she gasped for air. She knew he had taken her. Justin was not safe with them. As she tried to calm herself she looked at Alexander, “What do we do now?” She said through her tears.

Alexander took a tissue and wiped her eyes. “First, we need to check on Matthew.”

Celeste nodded.

“Let me go check on him. He should be out of surgery soon.” Alexander kissed Celeste on the forehead and then went to check on Matthew. “I’ll get you some coffee and then head over there.”

Celeste Smiles as she squeezed his hand “Thank you.”

“It will be okay. We will make it through this.

Alexander went back to the main floor and sat with his coffee as he waited for news on his son. The night was turned to morning. Celeste was resting in the rocking chair but got up each time Justin needed her. Alexander dozed as he sat in the waiting area waiting to hear how Matthew was doing. The hours ticked by as they both waited. Alexander would get up and paced the halls as he waited.

Dr. Peters came out of the operating room. He looked exhausted, and he removed his mask.

Alexander jumped up as the doctor came into the room. He walked over to Alexander and sat on the bench. Alexander sat next to him waiting for the news. “I’m so sorry. His injuries were just too severe. We did everything we could. For now he is resting. He doesn’t have much time left. We could just make him conformable.

Alexander tried to hold his tears back.

“I suggest you and your wife see him now.”

Alexander places his hands on his eyes and his head on his knees as he wept. He had to say goodbye to his little boy.

Celeste came into the room and pulled a chair up to the bed. She takes Matthew’s hand as she fights back her own tears. “Oh Matty, what did you get yourself into. My sweet boy.”

Matthew opened his eyes as he hears his mother’s voice. “Mom?” He was groggy and confused.

“It’s ok honey I’m here. It will be all right.” She knew this was a lie, but she wanted him to be calm.

“Justin! Where is he?”

Celeste squeezed his hand, “Justin he’s fine. He’s sleeping in the nursery now.”

Matthew looked panicked. “He killed Maurelle, mom please keep him safe.” Matthew looked up, “She was screaming and I couldn’t save her. I should have done something. The car had me pinned down. I couldn’t move. I’m was supposed to protect her.” He cried.

Celeste wiped his tears, “Honey she knew you loved her. She knew you would have done anything for her.”

“I love her but I couldn’t save her.” he wiped his tears trying to calm himself.

“She is in a much better place now and she isn’t in anymore pain. And you,” She stopped fighting the tears. “You will be with her soon.”

“You have to hid Justin please?” He begged her but he gasped for air as his lungs filled with blood.

Alexander called for the doctor, knowing it was futile but hoping there was a way to ease his son’s pain.

In that moment it seemed like time stood still. There was a single tear on Celeste cheek as one more had just formed in the corner of her eyes. Alexander looking like he was running to the door, but he was frozen in place.

In the corner of the room two people appear. The woman was standing next to a man who appears to be an older Matthew. He grabs her hand as she is about to head to the bed. “You can’t stop this.”

The woman looked at the man lying on the bed. Her hands were trembling, her face was pale she said determined “But I can heal him now.” In almost a plea to the man next to her.

The man grabbed her and pulled her close to him as she tried to run to the man on the bed. He held her close as she cried. “Please.”

“Look at me.” He begged of her.

She continued to cry with her face buried into his chest.

“Look at me.” He repeated now almost as a command.

She looked up.

“I love you and he loves you. You know what happens.” She shakes her head and cries into his chest again. After a few moments she looks

After a few moments she looks up, “Please just give me a few minutes to talk to him.”

He nods, “But you can’t change anything. This has to happen.”

She smirks, “Oh please you know what happens.” He smiles and kisses her as he wipes more of her tears. “I know.”

She turns to the man lying on the bed. She walks over to him trying to compose herself. “I can’t see him like this.” She wipes her eyes, and she sits next to him telling herself that she can do this.  A rush of air comes over the room as she touches his hand. As she does this he wakes.

He was confused. He woke as if nothing was wrong. There was no pain. He didn’t understand. He looked up at the woman standing next to him. “How are you here?”

“It’s okay I know you’re confused.”

“I was just dying and” He looks at his parents. “What’s wrong with them.” He still couldn’t comprehend who she was.

“I stopped them. Time is just froze for them. Which is why you’re not in pain? When I start the time again, you’ll…” She trailed off. It was hard to tell him this. “You’ll die.”

In that moment, he knew who she was. “No, please. I don’t want to go. I love you.”

She lies on the bed next to him and holds his hand. “It won’t be the last time you see me.”

But he wasn’t listening, he was watching her. “You are so beautiful.”

She blushes and turns to him and kisses him.

“I don’t want this to be the last time I kiss you.”

“It won’t be. I know it’s hard to understand but you will see me again.”

“Maurelle, death is final.” he holds her close not wanting to let go.

“Look over there. What do you see?” She pointed to the man standing in the corner.

Matthew looked at him. “How is the possible? How is any of this possible?”

In the corner stood Matthew, an older Matthew. Time turned some of his dark hair grey. The older Matthew said nothing as he watched them.

“Have hope. Things will work out. You’ll see.” She holds him close. “I don’t want to let go. I know you’ll be okay but I don’t want to leave you.” She kisses him one last time. “Don’t forget. I love you and you will see me again.”


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