The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve (Book 1) Chapter 14 Carillon talks to Alexander about Justin’s family


Carillon talks to Alexander about Justin’s family

Carillon sat in her classroom grading papers. She paused as she reached Justin’s. “I wish I found more about your family.” She stares at the essay. “I promise I will figure something out.”

Carillon picked up the phone and sent a message to Alexander. He was her lawyer and the one who arranged their adoption. He must have knowledge of Justin’s family.

The text read “Mr. Marks this is Carillon Smith. I am helping Justin with a project for school and I would like to ask you some questions about his biological family. Can I stop by your office today?”

Alexander was sitting at his desk writing his opening arguments for a case he was working on when he heard this phone buss. He sighed as he looked at the message. “What does she want?” He said to himself and then he read the message. He knew the truth would soon come out, with his mother lurking about. Then he thought about what Maeve had told him that Matthew was returning.

Alexander had been pacing in his office holding the newspaper articles in his hand. “How do I tell her?” Alex goes to his desk and opens the drawer and takes out a box. He reaches into his lapel and pulls out a small key. He sighs and opened the box. A small photo of a baby wrapped in a blue blanket lay in the box. Next to him were his little bunny and his crochet fairy

He sits at his desk thinking back to that night. It was a cold night about 14 years ago. Alexander remember it like it was yesterday. I was on my way home from a date with Celeste. Matthew and Maurelle just called the day before. He hoped that they could come home for thanksgiving.


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