The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve (Book 1) Chapter 13 Maeve Meets the Adult Alexander


Maeve pulled her cloak over her head as she walked into town. She had more magic unknown to Marius. No one knew she was The Shadow King’s wife. As she walked she saw someone walking alone. She saw him coming as the moonlight cast his shadow on the street before him.

As he turned the corner, she hid in the shadows and moved toward him almost gliding towards him.

“Excuse me sir, I seem to have lost my way.” She smiled and blinked her eyes at the man.

He turned around to see her. His mouth dropped open as he saw what she was wearing. A long black and red dress which resembled those worn during the Victorian period in England and a with a long black cloak over her head. She took the hood of exposing her deep red hair.

“Where are you headed mis?” He finally spoke.

“Oh how polite.” She smiled and put her hand out to shake his. “My name is Maeve.” She pretends to cry for if she cried he would have seen her tears of blood and that would have given away her true intentions. “You see sir,” She takes out a kerchief and wipes her eyes. “I can’t find my son.”

As she shook his hand, he looked into her eyes and could not move. “Yes I will help you.”

She smiled and kept looking into his eyes. Her courtesy and demeanor changed. Her voice was cold and direct. “Where is Alexander Marks?” You will lead me to him. You will take me to his house.”

He could not break from her gaze. “I will take you to his house mistress.” He spoke in a monotone voice absent of any emotion of feeling.

Maeve followed the man as he led her to her son’s house. The shadows provided her with cover. No one could see her. She wanted to see her son, but she wasn’t ready to speak to him.

Luke stopped in front of her son’s house. She hid behind a tree with her cloak on. “Oh my Alexander!”

She told the man to return to her but said nothing. He heard her voice in his mind. She looked into his eyes and with swift movements she snuck her fangs into him. Maeve licked the remaining blood from his neck and then wiped away the blood from her own lips. “Oh my you taste delightful What is your name?”

He looked at her with blank eyes. “My name is Luke”

“Luke!” She repeated “I see. You are the sheriff I assume?” She looked over his uniform. “You will come in handy my dear. Now wait in the barn for your orders.”

“Yes mistress.” He replied. His eyes that were once a brilliant blue turned black.

She knew who the man was. It was her son. Every part of her body froze. Had she been alive, her heart would have been racing. She could feel the cold blood of her tears running down her face. Her little boy was all grown up and knew nothing of her. She looked at her arms and then up at the man walking now closer to where she hid. She longed to hold her baby boy. Fear set in. Would he blame her? Would he hate her? Or worst of all, would he believe her to be a monster? She needed to know, but she was afraid. She was afraid of what he would say.

Alexander walks closer in Maeve’s direction “Come on out. I know you are there.”

Maeve would have held her breath or took a deep breathe if she had any breath. She stepped out into the light “Hello Alexander” She watched and waited. She wasn’t sure what he would do.

He smirks “I supposed lurking about in the shadows is what you do now?”

She comes a little closer and then stops. “I suppose you think I’m a monster too.” Her eyes filled with blood again

He looks at “Nah I don’t think your monster. I think Hunter turned you into this by not helping you.”

“Hunter is a fool. He never loved me. If he had….” She didn’t know what Alex knew. “If he had, he would have stayed and fought. He wouldn’t have let the people in this town turn on me.” She smiles “This town will soon learn a lesson.”

He smirks “What you are talking about? What are your plans?”

“My dear, Celeste is safe. She might be the only one. I want to burn the town to the ground but where’s the fun in that.”

Sighs in relief. “I am so glad she is safe.” He thinks “Who cares about the rest of the town.”

“Well you see dear, what would you rule if I burned everything. There would be nothing left for you. You could enslaved them all.”

“Oh yes and slaves sounds better.”

“Well I have my world to rule. You shall rule this one.” She smiles.

“Sounds great mom as long as Celeste and Justin are safe.”

“They will be. I will make sure of it.” She was determined to keep her family safe.

Maeve smiles “And Alexander, Mathew will return.”

Alexander looks up in amazement “Matthew, but he died.”

Maeve smiled “I have seen him and he is making his way back to you and Maurelle.”

Alexander didn’t understand “Maurelle? Where is she? What happened to her?” He cared for his daughter-in-law as if she was his own daughter.

“I have not found her yet, but I know she is alive.”

“I need to find her then, if Matthew is coming back.” He said.

It was so easy to talk to him. “I am so sorry I wasn’t there for you. I longed to be, but it was so dangerous. When I was first turned, I couldn’t control it. Hunter said he would help me, but he turned on me.”

“I am sorry. I wish I could have helped. He should have helped. This wasn’t your fault.”

“It was Marius ‘s fault but, you were just a baby. You were perfect and I couldn’t hold you. All I wanted to do was hold you and feed you but I couldn’t.”

A tear runs down his face. “Oh momma.” He wanted to give her a hug.

She wiped the blood from her face. “You’re all grown up now. I don’t know how you turned out so well, considering you had Hunter and I as parents. I’m so proud of you.”


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