The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve (Book 1) Chapter 12 Alexander can’t find celeste.


Alexander was pacing as he waited for Celeste. He wondered what was keeping Celeste. He looked at his calendar hanging on the wall. “You would have been home by now.” He looked at his phone to check the time, then he put his coat on and went to look for her.

As he walked to the diner the air was crisp and come flurries begin come down as he walked. He pulled the collar of his coat up and put his hands in his pocket as the cold settled in.

The dinner was busy that night as he entered. He walked in and went walk right up to the counter.

“What can I get you Mr. Marks?” She looks at the time ” It’s late for you isn’t it. Celeste left hours ago.”

“She did?” He said concerned.

The waitress looked confused “Yes she left a while ago.”

He was worried. His face turned pale. He ran out of the diner.

Alexander ran to his father’s house. He banged on the door. “Where are you? Open the damn door!”

Hunter was in the basement making stakes when he heard his son. He came upstairs wearing a leather apron and a pair of protective goggles over his eyes. He pulled the goggles off his eyes and had them resting on his forehead. The marks from the goggles left red marks around his eyes.

“Oh what now you believe me. I know you saw it. The fog! It was her I know it!”

He never yelled and never lost his cool but this was different. “Celeste is missing! Why would she take her!” He hadn’t realized how much he was yelling. He was always in a fine pressed suit and his hair was never out of place.

“Alexander this is not your mother! She’s a monster!”

“You did this to her! You didn’t fight for her. Now look at what you’ve done.”

Hunter glared at him. “We were happy once. He stole all of that away from us. Your mother is dead. He killed her. That that thing is not your mother. That is not my Maeve.”

“You know she remembers. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be here. She’s not dead! And she would not have taken my wife!”

“There are two reasons. Either she did it to protect her for whatever hell she has in store for us or she’s cold blooded monster out to hurt her own family and anyone else that gets in her way.”

“I refuse to believe it! She has something awful planned for this town and I want to know why. What happened between you two? And this time I want the full story.” He stopped yelling when he realized his throat was hurting. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. His face was red from being so angry.

Alexander poured a glass of whiskey. He looked at Hunter and laughed. Then he poured a glass of wine for his son. “You… you are so much like her you know.”

“So that’s why you hate me so much.” Alexander replied

Hunter pulled out a book and handed it to Alexander. “Every time I looked at you, I saw her. I tried to believe me. I promised her I would protect you and I failed.” He paused and drank more.

Alexander looked at the book and opened it. It was a photo album. He looked through the photos seeing pictures of his parents when they were happy. He teared up, “You were happy. Why didn’t you fight for her?”

Hunter sat in the corner watching as his son looked through the book. He continued to drink. “I did everything I could, but it was too late. The town turned on her. It was awful. They came with fire and pitchforks. Anything they could find. I should have stayed and fought them but I’m a coward. They destroyed our house.”

He drank more as he told Alexander their story. “She had a tough time. All a mother wants to do is hold her child and feed him but the smell of your blood was too much for her. What if she would hurt you? She wasn’t always like this. My Maeve was amazing.”

Maeve was in the kitchen preparing a bottle for Alex. Her hands they shook as she made it. She longed to hold her son to cradle him in her arms. She looked at him crying in his bassinet. “You can do this he’s your son. You won’t hurt him.” She handed the bottle to Hunter to make sure it wasn’t too hot.

He took it from her and dipped the formula on his arm. “It’s fine.” He couldn’t bring himself to look at her. He handed the bottle, but he never looked in her eyes. The person standing in front of him was a stranger. Maeve’s once warm green eyes replaced by cold black eyes. Her complexion was so pale compared to her bright red hair. He took the bottle and walked over to Alexander to feed him. Maeve took his hand to take the bottle from him but he pulled his hand away. Her skin was cold to the touch. A sick feeling overwhelmed him as he touched her hands.

Hunter’s reaction hurt her. She knew he couldn’t love her. He hated her. He said he would fight for her but he can’t even look at her.

“I want to feed him.” She said.

He looked at her in horror. “You think I would let you anywhere near my son.”

“Your son! He’s my son too!”

Alexander snarled at her “No, he was Maeve’s son and I don’t know what you are but you are not my wife. You are not my Maeve.”

Her eyes turned red with tears. She clenched her fist. “I am Maeve” She yelled. “He is my Son!”

“Your son! You can’t even feed him without thinking about drinking his blood!” He yelled at her and stood in between Maeve and the infant.

“But he’s my son!” Tears of blood ran down her face as she cried.

She could hear indistinguishable sounds coming from outside. She went to look out the window and she could see flames. The people in the town were coming for her. She could see them coming in the shadows they were making from the torches they were carrying.

Hunter picked up Alexander. “They are coming for you! They are coming for the monster!” He carried Alexander out of the back of the house as the mob of townspeople surrounded the house.

Maeve screamed “No! Please don’t take him away from me.” She knew she couldn’t run after them. Hunter was right. A monster is all she was now. She fell to the floor crying. “He’s my son.” She screamed as all the windows in the house blew out as tears of blood covered her face.

Maeve saw them surrounding the house. She growled as smoke came in from the fireplace. Maeve assumed it was the smoke from the torches and that they had already burned the house.

The smoke filled the living room and then a figure formed. Soon Marius was standing before her.

“Now little vampire, you are mine.”

She looks at him. She hated what he turned her into. “You did this… you destroyed my family.”

Marius raised his hand “Silence…”

And with that Maeve couldn’t speak. She put her hand to her throat and looked up at him.

“You are my slaves now!” Marius grabbed her and pulled her to the window so she could see the townspeople coming to kill her. “Look at them! Look at them. The town has turned on you.” He yelled, which startled her. Then he whispered into her ear as he held her close. “You are mine now.”

She felt him hold her. She couldn’t move.

“My dear you only have me now.”

She looked at him, but she could not speak. He laughed and said “Go ahead you can speak now vampire.”

“My son. He’s gone?”

Marius took her by the waist and pulled her close to him. “Look at me Maeve.” She was reluctant to do this, but she looked into his eyes for she could not disobey him. “You are mine now. You will work for me, you will pleasure me and you will do anything I say.”

As much as she wanted to look away she couldn’t. She found herself drawn to him. Marius held her close “You will be happy Maeve. We are all like family and I chose you my dear.”

“Me? Why me?” She says as she stares into his eyes as if she was in some trance.

He smiles “You have been requested.”

“Requested by who?” She asked.

“Oh do not fret little vampire, you will not be alone.” He put his hand up to her face and caressed it. “You have been being watched for a long time dear.”

Still not being able to take her eyes off of him, “Who? Who has been watching me?”

“All in good time vampire, all in good time.”

He still holds her and laughs, “He won’t like me holding you so close but I need the leverage over him.”

Maeve still didn’t know what was going on and what or who Marius was talking about.

“Now you need to know who is in charge.” He moves her neck to one side and sinks his fangs into her neck. Maeve doesn’t fight. As he drains the remaining blood from her. Maeve stands before him a shell of her former self. Paler than before with a few drops of blood on her neck.

One day you will give me a larger army. Maeve understood none of this or why she had such a strong allegiance to him. “And one day you will be free of me as long as your benefactor keeps his end of our deal.

She looks at him with blank dark black eyes “Yes master.”

The house burned around them. Smoke filled the house now. The crowd was screaming for the monster to die.

Maeve was angry “One day I will return and kill them all. I will take everything away from the, just as they have done.”

Marius smiles “No wonder why Lord Death loves you so much.”

Maeve looked at him confused but said nothing out of respect for her new master.

“Don’t worry all is not lost.”

Maeve shook her head, “Yes master.” Her eyes were now filled with such loss and hatred.

“You will not be with me that long vampire.”

“Master?” Maeve replied

“All in good time vampire. Now come we need to feed.” He and Maeve turned into the same smoke from before and flew up the chimney and out of the burning house.


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