The Shadow Realm Chromicles: Maeve: Chapter 10 Maeve remembers Hunter’s promise


Maeve remembers Hunter’s promise

Maeve walked into the cottage. Celeste was able to raise her son, Matthew and live with my son Alex. She envied Celeste.

Maeve wouldn’t keep her forever. Not like Marius did to her. She closed her eyes and dreamt about her life as a young wife.

She was young and happy. Maeve remembered how naive she was then. She was full of hope and grand ideas. She watched herself as if she was a ghost. A younger very much alive Maeve was making dinner.

Maeve smiled remembering how happy she was then.

Hunter was a lawyer, just as Alexander would become later. She was waiting for him to come home from court. Maeve set the table and went back into the kitchen.

She herself was a doctor. She loved her job and cared for many patients since graduation. Her lab coat hung on the coat rack in the corner. They were both successful and happy. This evening Maeve had some very important news to share with him. She looked at her belly and took her hand and rubbed it “I can’t wait to tell daddy all about you” She said.

The door opens, Maeve couldn’t contain her excitement she kept going over how to tell him.

She thinks “No I can’t wait that long.” Her face was glowing and her smile gave her almost everything away.

He smiled “You are so beautiful and today you look like an angel.”

She blushed. “Well I had an excellent day.”

He took his coat off and hung it on the coat rack. He looked over at Maeve. She smiled as she walked over to him. He turned to her and kissed her. “Dinner smells wonderful. Why don’t you tell me all your excellent day and I will tell you about mine?”

He pauses trying to figure out how to describe his day, “Interesting day at court.” He goes into the kitchen and opens a bottle of wine and pours two glasses of red wine. She stood in the doorway watching him. He places two glasses of wine on the table as Maeve prepared their plates.

“So tell me!” she said “What’s was so interesting about your day.”

They sat down next to each other and she places her hand on his and he says grace. “Dear Lord, we thank you for the food we are about to receive, and for the nourishment to our bodies.”

The older Maeve watched them. She walked around her table in her mind the images were going back and forth between the past and the present. The contrast of the warm bright table where two people loved each other and held hands, with the dark grey barren table that laid before her.

He looked up “We had a man on the stand today who claimed someone turned him into a frog and that was the reason he couldn’t have robbed the bank.”

Maeve laughed, but she tried to hid it. Hunter continued “Strange things have been occurring all over town.”

Maeve looked up at him, “There are always strange things going on if are open to them.”

Hunter smirked “Maeve you should have seen the look in his eyes. He believed this.”

Meave wondered why Hunter had forgotten about her magic. Did he lock it all away? Did he forget what she was?

“Oh come on, he was trying to get out of trouble. He would have said he believed in the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, and who knows what else.” Maeve laughed.

Older Maeve laughed to herself.

“I don’t know Maeve, strange things are happening all over town.” He said again.

She looked over at her glass of wine, not touching it. ”

Hunter looked at her, “No wine for you tonight?” As he had a sip of his.

Maeve smiles “No dear, a woman in my condition shouldn’t drink alcohol.”

Hunter looked up, “A woman in your condition?”

Maeve blushed. She looked up at Hunter. “I went to the doctors today.” She looked at him wondering if she had to spell it out for him or if he understood.

Hunter looked worried “You’re not sick are you?” He put his hand on hers and squeezed it.

Maeve laughed and squeezed his hand back. “No, silly. I’m pregnant.”

Hunter looked up, he was not expecting this. “I’m going to be a father.” He moves his hand off of her hand and to his mouth and said again. “A father.” He looked at Maeve, “We will be parents!” Hunter jumped out of his seat and got on his knees next to Maeve. With a gentle touch, he moves his hand over her belly. “Oh Maeve, you will be the best most beautiful mother the world has ever seen.”

Maeve put her hand over his as he held her stomach. “I can’t believe it either. There is a baby growing inside of me. It’s amazing and overwhelming all at the same time. It’s the best of you and the best of me.” She smiled and looked into his eyes.

“I love you Maeve.” He kissed her. “Maeve, I love you with everything I have. I will love you and our baby for all of my life,”

Maeve loses control over her anger

The older Maeve was walking around the table in her once beautiful home. Tears of blood ran down her face. Maeve picked up the fire poker that had been sitting next to the fire place. She went back into the dining room. She screamed and hit the table with the fire poker. “You liar!” She hit the table over and over again. “I hate you.” The windows shattered as she screamed. “Love me forever, you said. Never give up, you said. You liar! You gave up on me the moment I turned!” Dark red tears ran down Maeve’s pale face. “But I hate you more for what you did to our son.”

She stood over the debris. There were wood pieces lay everywhere. She dropped the fire poker on the floor and fell to the ground crying.

The fireplace was cold. No one had used it in years but fire spewed from it.

Maeve jumped she picked up the fire poker from the floor as she prepared to fight. She thought “The potion should have worked.” No one should be able to come in unless she wants them to.

The Shadow King comes to Maeve

In the blaze of fire The Shadow King stepped through the fire place. Maeve dropped the fire poker on the ground. She smiled “Jonathan” she said. She did not expect to see him.

He walked over to her and moved his hand to her face and wiped her tears. “I knew this would be difficult for you.”

She put her hand up to his and held it. “I know but I didn’t think being in this place would effect me so much.”

“I know you hate him my dear but you cannot lose your focus.”

Maeve knew he was hiding something from her, “and why is my mission so important to you?”

“Let’s say,” as he put his arms around her waist. “it’s all going according to my plan.”

A wicked smile came across her face, “Well as long as I am part of that plan.”

“My dear, I will never leave you. I am doing all of this for you.”

She laughs “You are?”

He smiles “Don’t believe me now do you. I will tell you everything when the time is right. I can’t afford people figuring out about my plans.” he looked behind her at the table. “Your temper my dear, I love it. My sexy succubus, you will soon be able to use all of your anger and all of your blood lust with the darkness with the darkness you will receive.

Maeve looks up with her hands still around him. “I can’t wait”. He kisses her with passion. “I can be here whenever you need me to be.”

“No.” Maeve said “I need to do this on my own.”

He smiles, “You will, but know I will always be behind you.” He moved her hair off her face and places it behind her ear. She looks into his eyes, she knows he loves her and that Hunter doesn’t matter anymore.

“Make them bleed!” he says “Crush them, bring me more souls. Let the river’s run with the blood of their loved ones.”

Maeve looked at him, her eyes filled with excitement “Now you’re talking!” She kisses him.

He grabs her and holds her close and she kisses her. He waves his hand over one of the bedrooms and carried his bride to bed.

The next morning or evening rather Maeve woke. She looked over to see if The Shadow King was still there but he already left. Dust was now setting in. Maeve smiles as she looks out the window. “Time to get to work.”


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