The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve: Chapter 9 Maeve takes Celeste




Maeve takes Celeste

Late at night Maeve crept around town. She was beautiful, I mean she was terrifying but beautiful. Maeve wore an 18 century red and black dress with a hooded black cloak over it. Marius made all of his fledglings dress this way. He was from the 18th century so they must all dress as he sees it. She has dressed this way for so long that she was used to it by now.

A familiar smell came to her. It was her son, but she wasn’t ready to face him. See as powerful as she had become, she was also afraid. She feared his reaction to her. If she had a heart, it would be beating fast. She did everything she could to protect him from her. Her arms ached to hold him. She waited and watched. The smell was getting closer. The shadows kept Maeve out of sight as she heard footsteps coming closer. Maeve moved deeper into the shadows as woman walked past, a waitress. She had smelt her son. She followed behind this woman for sometime. She still smelt her son and didn’t know why. Maeve All the while staying in the shadows, lurking behind her. Then it dawned on Maeve. She smiled realizing it. “This was his wife.” She remembered as if being woken from a dream. “How could you forget her? Matthew’s mother.”

Maeve needed their attention. She needed to make her presence known. She came behind the woman. “Excuse me, I believe I have lost my way”.

The woman turned around startled as she did not hear Maeve coming up on her. “Oh, I’m sorry you gave me a fright. I didn’t hear you there at first.”

Maeve smiled “Well that is the idea.”

Celeste moves away from the woman.

Maeve smiles showing her fangs as she grabs Celeste. “I am sorry for this, but if you are with me than you will be safe and my son will come looking for you.”

“What safe from what? Who are you? What do you want with me?” Celeste tries to fight back and pull away from the woman but Maeve was too strong.

“From the chaos I will release on this town.” She grabs her and sinks her teeth into her neck so quickly and with such force the Cleste had no time to react.

Maeve moved away from her and licked her lips. Celeste grabbed her neck in pain. “Don’t worry my dear it won’t last long. Now we must leave.” She takes Celeste’s hand and turns both her and Celeste into the same milky fog.

The fog floated through town all the way to the abandoned cottage. It was there that Maeve and Celeste regained their physical state. “Don’t worry, I will not keep you that long.”

Celeste was in a daze, her skin was becoming paler and her lips seemed to be darker in contrast to her pale skin. Celeste was hungry. Maeve looked at her “Oh yes you need to eat. Well go on then, find yourself a deer or some animal. Remember I am the only one allowed to turn anyone in this town. Is that clear?”

Celeste looked at Maeve her eyes as dark as the night “Yes mistress.”

“Good, then feed, and when you return the small room over there is for you. You will need to rest soon.”

Celeste walked in a daze not thinking about anything else but food. She was a young vampire so her instincts weren’t great but her drive was. Unlike Maeve who knew how to control her bloodlust, Celeste would have attacked anything that came near her. Lucky for the town, Celeste had orders.

“Good, then feed, and when you return the small room over there is for you. You will need to rest soon.” That is what Maeve told her. Celeste felt this urge to do whatever Maeve says. She crept through the woods searching for food. Normally Celeste wouldn’t hurt anyone. She detested hunting in all forms but now she was hungry. She was a man walking in the woods. Something inside of her told her to attack but she wasn’t sure.

The words Maeve commanded repeating in her head. “Find yourself a deer of some animal.” Celeste said “No. Not him. My mistress wants an animal.” So she kept looking. After searching for some time and feeling weak, she found a rabbit. She was quiet and snuck up on behind the rabbit and grabbed it. She sinks her teeth into the rabbit and drinks. Once she had her fill her returned to the cabin just as her mistress said.


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