Chapter 19 Maeve helps Matthew



When I woke, I found myself in a place void of light. The darkness was overwhelming. I could feel it deep down in my soul. There was no love, no hope just complete darkness.

I tried to move, but I felt as if something was holding me down. I looked all around, but I couldn’t see anything. My eyes hadn’t adjusted to the lack of light. If they had, I might have seen him approaching me. All I could see was a shadow. I didn’t know if I could speak out of fear of the unknown. What was he I thought? I thought I had seen the shadow smile if that were possible.

“Who are you? Where am I?” I couldn’t believe I could speak even though my voice must have sound weak and feeble to him.

“I am The Shadow King, the Lord of The Shadow Realm and you are my slave.” he laughed. “You are weak now, but that will change. You cry over your family. It’s pathetic. I brought you here to give you a chance. A chance to return to your loved ones. You miss them don’t you?”

He answered without giving me a chance to reply.

“You miss them because you are weak, but you do not know or realize how much darkness is in your heart. You will make a great slave.”

“But how will I get back to my loved ones, if I am your slave!” I thought about Maurelle. I knew Maurelle was in pain. I couldn’t lose her. I couldn’t lose them. Where were my kids? What happened to them? There had been too much loss in my life. “I will not lose her! I will not lose them” I thought about the first time I saw her. How beautiful her wings glistened in the sunlight. She has been my light in my darkest of days but something tells me my darkest days are yet to come.

The Battle of Souls

The Shadow King enter my prison. “You have done well my slave. You have succeeded in your second task, but there are many more to come. Are you sure you’re strong enough to be useful?” He laughed “For a weak mortal you have done well. I am preparing great things for your return.”

I looked at him exhausted. Not knowing if I can continue but knowing I had to see my family again. How were they? How much time had passed? I worried about them every second of every day.

“Now my slave.” The Shadow King glared at me.

I hated when he called me his slave.

“You will gain special powers in this next task. You will gain the power of throwing flames and you will also be able to force people away from you.” The Shadow King smiles his plan was working. “You will also be able to teleport. Just remember that I am your master. Do you understand me slave? You want to see your precious fairy again don’t you?”

I agreed though I had my doubts. “Yes, master.” I wanted to see Maurelle again. I wanted to hug my children again. In the back of my mind I had always wondered if The Shadow King would keep his word and release me. It made little sense. Why would he train me and give me these powers? I could become stronger than him.

“You will have to lead your own army of souls against my army.” The Shadow King laughs “You will have one month to train your army.” He smirks “You will need this month. Your army has never fought before. They are weak just like you are slave. This will be harder for you than you can imagine. You will fight for control over the dark castle. My army will destroy you.” He smiles “My souls will eat your soul when I win.”

The Shadow King waved his hand, and I took to the castle The Shadow King spoke of. The castle looked abandoned. It was black with soot as if a fire had destroyed it. The walls looked as if Ivy had grown up the sides of the castle at one time but now only a dead vine wrapped around the castle. “I guess nothing grows here.”

My army comprised 100 men. They were the weakest men I have ever seen. I had a lot of work to do. I tried to teach them how to fight with a sword, however some of them couldn’t even lift the sword. They ran each morning and then lifted weights and did kinesthetics. I know they cursed me, but I needed to strengthen them. I needed to motivate them.

I again tried to teach them how to sword fight. Half of them still could not lift the sword. I smiled as I got an idea. Those who could lift the sword to train further. The others had another week of fitness training. Maybe they would never be able to lift a sword. This was a horrible army.

As for my warriors those who could wield the sword after two weeks of training they were ready. We practice attacking each other and learning how to defend ourselves. I knew I would not win. The Shadow King had given me the weakest army of souls he had. I had to train them but they were still his souls. This made no sense. What did The Shadow King want? Why were they fighting for me and not him? How was I going to get back to my family and be his slave? The darkness from being down in The Shadow Realm ate away at me. I believed I could become stronger than him. Could I take it over and make him my slave? As these thoughts came to me, I could feel the darkness taking its hold on me. My skin became red. At first it was light but as time went on, it became darker and darker.

We were ready. I wanted to have them ride into battle on horseback. We spend a week learning how to ride and learning how to attack while riding. With four days left before the battle I ran them through several exercises until the night before the battle.

The night before the battle, The Shadow King came. “Tomorrow is the battle mortal.” He laughed “I hope you’re ready. My army is the strongest of all the worlds. Surely you will lose. My army comprises 1,000 souls. So, how are you going to win.” He smirked as he said this.

I tried to hid my fear. How was I going to defeat this army? I became angry. This was my last chance to see my family. I couldn’t lose. But how am I supposed to win? I thought of Maurelle, my little fairy and my kids. I needed to be there for them.

The Shadow King stood early the next morning on the battlefield walking in front of his army. He spoke to them but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. “Prepare yourselves for death.” He looked to the sky and smiled. I saw the smile and wondered what it was he was looking at. The Shadow King knew his plan was working. He walked off and seemed to vanish as he did. This seemed to mark the start of the battle.

As the fighting began it was obvious how weak my army was. I lost half of my army the first day. We only killed five of his archers. How were we supposed to get up and fight tomorrow? Night came and went and once again we were on the battlefield feeling less confident than we did yesterday.

As the battle rages on more of my men have fallen. I have lost all hope and wanted to give up. Something came swooping down at me as I looked to the sky. I couldn’t tell what it was. A flash of black and red shot across the sky. I seemed like the same demon that took my dad’s clone away. Members of The Shadow King army disappeared. This darkness came across the sky and would swoop down a grabbed them and took them. I do not understand where they took of what it did with them.

The Shadow King appeared before me. “You are lucky mortal. This creature helped you or you would have been defeated.”

I looked at him exhausted from the battle. I could feel the sores on my body as I ached. “And why has this creature helped me? It has helped me before.”

“You do not know this creature but she knows you.” He paced “She is a vampire. One of Marius’s vampires.” He neglected to say this vampire was also his own wife. “I captured her and left her for you to find. She messed with my battle and cost me my victory. She must pay. Which leads me to your next task. I have taken this vampire. You better move or she will die!”

“She’s a vampire. She’s already dead. Why would I care about a vampire?” The darkness was affecting me. My eyes had a hint of red in them and my face I could feel it getting warm. My once ivory complexation reddened. At first only Matthew could see the differences in himself.

“I didn’t ask you if you cared. I gave you a command and expect you to follow it!” And with that The Shadow King waved his hand and teleported Matthew to the woods.

Searching for Maeve

I woke in the woods. My eyes were not adjusted to the absence light. I couldn’t see as it was so dark. I listened hoping to figure out where I was but I couldn’t hear anything. The sound of the wind rustling in the trees, the sound of animals scurrying on the ground, none of these sounds could be heard. All of could hear was this ringing in my head. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I looked at my surroundings. Everything was dead. The leaves, the plants, and the trees all dead. I looked around for someone who could help me but I realized just how dead this place was. Then I laughed to myself “The Shadow King knows I can control people now. That’s why there are no people here. I’m getting stronger and he knows it. You pathetic god, I will defeat you. I will be stronger than you.”

I felt like I had been searching for this vampire for years. I saw the change of days and seasons. I trudged through snow, rain, wind and ice. I was not thinking I was just going through the motions. I had lost all hope and I was about to give up when I saw a shadow moving before me. “What are you? Show yourself!” I never saw its face. It spoke in a deep echoing voice. At first I had to cover my ears as I was not used to hearing anything. It had been so quiet for so long.

The shadow spoke “I am not the one who saved you but I will be the one who stops you. You will be defeated and you will never save your vampire.”

I looked at him with a curious gaze. “My vampire what do you mean but that demon?”

He laughed “You know nothing and you will fail.” And with that the shadowy figure was gone.

I looked around again and there was still nothing. Everything was still dead. The first week I searched the woods. It was a strange feeling walking amongst a dead forest. The only sounds I could hear were that of my heart beating and the sounds of my feet crushing the dead leaves with each step. As I walked, I noticed that the forest was changing. Nothing was the same, and I felt hopeless.

The shadow came back. “I told you. I told you you won’t succeed. You will fail. You think you’re stronger than my master but you are not. Do you give up mortal?”

I was angered by this demon. “I am stronger than him and one day I will be your mast and his!” I was so angry that my words spit out of me like fire. My skin was turning redder, and I wondered what I would do when I found my family. What would Maurelle think of me if she saw my skin? I need to hid this from her. It would scare her. I tried to control my skin tone and calm myself. The stronger I am the more powers I have and then no one will stop me. I could hid the way I look from Maurelle and protect her. I will rule all the realms and she will be by my side.

Now to find this vampire. I thought he would have placed her in a dark spot. Thinking myself rather silly for searching for this vampire during the day. I slept during the day and hunted at night.

As I walked around, I thought something was following me. I felt something breathing on my neck. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I thought I could take out whatever was about to attack me. But there was nothing there. It must have been The Shadow King taunting me but I will get the last laugh.

Even though the trees were dead, they still obstructed my view. I couldn’t see anything, I needed to climb one to get a better view. I tried to climb one tree but there was nothing for me to hold onto.

“Damn it!” I paced back and forth cursing to myself. Something I would have never done before.

I knew things would be difficult, but I needed to get back to my family. Maurelle had to be worried. I can’t imagine how she must felt.

The man I saw before was still standing over me. “Give up yet slave!” The Shadow King said.

“I will do whatever it takes to get back to them.” He laughed as I spoke.

“Do you think they would even remember you or care about you? Do you know how long you have been down here?”

I looked at him in fear. “What do you mean? How long have I been here?” My voice raised. “What did you do to Maurelle?” I stood up as if I would attack him.

“Oh my little slave. What do you think you will gain from this? I did nothing to your little fairy.” he laughed “I don’t think your fairy will even remember you. I have it on good authority that all of her loving memories of you were taken. Poor little fairy with no one who loves her.”

I grew angry. Where was Justin? I had hoped he would be with her? “Where is my son?”

“Oh the infant. So sad to grow up without a family.” He looked around making sure that Maeve wasn’t anywhere to hear what he was saying. She would hate him talking to her grandson this way. “So much concern for the baby but what of the other two?”

Matthew didn’t know what to say. He only remembered Justin and Maurelle.

I tried to calm myself down as I listened to him. What had happened to Maurelle? Where was my son? All of these thoughts, came crashing around me. “The other two? What other two?

“Your children. You have three children. How can a man forget his own flesh and blood?” He laughed.

Matthew was confused and angry.

“I guess your wife did a better job at hiding them then you realized. You will forget all of this soon enough. When he attacked you, your wife cast a spell protecting her children. What that spell did I am not at liberty to say what happened. Listen, I am giving you a chance. I was not the one who killed you and I was not the one who separated your family. I will tell you a secret.”

“What is this secret?” Matthew asked. He needed to know where his children were. As soon as Jonathan said something he knew it was true. He knew!

“This vampire who has been helping you, she is your grandmother.” Jonathan laughed again. He was having a great time tormenting Matthew.

“My grandmother!”

“Yes her name is Maeve. I promised her she could help you. She’s not too happy about what I’m doing with you.”

He smiled “But she knows I am in control here.”

Matthew was confused “Why would you even let her help? What does it matter what she thinks?”

The Shadow King smiles “Your grandmother is an amazing woman. And this is what you will forget when you leave here. She is my wife, and she’s also a vampire. When your father was a baby, she was bitten. She couldn’t take care of him and the town ran her out. Hunter turned on her. You are her family, and she will do anything for her family.”

“What of my kids? Who are they? Where are there?”

“I only know where Justin is. Not the other two. Magic works in strange ways. Justin was with you and your wife when the attack occurred. Maeve and Maurelle were protecting him. The other two had to rely on your wife’s magic.”

“Why weren’t they with us? Where were they?”

“All in good time. There are questions that I can’t even answer.”

As The Shadow King left, I knew I had to find Maeve. This was the first time I told her name out loud. “Maeve?” I heard stories of her but now I know they were all lies. They said she became deathly ill when my father was a baby and died. Maurelle must have protected our kids from memory so her father wouldn’t attack them but where are they? Where is Maurelle? He needed to push these thoughts out of his mind to focus. “I need to get out of here first and find Maeve. Then I will find all of you I promise. My little fairy.”

I thought of the demon. It could fly. If I could capture it and make it work for me, it will search for the vampire for me. I called to it, “Demon I command you to come!”

The demon appeared behind me. “I do not answer to you! You are nothing mortal!”

I laugh and turn around to see the demon. I grew angry listening to it. My skin became redder. “You think you can beat me demon? You think yourself better than me?”

“I know I am!” The demon growled.

How I could control him? Defeating him was easy but controlling I was not sure about. He needed to help me find Maeve. I thought of how The Shadow King controlled people. He had souls. I smiled at the demon. “Give it your best shot!”

The demon charged at me with its claws out. As it reached me I allowed it to attack. His claws sank into me. It caused pain so I screamed. I thought it wouldn’t hurt. I thought he could not hurt me. As he pulled his claws out of me to strike again, a strange sensation came over me. I looked at my skin and then looked up at the Demon.

“Is that all you got?” My wounds healed and I groaned as they did.

“Now are you done playing?” I wasn’t sure what I would do to the demon, I thought of The Shadow King and his souls and wondering if this demon even had a soul. If it did, maybe I could control it.

At first I tried to pull his soul from him. As I held his soul in my hands I looked down at his lifeless body. It was now just a hollow shell. I was impressed with myself. I hadn’t known I could do that but now how to use this to help me find Maeve?

“Well this didn’t work out the way I planned but it’s still awesome.” I smiled knowing I had beat the demon. I knew now what I had suspected earlier. The Shadow king will be defeated. Each one of these tasks were strengthening me, and he thought he could control me.

With the soul still in my hands, I cut my hand and dripped the blood, my blood on his soul. I then attached his soul back to his body. “Now you are mine. I have marked your soul.” I had seen the shadow king do this many times before.

The demon stands up and looks at me, “Yes master.”

I smiled as he said “Master!” I knew I would win now. I knew my power would exceed The Shadow King’s power and I knew I would take over his realm and all the realms. Now to find Maeve.

“Demon, take me to the vampire!”

The demon took my hand, and we flew up high. The wind rushed past me as we flew. Higher and higher we rose until we came to a cave. “So this is where you’re hiding her?”

The demon looked at me and spoke with almost no feeling or expression to his voice. “Yes master.” He pointed for me to go inside.

“Stay here demon. You are mine now.”

He nodded his head in agreement.

I walked into the cave at first I couldn’t see anything being the cave was so dark. I felt a presence.

There was a voice, “So you figured it out.”

I jumped as I heard this voice and turned around. “Who is there? Show yourself?”

As I looked around my eyes adjusted to the darkness. There standing before me was a beautiful woman. Her bright red hair lay in stark contrast to her pale porcelain skin. She was beautiful. I thought of my fairy and smiled thinking of her and her beauty. I looked at this woman again and came to my sense. “You’re Maeve?”

“And you found me.” She smiled

“Yes I did and now tell me why I should even care about you?” I wanted to hear her story. The Shadow King told me she was my grandmother, but I wanted to hear it from her.

“I am your grandmother.”

This still seemed strange. She was beautiful. How could she be my grandmother? “How is this possible? You’re a vampire! And you looked, well you look hot for a grandmother.”

Maeve smiled “Well I am. I was turned when your father was just a baby.”

I said the words over to myself and then out loud. “My grandmother. So you were married to Hunter.” I couldn’t stomach this I hate that man.

“He wasn’t always like this. I know how you hate him. A long time ago, he was a good man. He was a loving husband and a good father. But that was a long time ago. Everything changed after Marius turned me. He couldn’t even look at me. All the love he had for me was gone. Every time he looked at Hunter he saw me. He didn’t want to hold him. When the town turned on me, he took Hunter from me and he let them attack me. They burnt our house down.”

Matthew never heard this story before. “Then you hate him as much as I do?”

Maeve nodded, “I have plans for him. But why do you hate him?”

“He never cared for me or my kids. Why should I care for him?”

“I can’t answer that for you. That is something you must come to terms with on your own.”

“So this leads me to you. Why help me?” He looked at her trying to be strong and show her how brave he was but his heart was racing. He always wondered what his grandmother was like but here she is now looking amazing. She didn’t look a day over 30. This was all so new to him.

“You’re my family. Like I said before, I couldn’t be there for Alexander or you. But I can be there now!”

She looks at him. She is worried about him. “I hope you can control the Demon. He is very dangerous.”

He laughs, “He is a monster… I can control monsters… it is under my control.”

She looks shocked, “So you are in control here then. The Shadow King will not be happy. He gave me these orbs. You can place them in different place all throughout Majestica. They will help spread the Demon’s darkness, but I beg you not to use them. Matthew I fear for you. You seem different.” She was worried for him. “There is enough for each section of Majestica. I guess it is better if you control Majestica than The Shadow King, but please don’t fall into the temptation that the darkness offers.”

“I have to do this.” He teleports Maeve and himself to Majestica and places the orbs. “The Shadow King controls me so if I control Magista it’s him controlling it.” He didn’t want to tell Maeve about his powers or his thoughts of overthrowing The Shadow King for fear she will stop him.

She was worried, but she knew Matthew didn’t have a choice and neither did she. “I know he has a strong hold on you. Matthew you need to break his hold over you. I know this will be difficult. I have been trying to break free from Marius ever since I was turned.”

“You must have been sad when you left your family. I know this feeling well. I would do anything to get back to mine.”

“However I can help you, I will. I couldn’t help Alexander or Hunter but I will do my best to help you.”

“The Shadow King told that you to help me till my 8th task… he won’t let you stay more… Marius will he be mad if The Shadow King keeps you as his slave?”

“I know he will. My whole life I have watched my family suffer and could do nothing to stop it. Just remember that there are people fighting for you and that love is not a weakness but a strength.”

“I have to remember that… thank you Maeve. My love for my family is keeping me going.” He said.

“Matthew all my life I wanted to get to know you. So this has been my pleasure. I only wish I could do more.”

“I wish that too.” He smiled and hugged her.


Chapter 18 Maeve tells Alexander of how she helped Matthew


She knew what Jonathan meant. It was time for her mission. Time for her to spend time with Matthew. “It is time.” She nodded her head and looked at him. He smiled “And vampire” he called as she was leaving “See you when you die.” In other words, see you at home but he couldn’t say that. He didn’t want Matthew to know how she was.

The Shadow King allowed Maeve to help Matthew with some of these tasks. She was grateful to spend time with him and she decided that she didn’t care what Jonathan’s plan was as long as she could spend time with Matthew.

Maeve was in her farm house planning. She smiled thinking Alexander’s on her side now. She looked around at her burn house. Alexander should see all of this. He would see what they did to our family, what Hunter let them do.

There was a knock on the door. She came and opened it. She smiled as best she could. “Welcome home Alexander.”

“So this is what they did. They destroyed your life.” He said.

“Yes and now I will destroy theirs but first Celeste.” The bedroom what Celeste was staying in had magically transformed when she arrived. It went from looking and smelling burnt to being a beautiful room. Celeste was resting on the bed. She looked peaceful.

Maeve motioned to her son to follow her. She led him to the side room and opened the door.

As the door opened, Alexander could see Celeste resting on the bed. He thought it was rather odd that this room seemed untouched by the fire. He ran to Celeste first. She was cold to the touch and pale. “What did you do to her?” he asked his mother. “Why is she so cold?” Then he say two small holes on her neck. He put his hand to her neck and caressed it. “You turned her?” He asked as his voice cracked.

“She will be fine. It was the only way to get her here.” Maeve said with little warmth in her voice.

“But she is so cold and pale.” Alexander questioned his mother.

“I can release her. She is safe here.”

Alexander pulled the blanket over her and covered Celeste. He then looked around the room and then looked at his mother. “How did you do all of this? How was this room not touched by the fire? Vampires don’t have magic?”

Maeve smirked “Well, I’m not your average vampire.” She wondered if anyone ever told him that she was a fairy. “Alexander I have always had magic. I was born a fairy. Didn’t your father tell you that?” She thought about this as she paced. “He must have forgotten or put it out of his memories”

“A fairy!” He was amazed. “Is that why I have magic?”

“Yes, you have fairy blood running through your veins.”

Maeve wanted to tell her son everything, but she remembered what The Shadow King had said. “Now you see she is safe, we need to talk about Matthew.”

Maeve looked at him. She knew he would not like that plan and she also knew she couldn’t tell him everything. “The Shadow King offered Mathew’s freedom if he accomplished certain tasks for him”

“Tasks! What kind of tasks?” His voice was becoming raised.

She could hear the agitation his voice. “I don’t know all of them or why this deal was made. All I know is that I could to help. My master….” She paused thinking about what she was saying. “Marius allowed me to help. I’m not sure why or what he gained from allowing it.” She was lying and hoping her son didn’t catch on. She couldn’t tell him the entire plan. He would hate it. Marius had no idea Maeve was helping Matthew.

“The Shadow King and Marius have worked together for years. I have accompanied my Master on many of these trips to The Shadow Realm. And that is when I saw Matthew. I recognized him. He looks so much like you did at that age.” She looked at her son as she said this.

“How you do you know what I looked like. You were never around.” He was angry.

“I used to watched you all the time. I wasn’t allowed to intervene, but I wanted to. And I will be forever sorry for that.”

Alexander looked at his mother a little annoyed. He knew she was hiding things from him but he wanted to get her to talk to him about his son. “Maeve, I know and I am sorry that these things happened to you. I don’t blame you for them but I was without you, without my mother for all these years. Please just tell me about my son.”

Maeve was sad that he didn’t call her mom but she knew it would take time. She agreed to tell Alexander what she could.

“Let me explain this to you. I helped him. There are things you must know.” She looked at her on worried.

Alexander worried about what Maeve was not telling him. “Tell me whatever it is! Whatever it is!”

Maeve paused for a moment. “These tasks they are designed by The Shadow King to make Matthew stronger. The Shadow King wants him to become a powerful slave. My job was to help him complete these tasks. My intention was to help him get back to his family. If he could succeed The Shadow King would let him leave.”

Maeve knew The Shadow King didn’t want Matthew to leave. “I knew the tasks would be difficult. Marius allowed me to help. I don’t know why he did. I wanted to spend time with my grandson. It was the first time I could spend time with anyone in my family. I did my best to help Matthew in any way I could. Even if it was just to give him a little hope. I know it sounds strange hope coming from a vampire but that’s what he needed.”

“And did you do that? Did you give my son hope?” He asked his mother

Maeve smiled “I did the best I could, but someone else already gave him hope.”

“Who and how?” Alexander was confused.

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Chapter 17 Maeve attacks new arrivals to the Shadow Realm


Maeve attacks new arrivals to the Shadow Realm

Jonathan walked the corridors of The Shadow Realm watching and waiting for new arrivals to come. Maeve was waiting at the docks waiting as well. She knew The Shadow King would be there for he loves to watch her work. “What would you like me to do with them my dear?”

Jonathan smirks “Whatever you’d like my dear.”

She smiles “That’s a very dangerous response.”

He smiles and winks “I know!”

Maeve walked up to the new arrivals and walked around them. She looked at The Shadow King and smiled “My name is Maeve.” She smiles and looks back at Jonathan. “I know many of you have heard of me. I was once a young woman who was attacked by a monster and then I became that monster. Now I am here with The Shadow King.”

She sees one of them sweating. She laughs, “Oh you’ve heard of me? See down here The Shadow King is in charge and we’ll if you don’t listen to him.” Whispers in one of their ears. “You will answer to me.”

Maeve takes the man she was whispering to and turns him around to face her. “Blood of the living is the purest kind. You’re the closest I can get down here dear. I will show all of you what happened since I turned. She grabs the man with great speed and sinks her teeth into his neck. The man turned pale and grey as she sucked his blood. He drops to the ground as Maeve takes out a handkerchief and wipes her mouth. “Now rise and go stand beside The Shadow King.” Maeve turns to The Shadow King “Looks like you have another guard. Anyone else like to join him?”

Maeve comes over to Jonathan and kisses him. “That was fun.” He smiles and puts his hands at her waist. “Come walk with me. I have something to show you.”

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The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve (Book 1) Chapter 16 Carillon and Alexander Talk

Carillon goes to Alex




Alexander sat at his desk waiting for Carillon. He tapped at his desk wishing he could call Celeste and tell her. He wondered if his mother wanted them all to know. He looked out his window. It would be dark soon and then he could talk to her.

There was a knock on the door. He took a deep breath as his heart was racing and opened the door. “Good afternoon Mrs. Smith.” He motions for her to come in. “How can I help you?”

“Hello, Mr. Marks, and thank you for seeing me.”

“Oh Alexander please.” He had thought of that Luke would have come with her. “And your sheriff, he’s not joining us today?”

She smiles, “Well, he worked the late shift last night. So I assume he is still asleep.” Carillon had left early for work that morning and she didn’t see Luke come home. She assumed that she missed him. She sent him a message earlier that day, but she thought he was asleep and he would be the messages later.

“Ah right well, you had questions.” Alexander himself looked tired. He couldn’t sleep as he was worried about Celeste, his mother and countless others were in danger. He questioned his mother’s plans.

“Yes, you see Justin is at the point where is his questioning things. Questions like how could anyone give me up? Where am I from? Who were my parents? Things like that.”

“Well rest assure. I have the answers you seek but are you sure you want them?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

Alexander sighs, “A lot goes on that you are not aware of Mrs. Smith.”

Carillon at the time had no inkling of any issues. She only wondered from time to time why Mr. Marks seemed so interest in Justin.

Alexander sits down on his desk and pulls a photo from his desk.

“Now before I give this to you, you know I did this for his safety and having this knowledge might put you and your family in danger.”

“Danger?” She said confused.

“Yes danger and I don’t know if I can protect you and him from it any longer.” Alexander hands her the photo. Carillon holds the photo in her hand and examines it and then looks up at Alexander once again confused. “Who is this? It looks like Justin.”

“That is my son Matthew. Justin’s father.”

So many questions raced through Carillon’s mind. “You’re Justin’s grandfather?”

“I am. I know you have noticed me watching him. I tried to keep my distance so no one knew I was connected to him.”

Carillon didn’t know what to say. She took a moment to gather her thoughts and think about what she would do with this information she received.

“I don’t understand.” She had so many questions. “Why don’t you want to be connected to him? Where is his father? His mother?”

“Ok settle down and I will explain the best I can.”

He talked about the car accident and how Matthew died. He spoke of Justin and how perfect he was. “It was amazing. Matthew was perfect. Matthew and Maurelle must have been protecting him. They must have been.”

“Maurelle? Is that his mom? Justin’s mom?” She asked.

“Yes but his name is Shawn? It means gift from God and that is how they viewed him. As a gift from God.”

Carillon understood. She and Luke had names Justin after Luke’s father.

“Ah right, Shawn.” She replied

“And yes Maurelle was her name.” He said feeling the ping of sadness having lost both of them and then to lose being part of Justin’s life.

“And then what about her? Justin would want to know.”

“Listen, the accident was horrific.” Tears came to his eyes as he remembered it. Carillon had never seen him show any signs of emotion before.

“Maurelle’s body was never found but,” he turned away and looked at the window as she spoke to avoid Carillon seeing how upset he was. “There was so much blood. I can’t see how she would have survived.”

She let out a sigh and sat down in the chair across from him. Cari had hoped for good news to share with Justin. She didn’t know how to explain this to him.

“Carillon I know this is a lot to take in, but it was needed to be said.” He handed her a tissue as he could see her tears coming.

“How am I supposed to tell him? I mean he would be happy to know they loved him but to lose them all over again.”

Alexander sat at his desk again. “That I am not sure but I’m also not sure he should be told. Carillon I said it was an accident, but it wasn’t. They were attacked.”

She looked up in horror. “What!”

“Carillon I don’t think I need to explain this to you. I know you have seen things even here that you can’t explain.”

Carillon looks up wanting not to believe him but knowing he was right.

“Most people go through their entire lives and take no notice to the world around them. They miss those things. They chose not to see them or not to believe. The world is magnificent, breathtaking place. There are magnificent and dangerous things in our world Carillon.”

Carillon look at him, “I know, I’ve seen things but.” In reality Carillon chose not to see most things.

“When you open your mind to it, you will see more.”

Alexander looked over and saw a pot of tea on the side. “Would you care for some tea Carillon?” He smiled “Allow me to open your eyes.”

Carillon wasn’t sure what he meant but tea sounded good. Just as she nodded her head, a cup and saucer came floating over and landed on the desk in front of her and one in front of Alexander. She let out a gasp and jumped up as a tea pot came and poured two cups of tea.

“Carillon how do you take your tea.” He smiled, “Welcome to my world Carillon.”

Carillon gathered her thoughts and then sat back down. She seemed to shake as she picked up her cup. Cari tried to act calm but she was not. She placed the cup back on the saucer but her hands were shaking so much that some of the tea spilled.

Alexander smirked. “Carillon it’s okay. I am still the same person I was before. Well all of us have.” He stopped and thought for a moment. “Special gifts if you will.” As he stirred his tea. “Carillon, listen it will take you awhile to get used to but now that your eyes are open, you will see many great things.”

Carillon nodded, “But Justin, I don’t understand what this has to do with him. Why can’t I tell him who is his? About his parents? None of it?”

“Carillon what you need to realize, if people find out, Justin could be in danger. Carillon his parents were murdered. So I cut ties with Justin. If he didn’t know who he was, then he would be safe from him. He would leave him alone.”

“Who?” Carillon inquired.

“Maurelle, her father. He tried to kill them all.” He said as his face seemed to change from that of sadness to anger. He couldn’t remember Tommy and Gwen, not since the accident. He still didn’t have his memories of them.

Carillon jumped up, “Why are you telling me all of this? Is he still out there? Is Justin in danger now?”

“Well yes, his is. But things are changing now.”

“Changed? What has changed? Is it because I’m asking? I’ll lie to keep him safe.”

“Well, my mother for one and many others, I don’t think you are ready to hear.” He clears his throat. “Carillon we need to protect him. Things are changing.”

“Your mother? What would she have to do with any of this? She asked.

Alexander didn’t want to speak their about this so he simply ignored the question.

“So you gonna tell him. Accept him as your grandson.”

“I going to have to.” He sighs, “I’ve missed him.”

Carillon reaches across the table and takes his hand. “He will be happy to have his real family back.”

“Carillon you are his family. His parents would be happy to know he was well taken care of. Go home and talk to Luke, and take this.” He hands her a box. “These were some of his parents things.” The box contained a small crochet fairy and frog. “These were his parents when they are kids.” He added.

Carillon took the box, she paused as both of them held the box. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome Carillon.”

The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve (Book 1) Chapter 15 The Accident


He opened the door for Celeste. She walked in and hung her coat on the hook. She smiled at Alexander as he looked at his phone. “They are coming right? I can’t wait to see them.” She walked into the kitchen talking about baking cookies for her grand kids. She continued to talk as she empties the dishwasher.

Alexander comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist. “It will be lovely to see them again.” He smiled as he nuzzles into her neck.

She smiles and places her hands on his arms as they wrap around her. “It would be nice the house is so quiet now.”

She turns to face him, her smile is warm and full of love. “I can’t wait to hold Justin in my arms. I wonder how big Tommy and Gwen are now.”

He hugs her. “He will be the most spoiled little fairy in all the realms. I wonder if Tommy would like to go see the trains when he’s here.”

The phone rang, “Who could call at this hour?” Alexander said

Celeste turned to load the dishwasher As she did she continued to talk to herself about what she would do when they all got here.

“We need to get a tree. Justin would love to pick one out when he’s older. We can take Gwen and Tommy with us this year. Maybe we can wait and get it when they get here. Do you remember picking a tree out with them when they were little? Oh I remember when Maurelle came with us that one time. They were so cute when they were little. I always knew they would end up together.”

Alexander held the phone in his hand and as if all the life left his body, the phone dropped on the floor. Celeste heard it drop and turned to see Alexander standing there. He looked as if he was in shock. His face was pale and his entire body was shaking.

He didn’t know what to do. Alex felt like his entire body was shutting down. He leaned on the table as he felt his legs giving out on him.

Celeste grabbed him as he was about to fall and she helps him into the chair. “Alex what is it?” He couldn’t speak. He tried to open his mouth, but the words didn’t come out.

Celeste looked over at the phone and picked it up off the floor. She felt her her pounding faster and faster.

She comes back over to him. Kneeling by his side she takes his hand. “Alex please tell me what’s wrong. I can help please.”

He looked up as tears ran down his face.

“Did something happen? Please tell me.”

He squeezes her hand. “Dear there was an accident.” He wiped his eyes as he cried. “I need to go.”

“Wait! Who’s hurt?” She was confused as Alexander could not speak.

He stood in the kitchen as if he was getting ready to go to work. He felt his pocket for his keys and wallet.

Alex turned to Celeste who stood next to him, not understanding what was happening but her thoughts were racing.

Alexander took her hands, “Please, there was an accident. Honey try to relax.”

Then Celeste knew, “Oh no not Matt, please.” She was losing the feeling in her legs as he did earlier.

Alex grabs her “Now we know nothing yet.”

“But it was Matty.” Her voice was trembling.

“Honey all I know is that they airlifted him to the hospital.”

“Maurelle and Justin were they with him?” She looks up wiping her tears.

All of a sudden their memories of Tommy and gwen were gone. It was as if they never existed.

“Justin is fine.” He laughed a little. “Not a scratch on him.”

She noticed that he said nothing about Maurelle.

“Don’t panic, we know nothing yet. Now let’s get to the hospital.”

Celeste couldn’t think now. All she could think about was getting to her son.

As they arrive at the hospital, they were meet by a doctor who explained what happened.

“Hello, my name is Dr. Peters. Mr. Marks, I’m sorry that we are meeting under these circumstances You are your son’s emergency contact.” He paused thinking of how to tell him all of this. “Doctors are working with him now trying to stabilize him.”

Alexander paced. “I’m sorry sir. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you and your family.  Have spoken with the detectives yet?”

Celeste interrupts, “No! What’s wrong. Why can’t I see my son? Where’s Maurelle and Justin? Why aren’t they here?”

The doctor looked over to the nurse at the desk for help. “Your grandson I presume is Justin right?”

Celeste nodded

“Come with me and I can take you to him. He’s in the nursery now.”

The nurse was helping Celeste and comforting her the doctor could now talk with Alexander. “I only know what the detectives relayed to us. Your grandson is being monitored in the nursery. We see no issues but a child of his age involved in such a traumatic accident, well we want to be sure. So we will keep him overnight to monitor him.”

This seemed to calm Alexander down, “Good and his mother?”

“Mr. Marks we only have your grandson and son here. Speak with the detectives about that.”

“Ok, but now can I see my son. Dr. Peters?”

“I will check on their progress with him but for right now see your grandson, he needs you.”

Alexander went down to the nursery and looked in as Celeste was sitting on the rocking chair rocking Justin. He didn’t stay. He needed to know what happened. So he headed to the scene of the crime.

Alexander knew something was wrong. He feared the worst, so he left the hospital and headed to the accident scene. Celeste didn’t know where he was going because he feared she would want to come and he didn’t want her to see it. He didn’t know what he would find there.

As he drove to the accident he saw police officers and crime scene investigators still working the scene. He pulled his car over to the side and went to look at the accident.

“Excuse me sir.” one officer said. “I’m sorry but you can’t be here. We need to investigate.”

Al looked over, “I apologize but my son was involved in this accident and I am seeking information on his wife. Her name is Maurelle. Do you have any information on her?”

The officer looked uncomfortable, and he turned to his supervisor and motioned him to come over. “Detective Banks this is” He turned “I’m sorry I didn’t get your name” As he turned looking for Alexander he was gone.

Alexander in that moment froze the area in time and looked over everything. He wasn’t going to let anyone tell him he couldn’t not even the police.

With the knowledge he now had he returned to Celeste.

Alexander comes into the nursery and goes over to Celeste and puts his hand on her shoulder. Celeste was sitting in the rocking chair wearing one of those disposable yellow gowns as she held Justin.

“Not a scratch on him.” She said as she looked up and saw Alexander.

He came in and sat down on a stool next to them. “You know who did this don’t you.”

Celeste looked up at him with a horrified look on her face, “No, it can’t be. They were safe.” She shook her head in protest as she held Justin.

Alexander fought back tears as he spoke to her. “Honey, I went to the crash site.”

“No, no please stop.” Tears ran down her face.

“Celeste please, we have to accept this. I know it’s hard but you have to listen.”

She nodded her head as she held Justin and cried. She picked up his bottle and feed him. Rocking him seemed to therapeutic for her.

“I know this will be hard to hear but the crash, oh honey it was awful. The car well it’s a miracle, Justin is a miracle. Not a scratch on him. They had to be protecting him.”

“They” She said as she looked at him.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” He kept repeating himself not knowing what else to do or say. Alex got up and took Justin from Celeste and he laid him down in the bassinet as he did he kissed his forehead. He then turned to Celeste. “Maruelle and Matthew they must have been protecting him.”

Before he could say anything more, Celeste questioned him. She knew what he meant. They used magic, but they both knew they couldn’t say anything about that here. “Maurelle, where is she? Why isn’t she here?” Her thoughts were racing.

“Honey, I’m sorry. They found a lot of blood in the car on the passenger side They found Matthew on the driver’s side. Honey the passenger side door was open. It looks like she was dragged away.”

At that point Celeste has had enough. She cried so hard that she was having a hard time breathing. Celeste was pale as she gasped for air. She knew he had taken her. Justin was not safe with them. As she tried to calm herself she looked at Alexander, “What do we do now?” She said through her tears.

Alexander took a tissue and wiped her eyes. “First, we need to check on Matthew.”

Celeste nodded.

“Let me go check on him. He should be out of surgery soon.” Alexander kissed Celeste on the forehead and then went to check on Matthew. “I’ll get you some coffee and then head over there.”

Celeste Smiles as she squeezed his hand “Thank you.”

“It will be okay. We will make it through this.

Alexander went back to the main floor and sat with his coffee as he waited for news on his son. The night was turned to morning. Celeste was resting in the rocking chair but got up each time Justin needed her. Alexander dozed as he sat in the waiting area waiting to hear how Matthew was doing. The hours ticked by as they both waited. Alexander would get up and paced the halls as he waited.

Dr. Peters came out of the operating room. He looked exhausted, and he removed his mask.

Alexander jumped up as the doctor came into the room. He walked over to Alexander and sat on the bench. Alexander sat next to him waiting for the news. “I’m so sorry. His injuries were just too severe. We did everything we could. For now he is resting. He doesn’t have much time left. We could just make him conformable.

Alexander tried to hold his tears back.

“I suggest you and your wife see him now.”

Alexander places his hands on his eyes and his head on his knees as he wept. He had to say goodbye to his little boy.

Celeste came into the room and pulled a chair up to the bed. She takes Matthew’s hand as she fights back her own tears. “Oh Matty, what did you get yourself into. My sweet boy.”

Matthew opened his eyes as he hears his mother’s voice. “Mom?” He was groggy and confused.

“It’s ok honey I’m here. It will be all right.” She knew this was a lie, but she wanted him to be calm.

“Justin! Where is he?”

Celeste squeezed his hand, “Justin he’s fine. He’s sleeping in the nursery now.”

Matthew looked panicked. “He killed Maurelle, mom please keep him safe.” Matthew looked up, “She was screaming and I couldn’t save her. I should have done something. The car had me pinned down. I couldn’t move. I’m was supposed to protect her.” He cried.

Celeste wiped his tears, “Honey she knew you loved her. She knew you would have done anything for her.”

“I love her but I couldn’t save her.” he wiped his tears trying to calm himself.

“She is in a much better place now and she isn’t in anymore pain. And you,” She stopped fighting the tears. “You will be with her soon.”

“You have to hid Justin please?” He begged her but he gasped for air as his lungs filled with blood.

Alexander called for the doctor, knowing it was futile but hoping there was a way to ease his son’s pain.

In that moment it seemed like time stood still. There was a single tear on Celeste cheek as one more had just formed in the corner of her eyes. Alexander looking like he was running to the door, but he was frozen in place.

In the corner of the room two people appear. The woman was standing next to a man who appears to be an older Matthew. He grabs her hand as she is about to head to the bed. “You can’t stop this.”

The woman looked at the man lying on the bed. Her hands were trembling, her face was pale she said determined “But I can heal him now.” In almost a plea to the man next to her.

The man grabbed her and pulled her close to him as she tried to run to the man on the bed. He held her close as she cried. “Please.”

“Look at me.” He begged of her.

She continued to cry with her face buried into his chest.

“Look at me.” He repeated now almost as a command.

She looked up.

“I love you and he loves you. You know what happens.” She shakes her head and cries into his chest again. After a few moments she looks

After a few moments she looks up, “Please just give me a few minutes to talk to him.”

He nods, “But you can’t change anything. This has to happen.”

She smirks, “Oh please you know what happens.” He smiles and kisses her as he wipes more of her tears. “I know.”

She turns to the man lying on the bed. She walks over to him trying to compose herself. “I can’t see him like this.” She wipes her eyes, and she sits next to him telling herself that she can do this.  A rush of air comes over the room as she touches his hand. As she does this he wakes.

He was confused. He woke as if nothing was wrong. There was no pain. He didn’t understand. He looked up at the woman standing next to him. “How are you here?”

“It’s okay I know you’re confused.”

“I was just dying and” He looks at his parents. “What’s wrong with them.” He still couldn’t comprehend who she was.

“I stopped them. Time is just froze for them. Which is why you’re not in pain? When I start the time again, you’ll…” She trailed off. It was hard to tell him this. “You’ll die.”

In that moment, he knew who she was. “No, please. I don’t want to go. I love you.”

She lies on the bed next to him and holds his hand. “It won’t be the last time you see me.”

But he wasn’t listening, he was watching her. “You are so beautiful.”

She blushes and turns to him and kisses him.

“I don’t want this to be the last time I kiss you.”

“It won’t be. I know it’s hard to understand but you will see me again.”

“Maurelle, death is final.” he holds her close not wanting to let go.

“Look over there. What do you see?” She pointed to the man standing in the corner.

Matthew looked at him. “How is the possible? How is any of this possible?”

In the corner stood Matthew, an older Matthew. Time turned some of his dark hair grey. The older Matthew said nothing as he watched them.

“Have hope. Things will work out. You’ll see.” She holds him close. “I don’t want to let go. I know you’ll be okay but I don’t want to leave you.” She kisses him one last time. “Don’t forget. I love you and you will see me again.”