The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Chapter 8 Hunter knows Maeve is here





Hunter had watched the smoke cover the town. No one in town knew what was going on. They feared the unknown. Hunter knew was this was thought and it frightened him. His hands shook and his face turned pale. He paced back and forth in his house. “She’s here.” Is all he could say. He ran out to the store and bought garlic and placed it around the house. “What else can I do” He went into the house and opened an old spell book. “Okay relax she can’t just come into the house. This is crazy. You know this.” He goes into the kitchen and pours himself a glass of whiskey and drinks it. He says to himself “I supposed I knew this day would come.” He poured another drink. “I don’t know why she waited so long.” Hunter went into the living room and pulled out an old photo album. He wiped the dust off the book and opened it.

“You were the most beautiful bride anyone had ever seen.” He took the picture out and looked at it. It is the picture of a happy couple on their wedding day. Meave smiles with her cheeks were rosy, she had a warm smiled that could melt the room. Her hair was long and bright red and it fell in curls that looked heavenly. She was so beautiful. Standing next to her there was a young man with a big smile on his face. “I was happy then. Maeve, my beautiful bride.” He tears up and tried to fight back his emotions. “Oh Maeve where did you go?”

He closed his eyes and imagined a happy young couple. Maeve was in the kitchen cooking dinner. The house was alive again unlike the abandoned cabin Maeve found in the woods. She had a small bassinet nearby where a newborn slept. As she continued to cook the baby cried. Maeve wiped her hands on her apron and goes over to the bassinet.

“Oh what’s wrong little one?” She picks him up and rocks him back and forth in her arms. “Are you hungry?” She sat down on the couch and feed him. “Oh what a hungry little baby you are. Was mommy starving you?” She sings to him as he eats. Meave was a wonderful mother.

Hunter is standing in the doorway watching her, unknown to Maeve.

“You are the most beautiful mother the world has ever seen. Our boy is lucky to have you.”

Maeve smiles “Spying on me now.”

He comes over and kisses her and then kisses Alexander on the head. He goes into the kitchen. “It smells wonderful” He stirs the pot with wooden spoon that was laying next to it. He sneaks a taste of the stew. “Even taste better than it smells.”

“Hey, that’s for dinner?” She called to him from the couch.

He comes over and sits next to her and kisses her. “You should be happy that I like your cook.” She smiled and kissed him back.

In present time a tear ran down Alexander’s face. ” I miss you!” He wipes his face. “But this monster it isn’t you. I don’t know what he did to you but you’re not my Maeve. My Maeve is dead. I will kill this monster and you will rest in peace!”


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