The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Chapter 7 Maeve comes to River’s Peak

Maeve comes to River’s Peak


Now vampires have this ability to become like smoke or some type gas. There are rumors that the vampire known as Marius could turn into a bat or a bug or something. Maeve never did this.

Maeve came up from The Shadow Realm as a fog that appeared over the lake. Many who saw the fog, said it didn’t look like anything they had ever seen before. It floated over the lake like a milky white substance, more like a ghost than a fog. At the time no one knew what it was or what was coming their way.

Maeve appeared in the woods at dusk. She smiled as she smelled the fresh air. She alone was in control. Marius, her master, was so far away now. He had no control over her here. She smiled thinking “The Shadow King didn’t control me either.” But The Shadow King didn’t bother Maeve, she loved him and would do just about anything for him.

Maeve and The Shadow King, were the most deranged psychopaths this world had ever seen and they are perfect for each other. Two people with so much hatred and bloodlust found love but Maeve was so much more than that. She was much more than even Jonathan knew and much stronger.

Maeve walked through the woods trying to plan out her attack. She was hungry though. She couldn’t think when she was hungry. In The Shadow Realm there was always blood available, however blood of the dead was not the most fulfilling. Maeve needed to survive. A deer was eating grass nearby. A deer would not help her army but she needed to eat. She growled again and grabbed the deer and sunk her teeth in. A rush of relief came over her as she drank. The deer laid by a tree with leaves covering it. Maeve wished she had magic. She would have put a protection spell over it. Another animal would take it by the time she came back. She didn’t like that and growled. She looked at her hands wondering if she could use magic here. Jonathan always told her she couldn’t but what if she could.

Maeve wiped her mouth, regained her composure. Blood of a deer satisfied her lust for blood but blood from a human or a magical being was even better. Maeve bit her lips thinking. “It would be nice to drink from the living again.”

Maeve knew she had to control herself or she wouldn’t be able to accomplish her goal. She searched the woods for something to use as a shelter. A place for her army to meet. Maeve smiled “This little town will be mine.”

Maeve’s old home

She had to figure out a way to test her magic. She raised her hand and commanded. “Take me to my home.” A red light came from her hand and created a path for her.

She followed the light through the woods until she found a small abandoned cabin. She searched the cabin looking for any signs of life. Cobwebs hung from a collapsing ceiling. She looked at the furniture covered with sheets. She tore them off.

“I guess the fire didn’t destroy everything.” She took out a vial from her pocket and walked outside with it. She looked over it, remembering when The Shadow King gave it her.

In The Shadow Realm

The Shadow King potion to free Maeve

In The Shadow Realm, The Shadow King stood over a caldron. He filled a vial with a potion and handed it to Maeve. My dear, I can’t wait to watch the chaos you are about to cause. Maeve, while holding the vial, pulls The Shadow King close and kisses him. “The only thing that would make it better is if you were coming too.”

He smirks “All in good time. You and I will cause havoc and chaos together. Now take this vial, and pour it around your liar Make sure your pour it outside, so it creates a barrier. I need you to be safe my love.” He kisses her, “I won’t be far away.”

She smiles and kisses him back as she wonders how close he will be.

Maeve holds the same vial of potion in her hand as it glows. She sprinkles the potion around the perimeter of the cabin. She looks at empty vial and smiles. “Now my real work can begin.” She heads into the back inside the cabin.

Knowing she has magic here, Maeve cast a spell over the town. Soon after a pitch black smoke rises from the chimney and engulfs the town.

“They are all mine,” she says. “No one can leave and no one can enter.”

The black smoke engulfed the town and fell over it as if it was covering the town in a dome.

People stopped what they were doing and stared. What could it be they thought? Some tried to hide from it by running inside or ducking for cover. Whatever they did it didn’t matter, the smoke covered the town.

Maeve laughed as she watched the smoke. “No one in, no one out” She said again as she stood in front of her fire place watching the smoke poor out.

Maeve walked around the small house. She was powerful but she would be even more powerful when she was free from Marius. As The Shadow King wife she had more power, no one knew if Marius knew of this. There is a price for everything, but what is the price for a vampires freedom. She still didn’t know how Jonathan was going to accomplish this task. How was he going to break her tie to Marius.

Maeve couldn’t imagine how much more powerful she would be when she was free. “A vampire and a goddess” She smirked “I will crush them all. Imagine what damage I will inflict on them.”

Maeve didn’t like this little house much. It reminded her too much of the promises Hunter made to her and how he broke them. Alexander was an adult now. She lost her chance to be a mom.

She sat in the living room thinking about the time when Alexander was a baby. Maeve waved her hand and a small crochet duck appeared in it. “I’ll get you back one way or another and I will make that father of yours pay.”


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