The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve Chapter 6 Maeve finds out about Matthew in the Shadow realm

Maeve finds out about Matthew in the Shadow realm


Maeve loves her family, but she is not patient. She paced the corridors of The Shadow realm growing more angry and bitter as time when on. The Shadow King enjoyed watching her like this. “You are beautiful when you are angry my dear. Just like a deadly flower ready to strike.” He would tell her this whenever she was losing her patience. She had to wait for the right moment to strike.

The Shadow King or Jonathan as Maeve called him, supported her need for revenge and even encouraged it. He knew what would happen. Maeve was not dark enough for Jonathan, yet. He smiled however, for he knew it was all going according to his plan. He would make her darker and he longed for those days when she was as dark as he.

Meave knew Jonathan had new prisoner and not who it was. Family was her weakness and The Shadow King would use this weakness to get what he needs from her.

“I know you will not be happy about this, but I am giving him a chance.” The Shadow King said. “Your grandson, Matthew. He is the prisoner.” He looked at her wondering what her reaction would be.

She glared at him “Matthew?” She was angry. I’m sure you are not giving him anything and a chance? Do you take me for a fool?”

He walks over to Maeve and takes her hand and leads her to their room. “I am giving him a chance. He needs to complete tasks for me.” He emphasizes the work ‘tasks’. “Trust me. I am a man of my word.”

She rolled her eyes “You are a master of words or shall I say wordplay.” She smirks at him. The Shadow King could win any argument by outsmarting his opponent.

“You don’t believe me do you?”

Maeve stopped and looked at him and wrapped her arms around his waist and looked up at him. “You are after all a master manipulator” She smiles at him and kissed him.

He smiles as he holds her “Trust me, my sexy vampire. It is all going according to plan. I will make a deal with you my love, I know how much you love those.”

She did. He knew she couldn’t resist a deal. “What could you offer me? My freedom?”

“I wish I could, but trust me soon you will have it.” He takes his hand and moves the off her face. He tucks it behind her ear as he looks at her with intensity. “I will let you help your grandson.”

“Now why would you do that? Why would you let me help him?” She knew there had to be more to this deal than he was letting on however she longed to spend time with Matthew. “All right. Although I know there is more to this than you are telling me.” She smirks.

“You know me all too well dear, but you must not tell Matthew who you are. You can tell him you’re his grandmother but do not tell him you are my wife. Do you understand?”

Maeve was trying to figure what it was The Shadow King was hiding from her. What was his plan? “Fine, I will do as you say.” She still wasn’t happy about this arrangement but she had no choice.


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