The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Chapter 5 Maeve Kills Delilah


Maeve Kills Delilah

Maeve paced along the corridors in The Shadow Realm. The longer she spent there the darker she became. The years took a toll on her heart and her mind. She walked around looking for souls to torture, it was the only pleasures she had left. Maeve kept her light because of her love for her family and her love and devotion to The Shadow King, but there were things standing in her way. Her master still controlled her. When he called, she had no choice but to come.

So many of these lost souls roaming The Shadow Realm. This was Maeve’s home now. She was the queen and they will all learn to respect her. Her face was pale now almost white but with her bright red hair in contrast to her face made her look almost like a ghost. Her lips however kept their red hue from her former life.

She came upon Delilah , one of these lost souls. Delilah was walking along the hall one day. How Maeve hated her. Delilah was a pathetic waste. Delilah hated The Shadow Realm and all the darkness The Shadow King had. All the things that Maeve loved. Maeve smiled as she approached Delilah.

“Well what do we have here? Oh don’t like the darkness do you?” Maeve says mocking Delilah. She laughs at her, “You’re such a waste.” Maeve smiles showing Delilah her fangs, “Oh dear am I scaring you. We can’t have that now can we.”

Delilah knew she was just another lost soul. She wanted to leave and go back to her former life. The blood, the gore, the torture, it all turned her stomach but Maeve thrived on it as The Shadow King did.

Maeve Laughed. She grew tired of Delilah.

The Shadow King heard the two woman, he loved how dark Maeve had become. He had hoped that one day she would be free from her master and then she would be his. He appeared besides Maeve, “You know I love how you torture her. She is not like us you know.”

Maeve turns her head to see The Shadow King, “I know dear, it’s just her being here, well” She turns to Delilah, “it makes me want to tear her apart.” Maeve eyes became red with blood, she smiled and approached Delilah.

Jonathan, the Shadow King, wasn’t pale like Maeve was. He didn’t look dead, he looked dark. His hair was dark, his eyes were dark but his face, his face was made of warmth. His only light was the love he had for Maeve and she could see that in his face. His neatly trimmed beard and his intense eyes made her quiver as if she was seeing him for the first time again. When he smiled at her she melted. Sometimes she cursed herself for allowing this to happen to her other times she wanted to rip this clothes off and kiss him. However this time, Maeve was in a murderous rage. She wanted to kill.

“Wait, can’t you send me away. You know I hate it here.” Delilah yelled.

Maeve smiled wickedly at her “Now what would be the fun in that?” She looks at her and then lunges at her with her fangs ready to attack. She sinks her teeth into Delilah’s neck tares at it. The hatred she had for Delilah had been boiling inside of her. Something inside of Maeve turned her into an animal. She tore Delilah apart.

When she came to her senses, she jumped up and backed away. Maeve stood over Delilah’s body. She put her hand over her mouth and wiped the blood away. It scared her a little but not because she regretted what she had done because she enjoyed herself. Being a vampire, she had always loved blood, but she drank for survival. This was different. Every minute of ending that pathetic Delilah ‘s life, Maeve enjoyed. Blood was all over her hands and her face. She thought, “Would Jonathan be angry?” She looked at him afraid of what he might say or do to her. “What if he loved Delilah?” She thought.

“My dear you even look more beautiful with blood all over you. You did me a favor by killing her. I always hated her and I was saving her for you.” The Shadow King comes forward and kisses Maeve as he licks the blood from her lips. Jonathan holds her tightly, “You should kill people more often it makes you look sexy.”

“When you are free from your master, you will be my goddess. The darkest woman in all the realms.”

Meave laughed as she kissed him. “I thought you would be angry.”

He held her close as they stood over the remains of Delilah. “Not at all my dear.”maeve2


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