Chapter 4 Carillon looks for Answers


maeve2Carillon went to the library after school. She wanted to keep her promise to Justin. Cari walked in and looked around. She didn’t know where to begin. Libby was putting books away. “Excuse me. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to disturb you. If you have a moment, I need help.”

Libby turned from her books and saw Carillon. “Oh hi, Carillon.”

Carillon smiled as she saw her friend. “Libby? I didn’t know you were working today.”

“I feel like I work everyday. What brings you in?” She notices a change in her friend. “Are you ok?”

“Oh I’m great”, but she wasn’t. She was worried about Justin and Libby could tell something was amiss. Carillon wasn’t her normal happy, cheerful self.

“You know, I have known you for a long time now, and I can tell when you’re lying. Please tell me what’s upsetting you.” Libby said. Libby has been the librarian for longer than anyone could remember and had become a dear friend to Cari.

Carillon tries to smile, but she couldn’t. She looks at Libby, not sure if she wanted to tell anyone. “Well, it’s Justin. We wished by now he would have considered us family. I thought things were going well, but he has this family tree project and I guess it got to him. Those old feelings came out again. Why anyone would give him up? Why would anyone abandon him?”

Libby hugs her friend, not knowing what to say.

“I wish I had the answers for him.” Carillon continues, “I want him to feel love, and I want him to understand that we are his parents and we love him.”

Libby hugged her friend. “I know he loves you, I can see it. He knows you love him.

Carillon smiles, she had hoped the tears would not have come, but they did, “Thank you” She tells Libby and wipes her tears.

“So was there something I can help you with?” Libby asks.

“Justin agreed to do the family tree project on Luke and I. Well our family but he wants to know about his real family.” She hated saying real. To Carillon, she was his real family.

“Every child wants to know where they came from. That might be all this is.” She takes Carillon’s hand, “But if you want to find his biological family,” Libby made it a point not to say real, “then I maybe able to help you. Follow me.” Libby led Carillon to the back room. “I think we might have old newspapers articles, or any kind of legal documentation. Have you looked through your own adoption records?”

Carillon and Libby looked through newspaper clippings but couldn’t find anything. Carillon also went into her own personal files and went through Justin’s adoption records trying to look for anything that would help.

Luke and Carillon had always wanted to have a child. They could not have one of their own. They spent years trying to and after careful consideration they adopted.

Going through the papers she remembers the day as if it was yesterday when Justin became theirs.

“Not to pry but I am your friend.” She looks at Cari waits for her to look up. As she did then Libby sat down next to her. “You are blessed to have Justin in your life and he is blessed to have you. He knows this. You gave him hope and love when no one else could. I wish I could have done that for a child. I wish I could have a family like yours.”

Cari took her hand and looked at her friend. “I know you do and I know thats its not too late for you. You can find love and happiness just as i have. But Libby you don’t need a man to do those things. You can adopt a baby now and care for them and give them all the love in your heart.”

Libby smiles, “I know. Something just doesn’t feel right about it. I can’t explain it. I feel like I’m missing something.”
Libby was beautiful. She was about the same age as Cari but she never dated. Cari didn’t understand why. She had long chestnut hair with highlights of gold. Cari always loved how the sun reflected off her hair. She couldn’t understand how she hadn’t found anyone yet.

“I’m not sure what you mean. You forgot something?”

“Oh I really don’t know. At times it seems like I have but maybe I’m just destined to the the librarian.”

Cari hugged her friend. “And destined to be my best friend.”

Libby hugged her and thanked her but something was still troubling her. And she didn’t quite know what it was.


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