The Forgotten Mother Part 4 A One Upon A time Fan Fiction (Henry and Hook)


The scene changes again. This time to the Jolly Roger. Milah smiles at the thought of Killian. Hook and Smee are preparing the ship when a young boy and girl approach.

Hook looks up as he sees them. “Hello Mateys are you ready?”

Henry was excited. “Sure where are we going?”

“I want to show you how to catch the wind.” He replied.

Henry took Grace’s hand. “I think we are.”

Grace was excited. She had never been on a pirate ship before. She nodded in agreement.

Hook laughed, “If you had told me years ago that the Dark one’s grandson would sail on my ship as my guest, I would have thought you were crazy.” He looked at Smee. “Mr. Smee, set the sails.” He commanded.

Smee nodded, “Aye Captain.”

Hook takes Henry and Grace up to the helm and shows them where he carved port and starboard. “I carved this a long time ago. When I taught your father how to sail.”

Henry smiles, “Yes he showed me once.”

Hook laughs, “Oh right when you left me in NYC. How could I forget mate!”

Grace was curious, “You taught Mr. Cassidy how to sail? Did you know Morraine as well?” She knew they grew up together. So this was not a far leap to think he knew Morraine.

“Aye that I did love, that I did. He was with me for a brief moment while he was on Neverland. But no, I was never in town when he was little. Spent most of my time in the pub. Not the place for children. I suppose.”

Now let’s go! Mr. Smee are we ready?

Back in the underworld

Lucy was growing impatience. “I have had quite enough of you she says to Milah. As you can see they are all happy and they don’t need you, but we don’t either! Lucy pushes Milah thru the portal, and she lands on the ground right outside of Neal and Morriane’s tree house.


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