The Forgotten Mother – A Once Upon a Time FanFiciton (Part 3) Rumple and Belle



The scene changes. A room comes into view. It’s a room like no other Milah has seen before. There a woman is laying on a bed and she sees Rumple sitting next to her. A man in a white coat comes over and he moves something across her stomach. Milah listens in so she can figure out what’s going on.

Dr. Whale places a monitor on Belle’s stomach and moves it around. A photo appears on the screen as he does this.

Milah was amazed as the screen seemed to  look like a baby.

“You little girl is very healthy for being 5 months along.” Dr. Whale adds.

Belle smiles, and she looks at Rumple, “I told you there was nothing to worry about.” She takes Rumple’s hand and places it on her stomach. “Our little girl will be so loved. She is already loved so much and has such a big family to support her.”

Rumple watches the monitor and smiles. “Well Mrs. Gold, I guess we better think of some names.” He kisses her. “Belle I love you. You will be an amazing mother. I will always protect you and our baby.” He sits down, For so long I was alone, and now I have my family back. I have you, our baby, Bae, Henry, and Lucy. (He stops and thinks) and I guess Morriane  too. I couldn’t be happier.



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