The Forgotten Mother (A Once Upon Time Fanfiction) Part 1




The Forgotten Mother (A Once Upon Time Fanfiction) Part 1 

Lucy was created a few years ago as Rumple’s mom. She was a fairy who had lost her wings for marrying Malcolm. When she was young Lucy was attacked by Dracula and turned into a vampire. Fearing that she could not control herself around her son she fled. She is based on Lucy from Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Deep in the underworld, Lucy paces the halls looking for another slave to torture. Having been trapped in the underworld some time ago along with Hades, she passes the time with torturing souls. Lucy found comfort in Hades who loved how evil and sadistic she had become. Passing through the halls she came upon a familiar face.

Smiles and calls to Hades “Hades dearie! I think I found my next victim.”

He loved watching Lucy torture. It gave him great pleasure in seeing her work. “My dear who will it be this time.” And then he saw her. “How did we miss you all this time?”

“Oh no don’t scream my dear. No one will save you here. None of the living would save you either, so why would any of us.” Lucy bent down and looked into her eyes. “There is nothing worse than a woman who would give up her own child. FOR WHAT! He was a child, and you left him. YOU LEFT MY BAELFIRE! I Will TEAR YOU APART MILAH!”

Lucy herself had left Rumple but for his own protection from her. Milah left for a man. Something Lucy could not forgive.

“You know my love. I love watching your work, but I think I have a great idea. Psychological torture maybe be more painful to Milah than physical torture we could deliver. Don’t you think Milah would love to see how happy her family is? Without her.”

Milah could not speak. Lucy and Hades were now the most terrifying being in all the underworld. She was petrified.

Lucy smiled at Milah. She turned to Hades. “You have the best ideas my love. I want to see her bleed.” She kisses him and then turns back to Milah. “You know they are all happy. Rumple is happy, Baelfire is happy.” Lucy stops and thinks.” Well I guess it is a good thing I didn’t kill Morriane. She came to her senses and chose Baelfire. Now Milah, I have the perfect solution.” She opens a portal. “With this portal you can see all of your well I can’t say loved ones because none of them love you. But you can see them if you think about them. Have fun dearie.”

Milah thought of the name Morraine remembering the little girl who played with Bae as children in the village. “He’s with Morraine?” She smiles.

Lucy smiles, “And now you will see how happy they are without you.”

Milah steps up to the portal. She thinks about those she loves and those she lost along the way. How can I trust them? They are making all of this up? How can Rumple be happy?

The portal opens and Milah watches.


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