The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Chapter 8 Hunter knows Maeve is here





Hunter had watched the smoke cover the town. No one in town knew what was going on. They feared the unknown. Hunter knew was this was thought and it frightened him. His hands shook and his face turned pale. He paced back and forth in his house. “She’s here.” Is all he could say. He ran out to the store and bought garlic and placed it around the house. “What else can I do” He went into the house and opened an old spell book. “Okay relax she can’t just come into the house. This is crazy. You know this.” He goes into the kitchen and pours himself a glass of whiskey and drinks it. He says to himself “I supposed I knew this day would come.” He poured another drink. “I don’t know why she waited so long.” Hunter went into the living room and pulled out an old photo album. He wiped the dust off the book and opened it.

“You were the most beautiful bride anyone had ever seen.” He took the picture out and looked at it. It is the picture of a happy couple on their wedding day. Meave smiles with her cheeks were rosy, she had a warm smiled that could melt the room. Her hair was long and bright red and it fell in curls that looked heavenly. She was so beautiful. Standing next to her there was a young man with a big smile on his face. “I was happy then. Maeve, my beautiful bride.” He tears up and tried to fight back his emotions. “Oh Maeve where did you go?”

He closed his eyes and imagined a happy young couple. Maeve was in the kitchen cooking dinner. The house was alive again unlike the abandoned cabin Maeve found in the woods. She had a small bassinet nearby where a newborn slept. As she continued to cook the baby cried. Maeve wiped her hands on her apron and goes over to the bassinet.

“Oh what’s wrong little one?” She picks him up and rocks him back and forth in her arms. “Are you hungry?” She sat down on the couch and feed him. “Oh what a hungry little baby you are. Was mommy starving you?” She sings to him as he eats. Meave was a wonderful mother.

Hunter is standing in the doorway watching her, unknown to Maeve.

“You are the most beautiful mother the world has ever seen. Our boy is lucky to have you.”

Maeve smiles “Spying on me now.”

He comes over and kisses her and then kisses Alexander on the head. He goes into the kitchen. “It smells wonderful” He stirs the pot with wooden spoon that was laying next to it. He sneaks a taste of the stew. “Even taste better than it smells.”

“Hey, that’s for dinner?” She called to him from the couch.

He comes over and sits next to her and kisses her. “You should be happy that I like your cook.” She smiled and kissed him back.

In present time a tear ran down Alexander’s face. ” I miss you!” He wipes his face. “But this monster it isn’t you. I don’t know what he did to you but you’re not my Maeve. My Maeve is dead. I will kill this monster and you will rest in peace!”


The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Chapter 7 Maeve comes to River’s Peak

Maeve comes to River’s Peak


Now vampires have this ability to become like smoke or some type gas. There are rumors that the vampire known as Marius could turn into a bat or a bug or something. Maeve never did this.

Maeve came up from The Shadow Realm as a fog that appeared over the lake. Many who saw the fog, said it didn’t look like anything they had ever seen before. It floated over the lake like a milky white substance, more like a ghost than a fog. At the time no one knew what it was or what was coming their way.

Maeve appeared in the woods at dusk. She smiled as she smelled the fresh air. She alone was in control. Marius, her master, was so far away now. He had no control over her here. She smiled thinking “The Shadow King didn’t control me either.” But The Shadow King didn’t bother Maeve, she loved him and would do just about anything for him.

Maeve and The Shadow King, were the most deranged psychopaths this world had ever seen and they are perfect for each other. Two people with so much hatred and bloodlust found love but Maeve was so much more than that. She was much more than even Jonathan knew and much stronger.

Maeve walked through the woods trying to plan out her attack. She was hungry though. She couldn’t think when she was hungry. In The Shadow Realm there was always blood available, however blood of the dead was not the most fulfilling. Maeve needed to survive. A deer was eating grass nearby. A deer would not help her army but she needed to eat. She growled again and grabbed the deer and sunk her teeth in. A rush of relief came over her as she drank. The deer laid by a tree with leaves covering it. Maeve wished she had magic. She would have put a protection spell over it. Another animal would take it by the time she came back. She didn’t like that and growled. She looked at her hands wondering if she could use magic here. Jonathan always told her she couldn’t but what if she could.

Maeve wiped her mouth, regained her composure. Blood of a deer satisfied her lust for blood but blood from a human or a magical being was even better. Maeve bit her lips thinking. “It would be nice to drink from the living again.”

Maeve knew she had to control herself or she wouldn’t be able to accomplish her goal. She searched the woods for something to use as a shelter. A place for her army to meet. Maeve smiled “This little town will be mine.”

Maeve’s old home

She had to figure out a way to test her magic. She raised her hand and commanded. “Take me to my home.” A red light came from her hand and created a path for her.

She followed the light through the woods until she found a small abandoned cabin. She searched the cabin looking for any signs of life. Cobwebs hung from a collapsing ceiling. She looked at the furniture covered with sheets. She tore them off.

“I guess the fire didn’t destroy everything.” She took out a vial from her pocket and walked outside with it. She looked over it, remembering when The Shadow King gave it her.

In The Shadow Realm

The Shadow King potion to free Maeve

In The Shadow Realm, The Shadow King stood over a caldron. He filled a vial with a potion and handed it to Maeve. My dear, I can’t wait to watch the chaos you are about to cause. Maeve, while holding the vial, pulls The Shadow King close and kisses him. “The only thing that would make it better is if you were coming too.”

He smirks “All in good time. You and I will cause havoc and chaos together. Now take this vial, and pour it around your liar Make sure your pour it outside, so it creates a barrier. I need you to be safe my love.” He kisses her, “I won’t be far away.”

She smiles and kisses him back as she wonders how close he will be.

Maeve holds the same vial of potion in her hand as it glows. She sprinkles the potion around the perimeter of the cabin. She looks at empty vial and smiles. “Now my real work can begin.” She heads into the back inside the cabin.

Knowing she has magic here, Maeve cast a spell over the town. Soon after a pitch black smoke rises from the chimney and engulfs the town.

“They are all mine,” she says. “No one can leave and no one can enter.”

The black smoke engulfed the town and fell over it as if it was covering the town in a dome.

People stopped what they were doing and stared. What could it be they thought? Some tried to hide from it by running inside or ducking for cover. Whatever they did it didn’t matter, the smoke covered the town.

Maeve laughed as she watched the smoke. “No one in, no one out” She said again as she stood in front of her fire place watching the smoke poor out.

Maeve walked around the small house. She was powerful but she would be even more powerful when she was free from Marius. As The Shadow King wife she had more power, no one knew if Marius knew of this. There is a price for everything, but what is the price for a vampires freedom. She still didn’t know how Jonathan was going to accomplish this task. How was he going to break her tie to Marius.

Maeve couldn’t imagine how much more powerful she would be when she was free. “A vampire and a goddess” She smirked “I will crush them all. Imagine what damage I will inflict on them.”

Maeve didn’t like this little house much. It reminded her too much of the promises Hunter made to her and how he broke them. Alexander was an adult now. She lost her chance to be a mom.

She sat in the living room thinking about the time when Alexander was a baby. Maeve waved her hand and a small crochet duck appeared in it. “I’ll get you back one way or another and I will make that father of yours pay.”

The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve Chapter 6 Maeve finds out about Matthew in the Shadow realm

Maeve finds out about Matthew in the Shadow realm


Maeve loves her family, but she is not patient. She paced the corridors of The Shadow realm growing more angry and bitter as time when on. The Shadow King enjoyed watching her like this. “You are beautiful when you are angry my dear. Just like a deadly flower ready to strike.” He would tell her this whenever she was losing her patience. She had to wait for the right moment to strike.

The Shadow King or Jonathan as Maeve called him, supported her need for revenge and even encouraged it. He knew what would happen. Maeve was not dark enough for Jonathan, yet. He smiled however, for he knew it was all going according to his plan. He would make her darker and he longed for those days when she was as dark as he.

Meave knew Jonathan had new prisoner and not who it was. Family was her weakness and The Shadow King would use this weakness to get what he needs from her.

“I know you will not be happy about this, but I am giving him a chance.” The Shadow King said. “Your grandson, Matthew. He is the prisoner.” He looked at her wondering what her reaction would be.

She glared at him “Matthew?” She was angry. I’m sure you are not giving him anything and a chance? Do you take me for a fool?”

He walks over to Maeve and takes her hand and leads her to their room. “I am giving him a chance. He needs to complete tasks for me.” He emphasizes the work ‘tasks’. “Trust me. I am a man of my word.”

She rolled her eyes “You are a master of words or shall I say wordplay.” She smirks at him. The Shadow King could win any argument by outsmarting his opponent.

“You don’t believe me do you?”

Maeve stopped and looked at him and wrapped her arms around his waist and looked up at him. “You are after all a master manipulator” She smiles at him and kissed him.

He smiles as he holds her “Trust me, my sexy vampire. It is all going according to plan. I will make a deal with you my love, I know how much you love those.”

She did. He knew she couldn’t resist a deal. “What could you offer me? My freedom?”

“I wish I could, but trust me soon you will have it.” He takes his hand and moves the off her face. He tucks it behind her ear as he looks at her with intensity. “I will let you help your grandson.”

“Now why would you do that? Why would you let me help him?” She knew there had to be more to this deal than he was letting on however she longed to spend time with Matthew. “All right. Although I know there is more to this than you are telling me.” She smirks.

“You know me all too well dear, but you must not tell Matthew who you are. You can tell him you’re his grandmother but do not tell him you are my wife. Do you understand?”

Maeve was trying to figure what it was The Shadow King was hiding from her. What was his plan? “Fine, I will do as you say.” She still wasn’t happy about this arrangement but she had no choice.

The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Chapter 5 Maeve Kills Delilah


Maeve Kills Delilah

Maeve paced along the corridors in The Shadow Realm. The longer she spent there the darker she became. The years took a toll on her heart and her mind. She walked around looking for souls to torture, it was the only pleasures she had left. Maeve kept her light because of her love for her family and her love and devotion to The Shadow King, but there were things standing in her way. Her master still controlled her. When he called, she had no choice but to come.

So many of these lost souls roaming The Shadow Realm. This was Maeve’s home now. She was the queen and they will all learn to respect her. Her face was pale now almost white but with her bright red hair in contrast to her face made her look almost like a ghost. Her lips however kept their red hue from her former life.

She came upon Delilah , one of these lost souls. Delilah was walking along the hall one day. How Maeve hated her. Delilah was a pathetic waste. Delilah hated The Shadow Realm and all the darkness The Shadow King had. All the things that Maeve loved. Maeve smiled as she approached Delilah.

“Well what do we have here? Oh don’t like the darkness do you?” Maeve says mocking Delilah. She laughs at her, “You’re such a waste.” Maeve smiles showing Delilah her fangs, “Oh dear am I scaring you. We can’t have that now can we.”

Delilah knew she was just another lost soul. She wanted to leave and go back to her former life. The blood, the gore, the torture, it all turned her stomach but Maeve thrived on it as The Shadow King did.

Maeve Laughed. She grew tired of Delilah.

The Shadow King heard the two woman, he loved how dark Maeve had become. He had hoped that one day she would be free from her master and then she would be his. He appeared besides Maeve, “You know I love how you torture her. She is not like us you know.”

Maeve turns her head to see The Shadow King, “I know dear, it’s just her being here, well” She turns to Delilah, “it makes me want to tear her apart.” Maeve eyes became red with blood, she smiled and approached Delilah.

Jonathan, the Shadow King, wasn’t pale like Maeve was. He didn’t look dead, he looked dark. His hair was dark, his eyes were dark but his face, his face was made of warmth. His only light was the love he had for Maeve and she could see that in his face. His neatly trimmed beard and his intense eyes made her quiver as if she was seeing him for the first time again. When he smiled at her she melted. Sometimes she cursed herself for allowing this to happen to her other times she wanted to rip this clothes off and kiss him. However this time, Maeve was in a murderous rage. She wanted to kill.

“Wait, can’t you send me away. You know I hate it here.” Delilah yelled.

Maeve smiled wickedly at her “Now what would be the fun in that?” She looks at her and then lunges at her with her fangs ready to attack. She sinks her teeth into Delilah’s neck tares at it. The hatred she had for Delilah had been boiling inside of her. Something inside of Maeve turned her into an animal. She tore Delilah apart.

When she came to her senses, she jumped up and backed away. Maeve stood over Delilah’s body. She put her hand over her mouth and wiped the blood away. It scared her a little but not because she regretted what she had done because she enjoyed herself. Being a vampire, she had always loved blood, but she drank for survival. This was different. Every minute of ending that pathetic Delilah ‘s life, Maeve enjoyed. Blood was all over her hands and her face. She thought, “Would Jonathan be angry?” She looked at him afraid of what he might say or do to her. “What if he loved Delilah?” She thought.

“My dear you even look more beautiful with blood all over you. You did me a favor by killing her. I always hated her and I was saving her for you.” The Shadow King comes forward and kisses Maeve as he licks the blood from her lips. Jonathan holds her tightly, “You should kill people more often it makes you look sexy.”

“When you are free from your master, you will be my goddess. The darkest woman in all the realms.”

Meave laughed as she kissed him. “I thought you would be angry.”

He held her close as they stood over the remains of Delilah. “Not at all my dear.”maeve2

Chapter 4 Carillon looks for Answers


maeve2Carillon went to the library after school. She wanted to keep her promise to Justin. Cari walked in and looked around. She didn’t know where to begin. Libby was putting books away. “Excuse me. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to disturb you. If you have a moment, I need help.”

Libby turned from her books and saw Carillon. “Oh hi, Carillon.”

Carillon smiled as she saw her friend. “Libby? I didn’t know you were working today.”

“I feel like I work everyday. What brings you in?” She notices a change in her friend. “Are you ok?”

“Oh I’m great”, but she wasn’t. She was worried about Justin and Libby could tell something was amiss. Carillon wasn’t her normal happy, cheerful self.

“You know, I have known you for a long time now, and I can tell when you’re lying. Please tell me what’s upsetting you.” Libby said. Libby has been the librarian for longer than anyone could remember and had become a dear friend to Cari.

Carillon tries to smile, but she couldn’t. She looks at Libby, not sure if she wanted to tell anyone. “Well, it’s Justin. We wished by now he would have considered us family. I thought things were going well, but he has this family tree project and I guess it got to him. Those old feelings came out again. Why anyone would give him up? Why would anyone abandon him?”

Libby hugs her friend, not knowing what to say.

“I wish I had the answers for him.” Carillon continues, “I want him to feel love, and I want him to understand that we are his parents and we love him.”

Libby hugged her friend. “I know he loves you, I can see it. He knows you love him.

Carillon smiles, she had hoped the tears would not have come, but they did, “Thank you” She tells Libby and wipes her tears.

“So was there something I can help you with?” Libby asks.

“Justin agreed to do the family tree project on Luke and I. Well our family but he wants to know about his real family.” She hated saying real. To Carillon, she was his real family.

“Every child wants to know where they came from. That might be all this is.” She takes Carillon’s hand, “But if you want to find his biological family,” Libby made it a point not to say real, “then I maybe able to help you. Follow me.” Libby led Carillon to the back room. “I think we might have old newspapers articles, or any kind of legal documentation. Have you looked through your own adoption records?”

Carillon and Libby looked through newspaper clippings but couldn’t find anything. Carillon also went into her own personal files and went through Justin’s adoption records trying to look for anything that would help.

Luke and Carillon had always wanted to have a child. They could not have one of their own. They spent years trying to and after careful consideration they adopted.

Going through the papers she remembers the day as if it was yesterday when Justin became theirs.

“Not to pry but I am your friend.” She looks at Cari waits for her to look up. As she did then Libby sat down next to her. “You are blessed to have Justin in your life and he is blessed to have you. He knows this. You gave him hope and love when no one else could. I wish I could have done that for a child. I wish I could have a family like yours.”

Cari took her hand and looked at her friend. “I know you do and I know thats its not too late for you. You can find love and happiness just as i have. But Libby you don’t need a man to do those things. You can adopt a baby now and care for them and give them all the love in your heart.”

Libby smiles, “I know. Something just doesn’t feel right about it. I can’t explain it. I feel like I’m missing something.”
Libby was beautiful. She was about the same age as Cari but she never dated. Cari didn’t understand why. She had long chestnut hair with highlights of gold. Cari always loved how the sun reflected off her hair. She couldn’t understand how she hadn’t found anyone yet.

“I’m not sure what you mean. You forgot something?”

“Oh I really don’t know. At times it seems like I have but maybe I’m just destined to the the librarian.”

Cari hugged her friend. “And destined to be my best friend.”

Libby hugged her and thanked her but something was still troubling her. And she didn’t quite know what it was.

The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve Chapter 3 Justin wants to know about his real parents

fmaeve2The halls were quiet at River’s Peak Elementary School. As the clock struck 12, the bells rang, and the halls filled with students hurrying to their lockers to get their lunch. Carillon came out into the hall. “Slow down.” She warned her students as they ran through the halls.

Justin was standing at his locker with a pensive look on his face. He opened his locker grabbed his lunch and then slammed it shut.

Carillon was watching him and thinking this was such an odd behavior for him. He is such happy boy. Cari wondered what could be wrong. She went over to him but he headed outside with the rest of his class before she reached him.

She headed back to her room to get her lunch but she was still wondering about Justin. She looked out the window and saw a peculiar sight. Outside Justin sat on a bench with his lunch, while the rest of his class sat on the grass eating, talking and playing. Why is he sitting by himself?

Carillon walked outside with her lunch and walked over to her class to check on them, and then she went over to Justin. “Are you feeling okay? Don’t you normally sit over there,” points to his friends, “with your friends.”

Justin looked up at her, “I’m fine. I didn’t want to that’s all.”

“You know I can tell something’s bothering you. I saw you slam your locker and now you’re sitting by yourself. That’s not like you.” Carillon sat down next to him brushed her hair out of her face. She was not going to give up.

He sighs, “Fine, we have this project. We’re supposed to do our family tree.” He doesn’t want to upset her. “But I don’t have one. My parents, they didn’t care about me. I don’t even know their names.”

“Oh Justin, I’m so sorry. I don’t know a lot about them.” She wished that he would consider Luke and her to be his family. “If you like, would you consider doing your project on our family? You know Luke and I consider you family. We think of you as our son.”

Justin looks up “I guess,” he shrugged.

“Tell you what, I’ll see what I can find out about your parents for you. How does that sound?”

He looks up, “You would do that?

“I would. Justin I love you. Luke and I want you to be happy.”

“Thank you.” He said but he was still lost in thought.

She smiled as she got up. “You’re welcome.”

The Shadow Realm: Maeve Chapter 2



Town of River’s Peak

Leaves fell as people of the small town of River’s Peak begin their day. It was a quiet town that laid next to a harbor. A small river ran through the center of town with a small bridge connecting both sides of the town. There was only one road in and out of town and because of this the town received little visitors. Sometimes people left town. But they always seemed to come back. Whether it was the sense of community or family that drew the them back, no one knows. They felt something was missing wherever they went. They couldn’t express what it was about their home town that brought them all back. Some joked that it was magic or a curse while others say River’s Peak was home.

One morning started the same way many mornings do here in River’s Peak Children running to school, shop owners opening for the day and people stopping by the local diner to get their coffee and paper.

Sheriff Luke Smith stopped by the diner on his way to work. “Good morning Esther. Can I have a cup of coffee to go?”

She smiles and fills his cup as she continues to work on the griddle in the back. “Good morning Luke. Beautiful day isn’t it” she says. Esther was an older woman who had been baking for years. She loved working at the diner. Each morning she would get up early to bake. It was her passion. People from all over the town of river’s peak came to her to buy her cakes and other creations.

He smiles “Yes it is. The air in the autumn always smells wonderful.” He thanks her for the coffee. Luke was in his later 30s. His hair had just started to turn grey, possibly from the stress of being the sheriff. Not to say there was a lot of crime in the town of River’s Peak but when something did happen there weren’t many officers to help him.

As he turned to leave he saw the district attorney a man named Alexander Marks sitting drinking his coffee as he read the paper. His wife Celeste was the owner and operator of the diner so many mornings he was here having his breakfast.

“Good morning Alexander. Have you looked at the file I sent to you?” Luke asked.

Alexander looks up his breakfast. “And what is so good about it?” He replies. He picks up his napkin and wipes his mouth. “Yes, I have read the files. Seems like a tight case.” He wasn’t an old man but the years had taken their toll on him. No one really knew much about him of his wife. They kept to themselves about most things. Alexanders hair was all grey now as was his wives.

Luke didn’t know how to respond to him. He smiles “Good, then we’ll move forward with it then, and Alexander at least try to have a pleasant day.” He smiled as he headed out of the diner just as Justin was heading for the door.

“Hi Luke.” Luke had hoped that by now Justin would call him dad.

“Hey Justin. You’re out early this morning.” He said

“Carillon and I are getting breakfast before school.” He said as he entered. Justin was an eager 10 year old boy and Luke’s adopted son. Carillon and Luke adopted him when he was about 2 years old. Still he couldn’t bring to call Luke dad as much as he thought of him as a dad he still wondered about his parents.

Carillon comes in behind Justin. She smiles as she sees Luke. She kisses him. “Do you want to join us? Sorry you left so early we would have asked before.” She was radiantly beautiful. At least that is how Luke describes her. Her long dark hair raven laid on her shoulders perfectly.

Carillon was a teacher at River’s Peak Elementary school. She was always reading the paper and trying to catch up on current events. This morning she left early and decided that her and Justin would have breakfast at Celeste’s Diner before school.

He looks at his phone. “I think I have time.”

When Luke and Cari adopted Justin his hair had been so light almost white. As time when on it seemed to have darkened somewhat.

Alexander watches Justin as he walks past. “Lovely family you have sheriff.” He says with his eyes never leaving Justin. He thought about how much Justin looked like his son when he was that age.

As they sit in the booth Justin looks back at Alexander who is still watching him. “He’s weird. Why is he staring at me?”

Carillon looks over at Alexander who picks up his paper and read it. “Oh don’t mind him Justin. Now what would you like to eat?”

Justin smiles “Pancakes and ice cream!”

Carillon smiles, “Same thing every time but I want waffles. Waffles and ice cream.”

Luke shakes his head, “You both eat like you’re five years old.”

Carillon laughs, “What? Waffles are delicious! Ice cream is delicious!” She looks up and smiles.

Luke laughs as he drinks his coffee.

Alexander finds Hunter

As Luke, Carillon, and Justin leave the diner, they pass an old man sitting on a bench reading the paper.

He looks up at them and says nothing. He watches them pass. Once he sees they are out of sight he gets up and goes into the diner. He looks right at Alexander and sits down across from him.

“Good morning son” he says to Alexander.

He sighs “What do you want?”

“Can’t a father come and wish his son a good morning?”

“You’re no father. What do you want?”

He looks around as if to see if anyone could hear. “I know you’ve felt it. It’s in the air all around us.”

“What is?” Alexander replies not wanting to listen to him

“Don’t play dumb with me. You know what’s coming? You know who is coming?” He was getting agitated that Alexander isn’t listening to him.

“You know as a child, I listened to your stories. I believe them, I believed you, and I believed in you.” He laughs, “You see the thing is I don’t believe in you. Haven’t for a long time.”

Hunter appeared almost insane as he spoke. He was about 80 years old now, so he didn’t move fast. His muscles which were once strong were now weak and feeble. Hunter looks him in the eye and says “I don’t care what you believe she is coming.”

He wipes his mouth with his napkin and places a few dollars on the table and gets up to leave.

“Then let her come, it’s all your fault.”

“Do you have any idea what you are talking about! She’s a monster!” Realizing he said too loud he looks around to see if anyone was watching him.

Alexander goes over to him and grabs him by his shirt and lifts him up in the air, “If I ever hear you speak of her that way again, I will make you suffer for all eternity.”

Celeste was putting her apron on when she say them arguing. They were always arguing. How a father and son could fight so much? She comes over after seeing the commotion. She walks over to them. “Al, he’s old put him down!”

Alexander places Hunter on the floor, never breaking eye contact with him. “No, there is no problem.” He grabs his coat and walks out.

Hunter calls to “You know I am right!” He looks at Celeste, “I can take care of myself!” Alexander keeps walking never looking back.

Celeste sighs and looks at her husband. She knows he says he doesn’t care about his father but Hunter is still his father. “I’m sorry.”

“He means nothing to me.” He replied coldly to her. However he did mean something to Alex and Celeste knew this.

“I know.” She kissed him on the check and returned to work. Alex had been so distant for so many years. She sighed wishing she knew how to help him.