The Forgotten Mother Part 5: A Family Dinner



As Lucy pushed Milah through the portal,  Milah lands on the ground hard but gets up and looks around. It is evening now but she can still see the house. It’s the one Neal was living in with the fairy. “That’s Baelfire’s house!” There were lights on inside and it seemed to Milah that there were many people inside. She crept around the house and peered in the windows.

A family is gathered to celebrate. Milah sees a grown Baelfire helping prepare food with Morriane  the fairy. She watches him kiss her and sees how happy the two of them are. Milah hears a noise, and she moves into the shadows. She hears the front door open and a familiar voice. Its rumple! She can’t make out what they are saying up she sees Baelfire give rumple and the woman he is with a hug. “Ok that’s Belle!” She says. Behind them a teenage boy enters. “Henry!” She realizes she became loud, so she covers her mouth and watches but tried to remain quiet. Morriane  goes up to Belle and give her a hug and the two go off together. Milah sees Belle holding a photo she is showing Morriane. Milah then sees Belle’s stomach. “She’s pregnant. That’s what they were talking about before.”

Henry go out on the porch. Milah beds down so she won’t be seen.  He stands out back looking over the water. Morraine and Neal’s house was close enough to the bay that it was easily seen from their porch. Henry smiles as she breathes in the fresh air.

From inside the house, Morraine calls for Henry to come and eat. Her growing stomach is more visible now than before.

They all sit down to eat. Milah thinks, “They all seem really happy. Rumple has love and a new baby. Baelfire, my Bealfire looks so happy.”

Morriane  puts her head on Neal’s shoulder. Milah watches her. “Look how she looks at him. He’s all grown now. Why would they need me?”


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