Van cannot have milk

Van cannot have milk.
 He cannot have any milk products, soy and he even cannot lactaid milk.  The doctor recommended rice milk.  I  actually like rice milk, this will be a very difficult adjustment for Van.) 
               I am sorry Van.
                                    I am so sorry.
I took Van to his first allergy appointment today. I had suspected that something was wrong but I wasn’t sure. I don’t want to get too graphic here but he was having some issues. After I described what was going on to the doctor and the nurse, they came up with a few options. First they said Van might be lactose intolerant and then they said he could also have celiac. The doctor said that his symptoms really sound like celiac disease. After doing some research on my own, I have found out that there are a lot of people who are lactose intolerant and have celiac The doctor said it was very common and that the cases are rising.
When he was a baby he threw up a lot. I just thought he was eating too much and then throwing it up but it seems that was not the case.
  AHHH As I looked back on these events in the doctor’s office, I was feeling very foolish for not noticing it sooner. The doctor believes that he has a lactose intolerance and that is why he threw up so much when he was little.
Today Van eats lots of cheese, yogurt, milk. I mean he only eats the cheese on his pizza. Is there another option other than milk or soy. How can I replace his cheese?
After speaking with the nurse and the doctor, Van had a scratch test done. He is highly allergic to spinach. It sounds strange to me but he broke out in hives. I like spinach but we don’t eat it often and When I do have it the kids won’t eat it. I love it! So sorry Van. Nothing else can up, I was relived but the doctor said if he has a wheat or milk intolerance it would not show up on a scratch test.
Van has another appointment in two weeks but I have some questions.
If we are eliminating soy what about soy lectin?
I assume that he cannon have whey (from what I know that is a milk protein)?
What can I give him for cheese?
And what is up with this spinach thing?
My big concern in celiac disease. I started looking through my kitchen tonight for things that I could feed Van. I guess I have to get used to reading labels very carefully.


One thought on “Van cannot have milk

  1. Update:

    Doctor says Van can have soy lecithin as long as it is one of the last ingredients. (So we are avoiding it all together.)
    Doctor also says its the protein that is in soy milk and lactaid milk. (Saw it on the ingredient list while shopping.)
    Grocery shopping took forever but I can see a difference in Van and they like rice milk. Maybe I can lose some weight if I avoid dairy as well. 🙂 Got to look for the silver lining!


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